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Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Tony and Conan begin to disagree. Laura’s doctor gives the pills to the policeman called to the house; Laura names Isabella as the person who probably switched them since she was obsessed with her husband. She asks him not to involve Lorenzo in any way until the investigation is over. The doctor insists she remain in bed just as Lorenzo enters. He promises to look after her; she in turn promises they’ll stay together and keep it that way. Lorenzo visibly looks bleak as she says that.
As she rummages her drawer, Silvia finds an old newspaper clipping about the publicized wrestling match between her and Titan (the cheating opponent). She remembered how Lorenzo had saved her and punched Titan out, (That had been the night she’d been aware of him as a man instead of a friend for the first time) as well as their first date when they’d shared their first kiss- she begins to cry, poor thing.
Lorenzo helps Laura to bed, the maid expressing their happiness they were back together. Alex finds Silvia crying but she struggles not to. Alex tries to console her.
Isabella phones Estephano to inform Lorenzo has swallowed the bait and he should fax the agreement. Gloria is still nervous about the whole thing but reminds Isabella of the promotion she’d promised her. Nattie discusses Silvia’s missing father with Conan, and certain Hercules was lying when he said he’s never met him. Conan is more worried at the idea of their father marrying that cow, E.P. Hercules stops E.P’s workout as she’s overdoing it and suggests she ask the girls at the factory to alter the dress.
Silvia is very unhappy, going over what’s been happening and moves away from Alex when he tries to kiss her, asking him to go outside. She almost tears up the newspaper but changes her mind and finds what she’s looking for. Orlando is given the fax by Isabella who is aggressive when he expresses his suspicions about Estephano and his company again.
Laura asks Lorenzo to puff up her pillows for her, using it as an excuse to kiss him (a waste of time, since he’s now in love with someone else).
Lorenzo doesn’t return the kiss; he pushes her away and tells her to rest, emotion wasn’t good for her and makes excuses to leave the room. But Laura is convinced, little by little, he’ll love her as before.
TO BE CONTINUED...ran out of time.

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