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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tu O Nadie snippet: Could Raquel be pregnant?

Tonio, assisted by Ramon, picked  Raquel up  from the floor and placed her on the bed,  pushing a pillow under her head and rubbed her arm. He gave her a glass of orange juice while Ramon picked up the phone to call the family's doctor. Raquel was still half-conscious and didn't drink what was given; alarming Tonio further. He continued feeling her forehead and stroking her hair until her eyes slowly opened. He asked if she was alright, she had scared him when she'd fainted. Raquel mumbled that she felt ill and dizzy. As he held her, Vicky entered the room looking anxious- Ramon had informed her that Mrs. Raquel had fainted and the doctor has been sent for. Vicky thought perhaps Raquel was pregnant. Tonio asked her to stay with Raquel until Oscar showed up. Vicky had become distant towards her daughter-in-law but she sat by her all the same. She briefly talked to her about Max's father, who had been one of Tonio's father's engineers in the company. It was some years after his death that Alberto Lombardo started dating her. Raquel felt it was one of the reasons why Max hated Tonio  so much. Later, after changing into her nightwear, Raquel placed the hotel key in her jewellery box. Oscar examined her thoroughly and gave her some vitamins as she still looked pale, shaking her hand before leaving. Raquel got out of bed after he and Tonio  and placed the key under the mattress. Oscar told Tonio to bring Raquel to the clinic for tests in the morning.
After she was informed by Tonio,  Raquel said  hoped she wasn't pregnant, not with the present situation. Tonio assured her he'll acknowledge the child, no matter whose father it was. Stunned, Raquel asked, 'what do you mean by that?'
Tonio now thinks she's cheating on him!

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