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Friday, November 09, 2012

CARBO FANFICTION-Return Journey: Chapter 7

Chapter 7

‘Who could’ve done this?’ Maxine said yet again. Darcy was still unconscious; the left side of her face spotted a large purplish bruise, a large bandage covered the cut on her left temple and a brace was wrapped round the neck. Carly sat on the other side of the bed, stroking Darcy’s hair. When Darcy was brought in; the first thing she’d thought was her daughter had been beaten up and raped but a thorough examination showed no evidence.

‘Whoever did this is going to get all his bones broken, that’s for sure!’ Daniel’s voice shook with anger as he held on to his beloved’s hand. ‘When I get the son of a bitch who dared put his hands on her, he’s going to pay!’
 ‘Mum, you have to seriously start thinking about moving away from this place; look at what’s happened to Darcy. No matter what you think, you aren’t safe. Suppose you’d been in the house too? Please, come to England with us!’ Nicholas pleaded.
‘Nicholas...’ Daniel began hotly.
‘Daniel, I know how you feel and I understand but I have every right to protect my family. My sister can stay with you but Mum is coming with us; to England where we can take of her.’
‘Darling, now’s not the time have this discussion.’ Lynn said quietly. ‘We have to find out who did this to Darcy.’
‘Who else could be behind it...Vivian!’ Daniel spat. ‘She wanted to get back at Darcy so she sent somebody to attack her!’
But Carly shook her head. ‘If it was her, she would’ve found more subtle ways to get back and she would’ve done it herself; that’s Vivian Alamain’s style. Either way, this is a police matter and needs to be handled by the police.’
‘What about what you said about never asking Bo for help?’ Melanie asked.
‘This is an official complaint, not asking a personal favour and Bo has to know that his daughter was attacked; this isn't exactly something I can keep from him, can I?’ Carly replied curtly. ‘He’s still her father.’
Lynn and Maxine nodded in agreement.
Daniel wondered if Bo would listen considering the odd conversation he had with him but he didn't dare say so to Carly; she didn't know about it and he wasn't planning on ever telling her.
‘I can go to the police station and do that, Mum.’ Nicholas said, getting up.
‘No, I’ll make the call myself. You stay with your sister, I’ll be right back.’
Carly went out, running into Lexie. ‘Carly, how is she?’ Lexie asked anxiously, gripping her arm. ‘I just heard.’
‘She hasn’t woken up yet. I need to call Bo to let him know.’
‘Yes, go on. I’ll look in on her.’
 Carly went to her office and sat down, staring at the phone. It was one thing to call Bo but talking to him was another; they haven’t spoken since their last conversation where she more or less told him to stay out of her life. Much as she hated the idea of having to deal with him, she had to do her duty. Picking up the phone she dialled his private line from memory.
Carly swallowed painfully but forcibly pulled herself together. ‘It’s me.’
 While he was still angry and resentful about Carly being with Daniel and carrying his child, he couldn't deny the feeling of pleasure at the sound of her voice. ‘Hey,’ he replied, keeping his voice neutral. ‘Is something wrong?’
‘Yes, actually there is. It’s Darcy; she was attacked today.’
‘What?’ Bo shouted in disbelief, rising from his chair. ‘Where?’
‘At our house, apparently somebody broke in; Nicholas and his fiancée found her unconscious. She’s in the hospital right now and since this is a police case I thought...’
‘Police case be damned, this is my daughter we’re talking about! I’ve got the right to know about it!’
‘Nobody’s saying you don't, that’s why I called you.’ Carly replied with a calmness she was far from feeling. ‘But of course I have to officially report this too.’
‘Don't bother coming down here; I’m on my way.’ He hung up, filled with anger and fear. Who would dare lay hands on Darcy?
Roman appeared. ‘Bo, I need... what’s wrong?’ he asked, seeing the expression on his brother’s face.
‘Somebody...’ Bo drew out the words slowly, his face hard as he slipped his jacket on, ‘attacked Darcy in Carly’s house and she’s at the hospital. I’m going over there now to see her.’
‘Attacked?’ Roman exclaimed. ‘You don't mean raped, do you?’
‘I don't know... Carly just said she was attacked but if she was raped; whoever did it is dead, stone-cold dead!’ Bo shouted, his voice shaking with boiling anger. ‘I’m going over there now.’
‘I’m coming with you.’ Roman said firmly. ‘I sure hope she’s not hurt too bad.’
At the Kiriakis mansion, Luigi was explaining himself yet again to an extremely angry Victor. ‘I panicked, I honestly didn't mean to hurt her!’ he protested. ‘I didn't know she would come back so soon!’
‘Whatever your excuses, you bloody idiot; my granddaughter’s probably in the hospital right now because of you! You’re not an amateur; why weren't you more careful?’ Victor shouted, slapping him hard.
‘I’m sorry, Mr. Kiriakis; I’m sorry!’ Luigi cowered. Victor was a force to be reckoned with, Lord knows what he would do to punish him for this unfortunate mishap.
Victor glowered at him. ‘In the end, were you able to remove all the cameras?’
‘Not all, after Miss Manning fell, I ran out of there; I couldn't risk Dr. Manning suddenly walking in and finding me there. And I don't know if I’ll be able to go back there; she’ll probably fix an alarm system after what’s just happened.’
‘I want every camera and microphone removed from that house, understood?’
‘With all due respect Mr. Kiriakis; how the hell will I be able to that? Your son and his brother will have that place heavily guarded...’
‘I don't care how you do it, Luigi! Just do it and this time don't get caught. You get it done somehow. In the mean time, get out of here.’
Luigi retreated gratefully.
 ‘Honey, can you hear me? It’s Dad.’ Bo said softly; stroking Darcy’s hair. Daniel stared at him, confused. It was almost as if the conversation in his office never happened at all, with the way Bo was now acting all loving and solicitous with her.
‘Why is she still unconscious?’ Bo asked Carly, his face filled with worry.
‘She got a pretty nasty blow on the head.’ Carly explained.
Roman turned to Nicholas. He couldn't get over how the young man looked so much like Bo’s late nemesis except for the eyes; he had Carly’s green eyes. And he also saw how protective he was of Carly, keeping close to her the whole time and holding her hand; not to mention giving Bo a few glaring looks; he obviously knew what happened between them. ‘You said you and Lynn... is it? You both found her on the landing. Did the house look ransacked?’
‘I made a quick check while we waited for the ambulance to come, the place looked normal; it didn't look like somebody came to burglarize it.’
‘And why would a person break into a house in broad daylight?’ Lynn asked.
‘Somebody who’s probably been watching Carly and Darcy for a long time; somebody who knows their habits and didn't expect either of them to be at the house that particular time. Anything else you remember, Nicky?’
‘Mum’s bedroom door was open.’
Roman looked at Carly.
‘I keep my more valuable jewellery and some cash in a safe, it’s behind a picture in my room.’
‘I looked in, Mum; it wasn't ransacked.’
‘We still need to check if you missed anything. No sign of a weapon?’
‘I don't think a weapon was used.’ Lynn replied. ‘There was a spot of blood on the wall.’
‘And Dr. Peterson found some bruises on Darcy’s neck; it seems the intruder grabbed her by the neck and pushed her hard against the wall.’
‘Damn it!’ Bo bit out angrily.
‘I suggest you talk to Vivian Alamain.’ Daniel said, his expression grim. ‘She and Darcy had an altercation last night when she barged into the house uninvited.’
Bo looked at Carly sharply. ‘Is that true?’
 ‘She came to see Nicky, or so she claimed. Darcy got very angry when Vivian said something about me... Brady and Daniel had to pull her off.’
‘I sent her away, after warning her to leave Mum and Darcy alone.’ Nicholas added.
Roman rubbed his nose thoughtfully. ‘Well then... we’ll haul her in for questioning. In the meantime Carly you’ll come with me to your house now; I’ll call a few officers to meet us there.’
Carly nodded. Roman went out to make the call.
‘I’m coming too.’ Bo said, his eyes on Carly. She looked different and he didn't know how he felt about it. First it was the enlarged belly under the white coat; a sight he’d always dreamt of seeing when they were first together. He never saw her when she carried Darcy in her womb so seeing her pregnant with Daniel’s child was such a bitter irony, even though she looked damned beautiful. Second was the expression on her face and in her eyes; impassive and shuttered. It was like she was wearing a mask- hiding her emotions or whatever she was feeling or thinking. Defensive mode; don't reveal anything, then you won’t get hurt. When he’d arrived with Roman, she’d stepped back when he’d tried to hug her but she shook hands with Roman who however kissed her on the cheek as well. She was bent on keeping her distance and she obviously expected him to do the same.
Carly shrugged, her expression still not revealing anything. ‘Sure. Nicholas, don't have to come as well. You stay here and help Daniel and Lynn keep an eye on your sister.’
‘You don't have to tell me twice.’ Daniel sat beside Darcy, kissing her on the forehead and squeezed her hand. Bo frowned at the way Daniel was looking down at his daughter; his face wore the look of adoration. He suddenly remembered what a player Daniel used to be; surely he wasn't getting the hots for Darcy after doing Carly... who was expecting his baby. No, he’d heard Daniel tell Carly he loved her and Darcy; so probably he was trying to be a father figure to her. That made him feel more resentful; he’ll just have to remind Daniel that Darcy has a father, a father who was more than ready to protect her and her mother so he needed to back off.
Roman poked his head back in. ‘Carly?’
‘I’m coming.’
The safe in Carly’s room was not broken into; the few antiques and the silver in the living room were still there. Carly and the others went to Darcy’s studio where she stored her finished pieces; it was locked and everything intact.
‘If the intruder didn't come to steal anything, what the hell was he doing in my house?’ Carly wondered as the officers bustled about.
‘And how the hell did he get in?’ Bo said. That question was soon answered when an officer called them into the kitchen; the back door had a faulty lock; easy for any intruder to force open.
‘You need to get this fixed, matter of fact; you need to change the locks, every single one just in case. And get a good, secure alarm system installed right away.’
‘I’ll see to that.’ Carly said. ‘But, what about finding out who attacked Darcy?’  
‘In due time.’ Roman assured her. ‘Once we’re able to run the prints, if any; we’ll go from there.’ He looked at her closely. She looked pale but very composed and she made no effort to cling to Bo in any way; almost as if she didn't want to be around him at all. Her pride as well as her heart was broken when Bo left her, he thought; feeling very sorry for Carly. Despite his reservations about their relationship, he never wanted Carly to get hurt. She was a nice woman and he personally knew how it felt to be hurt by someone you thought loved you. He only hoped the child she was expecting will heal whatever hurt she was still nursing; lord knows it took him a long time to move on with his life after he lost Marlena to John. ‘Carly, why don't you go to the living room and rest for a bit, you look exhausted.’
‘I’m fine, Roman.’ Carly protested.
‘No Carly, he’s right. Come on, we need to talk anyway.’ Bo took her arm and led her out, ignoring Roman’s warning look. ‘I’m fine.’ Carly insisted, trying to remove her arm from Bo’s grip. ‘What do you want to talk to me about, anyway?’ she asked as she sank gratefully on the couch. Bo sat next to her and cupped her chin, making her meet his eyes.
‘Carly, is it that hard to even look at me?’ he asked softly.
‘That’s your doing Bo, not mine.’ She replied quietly. ‘Even though I want you to remain a part of Darcy’s life and vice versa; I don't think we can ever be friends, even for her sake. It’s a whole lot easier to go on pretending what happened between us never happened at all; I’ve got some rest of mind back. At least until today when somebody came in here and hurt my daughter.’
‘We’ll get whoever did this, I promise. But I need to talk to you about something.’
‘Bo, I’m begging you; I don't want to hear how sorry you are, it’s only going to get me angry and upset all over again. Please, just don't.’
‘We need to talk about this Carly, I want to clear the air.’ he began then turned as one of his men led in Victor.
‘Oh hell no...’ Carly sank back against the couch as Bo rose to his feet. 
‘What’s going on?’ Victor asked, looking bewildered. ‘Why are policemen here?’
‘What do you want?’ Bo asked.
‘I came over to see Darcy. Carly, what happened?’
Carly covered her face with her hands, tired and exasperated. Whatever happened to relative peace... she moaned inwardly. Bo answered for her.
‘Darcy’s not here, she’s at the hospital.’
‘My God is she alright; did she have an accident?’ Victor demanded.
‘She surprised an intruder and got knocked out; we’re here trying to put the pieces together.’
‘Carly, are you alright?’ Carly lowered her hands and nodded wearily while Bo blinked in astonishment at the genuine concern in Victor’s voice.
‘What did you want to see Darcy about anyway?’ she asked.
‘I wanted to explain to her that I didn't mean any harm when I sent you those flowers this morning.’
‘You sent her flowers?’ Bo asked, more astonished. ‘Why?’
‘I felt it was time Carly and I called a truce. But Darcy thought I had some deadly intentions so she came to the house to warn me off; she was really angry, after she had her say she stormed out. She even took out her anger on Justin.’
‘She came to see you?’ Carly asked in disbelief. Darcy didn't tell her she was going to do that.
‘Yes and I decided to come here to mend faces and assure her that I’m not her enemy, or yours. I certainly didn't expect to hear this; that Darcy was attacked in her own home! How badly hurt is she?’
‘Concussion and some bruises; she’s going to be fine. If you want to go see her, you can; just leave my house. You know very well you’re not welcome here.’
Victor didn't budge. ‘Carly, I’m extending the olive-branch here.’
‘Victor, not now.’ Bo said warningly.
‘This house clearly isn't safe for you two right now; you should come over and stay with me.’
The only way Carly would stay under her ex husband’s roof was if Salem suddenly got hit by an earthquake and his house was the last one standing. ‘No.’ 
 ‘Carly, now’s not the time to be stubborn; Darcy’s my granddaughter and you’re pregnant. What if the intruder comes back? You’re two defenceless women living alone!’ Victor insisted.
 ‘I agree.’ Roman added. ‘I don't want to scare you Carly but whoever attacked Darcy probably had rape in mind and then ran off scared after she hit her head. You need to be somewhere safe in the meantime, just for a while.’
But Carly shook her head again. ‘I’ll change the locks and install the alarm system like you suggested but I won’t leave my house for anything. And I’m capable of looking after my daughter and myself, pregnancy or not; and I’m not about to argue with either one of you over this so don't even try it.’
Roman glanced at Bo who tightened his lips before replying, ‘Fine. But a police guard will be stationed outside for a while.’
Okay by me.’ Carly turned to Victor, willing herself to be courteous. ‘Thanks for the offer all the same.’
‘No problem and it still stands. Now, I want to see my granddaughter.’
There was no change in Darcy’s condition on their return and Daniel was still stationed by her side. While everybody visited, Bo took Carly aside; leading her out the room. ‘I still need to talk to you, Carly.’ he said quietly, eyes fixed on hers.
‘I already told you...’
‘Please, Carly. Don't deny me this. Please.’ He urged. He wanted to talk to her about her relationship with Daniel; needed to know if it was really serious.
Carly felt her iron resolve weakening as she looked into those brown eyes. ‘Fine, we’ll talk but not today. I’ll fix a time when we can.’
‘Great.’ His eyes remained on her. Carly felt her cheeks suddenly going warm. He must never know I still love him, she reminded herself. I won’t set myself to more pain. Just what does he want to talk to me about anyway?
 ‘Listen... you go home and come by tomorrow; by then Darcy would probably be awake. I don't want Ciara to be worried so maybe you don't tell her just yet.’
‘I won’t but I do need to tell Mum and the others...’
‘Sure but they should make their visit tomorrow.’
‘I’ll tell them.’ Their eyes met again; finding it impossible to look away. The spell was broken by Victor coming out of Darcy’s room. From the look of worry and concern on his face, Carly started to think his earlier talk about a truce was probably true. Personally, she was all for that- he was the one who’d chosen to hate her.
‘I’ll be by tomorrow to see her again. Please, you and Daniel take very good care of her and when she wakes up before then... tell her I love her.’ Victor said gruffly.
‘I will. And thanks again for offering us your house but we’re going to be alright.’
Victor regarded her silently, feeling very guilty over Darcy’s injury and remorse over the way he’d behaved towards Carly; the same woman who’d painstakingly tended to him after his near fatal stroke until he was able to walk again and she’d been Isabella’s doctor as well, keeping his daughter as comfortable as possible until the end. In a flash, Victor Kiriakis had an epiphany; he’d forcibly allowed himself to hate Carly so that he’ll be able to forget how important she once was in the family; that’s what everybody’s been doing the whole time so that Hope wouldn’t feel second place to her. They deliberately downplayed Carly’s past relationship with Bo; all to remain on Hope’s side and assure her of their loyalty even though she caused herself and Bo a lot of unhappiness. Meeting Carly probably made her suddenly aware of her current behaviour but instead of showing some responsibility; she went all jealous and paranoid which lead to the drug use. And still everybody, including him, rallied round her like she was the victim and then Bo risked his job and reputation to help her; abandoning Carly in the bargain. Carly was obviously the real victim yet they’d all turned a blind eye to it, anxious for their lives to remain the same. Victor felt the shame weighing on his shoulders.
‘That’s all very well Carly but you still need to be on your guard. You don't know why the intruder came to your house in the first place.’
‘Daniel feels Vivian’s behind it because of an incident between her and Darcy last night but something tells me it isn't her this time.’
‘All the same, we’re still going to question her; that old bat is capable of anything.’ Bo said grimly. ‘After what she did years ago, you of all people shouldn’t underestimate her.’
‘He’s right.’ Victor didn't feel bad about shifting the blame on Vivian; she more than deserved it anyway. ‘She plans one thing and then plans something worse; I should know. I certainly hope you’ll find out something soon, Bo.’
To Bo’s amazement, Victor patted Carly’s shoulder. ‘Goodbye Carly, I’ll see you tomorrow.’ They stared after him as he walked towards the elevators.
‘Okay.... what just happened?’ Bo asked at last. Either hell’s finally froze over or I’m hallucinating.’
‘Well... I guess he truly wants to mend fences and I’m inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt for Darcy’s sake.’ Carly shrugged. ‘Technically she’s half Kiriakis and maybe this will improve things between them.’
‘Obviously more for her; lord knows what really running through his mind.’ Bo persisted.
‘I don't care what he thinks of me; I really don't. The important thing is Darcy  forging a better relationship with her grandfather and if he has to stoop to pretend to be nice; so be it. But somehow, I don't think he’s pretending. Something’s different about him.’
For the past few months Victor has been dating Maggie so maybe that explained why he’s gotten soft all of a sudden but Bo still wasn't convinced. Something weird was going on. Pushing it aside in the meantime, he focused back on Carly. ‘So... when you get the chance; we’ll have that talk... right?’
‘Right.’ This time she turned her eyes away before she revealed anything.
‘Do you have any idea who broke into Carly’s house?’ asked Hope.
‘Whoever came in used gloves; the boys found no prints. Roman and I questioned Vivian but she denied having anything to do with it. It’s a real mystery why the intruder was there but he’s going to be sorry he ever put his hands on my daughter, that’s for sure.’ Scowling, Bo took a sip of his beer. ‘It was hard seeing her lying there looking so helpless and Daniel fawning all over her. Just because he and Carly are together doesn’t give him the right to assume he can act as her father.’
Hope thought about what she’d heard between Bo and Daniel at the station and what she and Maggie had seen at Horton Square later. Daniel was talking about Darcy but Bo obviously thought he meant Carly and was very angry about it... because he was jealous. Hope felt angry, upset and betrayed but at the same time very confused. Was Daniel really the father of Carly’s baby? If so, what the hell was he playing at with Darcy; especially since he once dated her sister- he couldn't possibly get Carly pregnant and then date her daughter. She now looked at him hard. She might as well tell him and then see his reaction; since Carly and Daniel being together clearly bothered him very much. ‘Is it serious between Carly and Daniel?’
‘Obviously. Daniel told me today he was going to marry her; I guess after the baby’s born or something.’ Bo said in a neutral tone, hiding his rage. ‘Why do you ask?’
‘If he and Carly are an item; what’s he doing with Darcy?’   
Bo sat upright, not sure he’d heard right. ‘What?’
‘Aunt Maggie and I saw them at the square in each other’s arms kissing, really going at it. Either you’re wrong about Daniel and Carly or Daniel’s doing some serious double dealing, again.’
‘Daniel with Darcy?’ Bo exclaimed, unable to believe it. ‘That’s not possible; he’s with Carly, they’re having a baby together!’
Hope shrugged, looking as nonchalant as possible. ‘I know what I saw. If you don't believe me, Aunt Maggie will tell you the same thing.’
Daniel wouldn’t dare seduce Darcy while sleeping with Carly; what sort of man would bed both mother and daughter? The same man who was involved with Chelsea, her grandmother and let’s not forget Kate’s daughter-in-law, the voice in his head reminded him. How can he be with his daughter if Carly’s carrying his child and he was planning to marry her? If what Hope said was true, how the hell did Daniel expect to get away with having an affair with another one of his daughters; his daughter with Carly for god sake! And why on earth would Darcy encourage it? Just what the hell was really going on here?
Hope watched him silently, not saying another word.  
Carly called Bo on his cell the next morning as he was having breakfast with Hope and Ciara.
 ‘Hey Carly, any change?’ he asked anxiously.
‘Darcy woke up a few minutes ago; she’s very groggy and doesn't remember what happened just yet so when you and Roman get here please don't press her.’
‘I won’t; tell Darcy I’m on my way.’
‘But Bo... there’s something else.’
Silence then Carly replied quietly, ‘this isn't something I tell you over the phone; just get here as soon as you can.’ Before Bo could question her any further, she hung up.
‘She’s conscious?’ asked Hope.
‘Yeah, and I need to get over there.’
‘What happened to Darcy?’ Ciara asked immediately.
Bo slipped his arm round her. ‘Your sister’s at the hospital right now.’
Ciara’s eyes widened with fear. ‘Is she okay?’ she asked, her voice rising. ‘What happened?
‘Honey, calm down.’ Hope soothed. ‘Darcy had a little accident but she’s being looked after, alright?’
But Ciara looked upset. ‘Daddy, can I go and see her?’
‘Not right now. But I’ll come pick you up after school and take you to her, I promise.’ Bo kissed Ciara on the cheek then got up. ‘I’ll see you both later.’
Hope bowed her head bitterly as he left. He’d forgotten to kiss her like he usually did. As Bo got into his car, he thought over what Hope told him the night before. While he didn't believe a word of it; Hope has no reason to make up such a ridiculous story. She must surely be mistaken; he’d seen Carly and Daniel together, looking so happy over her pregnancy. Darcy was older than Chelsea yet still rather young for Daniel but that wasn't the reason Bo disapproved of the very idea. Daniel didn't exactly have the best track record with women since Rebecca’s death, Darcy could easily get her heart broken. Bo scowled then shook his head, starting the engine. Hope was definitely mistaken, she had to be.
When Bo arrived at the hospital accompanied by Caroline and Roman, Carly was talking seriously with Victor and Maggie by the nurses’ station. From the  very grim look on Victor’s face, he didn't like what he was hearing.
‘What’s going on?’ Bo demanded, filled with foreboding. ‘What’s happened to my girl, was her injury worse than we thought?’
Caroline looked anxiously at Carly. ‘Please tell us, what’s wrong with Darcy?’
Considering how much worry she was nursing Carly was surprised she was able to compose herself before giving them the news. ‘Darcy’s come out of the coma but...’ she took a deep breath, ‘she’s suffering from Optical Nerve Interruption. When a person receives a large blow to the head, the fluids inside builds up, interrupting the nerve ending to the eye. Darcy’s CAT scan results were accidently mixed with another patient’s so we didn't know about this at first.’
 ‘What are you saying, our daughter’s now blind?’ Bo asked, his voice shaking. ‘She’s blind?’ Suddenly it seemed like just yesterday Carly was telling him Shawn Douglas’ fall had rendered him deaf.
‘Oh my God...’ Caroline whispered. ‘Is it permanent?’
‘Carly was just telling us that if Darcy’s condition stretches longer than the usual interval of temporary blindness, she may need surgery.’ Victor said quietly.
‘How long is it usually?’ Bo demanded.
‘Three weeks at the most. But in the meantime, I don't want any of you to say anything that might upset her more than she is already and for God sake don't ask her what happened because she  honestly doesn't remember and she’s still in a lot of pain.’ Carly’s eyes were steely as she looked round them. ‘I hope you’ll be able to do this otherwise...’
‘Don't worry about it Carly, you can trust us.’ Roman soothed, squeezing her shoulder. ‘More than ever we’ll hunt down the person who did this to her in the first place; I promise you.’
Carly nodded. ‘She already has visitors but you can go in and see her now.’ They obeyed, Maggie patted Carly’s cheek before following Victor.
Bo made no move to follow the others, he was looking at Carly, remembering how she was able to hide her feelings far too well. ‘Are you alright, princess?’ he asked solicitously.
‘Don’t call me that!’ Carly snapped, really angry; the bitter image of him kissing Hope at the pier and his admission that his love for her was not the forever kind haunting her all over again. ‘You have no right to call me that and spare me your pity!’
Before Bo could reply she suddenly burst into tears. Immediately, he enveloped her in his arms, she struggled but his arms remained firmly round her.
‘I’m sorry... this is all my fault.’ she sobbed.
‘No, no...that’s not true.’ Bo protested, stroking her hair. ‘I won’t let you do this to yourself; you’re not to blame for anything.’
Carly disentangled herself from him, tears pouring down her cheeks. ‘Darcy wanted us to leave Salem, to start afresh somewhere and out of stupid pride I said no and look what’s happened to her now, she got injured in her own home... suppose she never regains her sight? Her art is so important to her...’
‘Carly, don't talk like that!’ Bo insisted, holding her face between his palms. ‘You’ve always been the optimistic one, you always managed to stay positive and keep people hopeful! Our little girl’s not going to be permanently blind and even she wouldn’t think you’re to blame, because you’re not.’
But Carly shook her head miserably. ‘I’m not the Carly you knew so many years ago... that Carly was always positive and full of hopes and dreams; I’m just a measly shadow of her now.’ Wearily she sank into the nearest chair; rubbing her distended stomach with both hands. Bo sat next to Carly, trying to find the words to console her. He was upset at the news of their daughter’s blindness but more upset at how it was affecting Carly and listening to her blaming herself. ‘Carly... listen to me.’ he took her hand, holding it between his. ‘You’re a beautiful person; that hasn’t changed and you’re a wonderful mother- Darcy and Nicky would testify to that a hundred times over.’ And I love you so much he wanted to say but somehow couldn't bring himself to say the words out loud. Instead, he used one hand to wipe away her tears and hugged her, kissing her on the forehead. ‘It’s going to be alright, okay?’ he said softly, stroking her hair. ‘I’m here for both of you.’
Raising her head, Carly regarded Bo silently for a minute before abruptly getting up from the chair; wincing at the dull ache in her lower back. Lexie had reduced her workload which included not performing surgeries but she still often felt fatigued and with Darcy’s mishap it looked like she may have to go on maternity leave soon.
‘You go in and see Darcy and tell her I’ll be in a few minutes, I just want to make a call.’
‘Right.’ Bo went into Darcy’s room down the hall. Pulling out a  cell phone from her pocket, Carly began to dial but a voice halted her. ‘Hello Carly.’
This is all I need... Carly thought exasperated, raising her eyes to look at the woman standing in front of her. ‘Hello, Hope. What are you doing here?’
‘Bo told me what happened. How’s Darcy?’
‘The blow on her head was more severe than we originally thought. She’s... she’s temporarily blind.’
The cruel wheels of fate, Hope thought silently. Bo was already jealous of Daniel and the tender hug she’d seen meant they were now bonding over their daughter’s condition... it was only a matter of time Bo would get lured away again. ‘I’m so sorry.’ she managed to say
Carly nodded. ‘You can go in and see her if you want, Bo and the family’s in there with her.’
‘Darcy barely tolerates my presence these days. She’s made it perfectly clear that I’m the evil stepmother.’ Resentment made her add, ‘not that I’m not used to it.’
‘What’s that suppose to mean?’ Carly asked coldly.
‘Billie made Chelsea her side kick in her “break up Bo and Hope” mission; thanks to the crap she fed her. Tell me Carly, just how much crap did you feed your daughter until you got her to hate me?’ 
‘You’re the stupidest, most egotistical person I’ve ever met.’ Carly said, her voice quiet but trembling with anger. ‘I made my daughter hate you? You caused your own unhappiness; you almost killed her father after acting the bitter, jealous shrew. Why don't you go to a mirror and take a long hard look at yourself because in case you don't realise by now, you’re the one who gave Darcy a reason to hate you. You got Bo back but you’re still not satisfied; you have to stand here and insult me. You know what, you’re not even worth it; you can stay here and think whatever you like.’
She turned away But Hope refused to go out like that. ‘Whatever, but I won’t let you guilt Bo, Carly.’ she warned.  ‘Or let you use Darcy against us.’
‘Bo is Darcy’s father, that is something you can never change  and whether you like it not, she’ll always be a part of his life and besides, I’m not you or Billie.’ Carly replied cynically. ‘Bo’s love for me wasn't real but at least I was never desperate enough to  resort to guilt or tricks to hold on to him- I can stand on my own. I don't want your precious husband and Darcy’s basking in the love of a good man to bother plotting against you. And you can tell your supporters this new flash, after my baby arrives I’m leaving Salem. Daniel’s going to ask Darcy to marry him so she’ll still be near her family.’ Carly’s green eyes glittered with anger. ‘I don't care what you say about me but if I ever hear you spreading your insinuations about my daughter about town; you’ ll be very sorry Hope Brady; I guarantee it.’ Stalking away when heavy with child  was not an easy feat but somehow Carly managed to do it.
Hope stared after her; her mind working furiously. So... Darcy was definitely Daniel’s girlfriend, not Carly and if Daniel was planning to propose then he couldn't possibly be the father of Carly’s baby. Bo was jealous of nothing  the whole time but the fact he was jealous still bothered her very much; his jealousy wasn't based on over protectiveness, it was because he still had feelings for Carly. Apart from that, Carly said she was leaving Salem after the baby was born. She had no reason to go away if the baby had nothing to do with Bo. Which could only mean one thing...
Damn you, Brady!’ she whispered angrily, clenching her fists.


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