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Monday, December 01, 2008


Images shot from DVD

Ralph and Meggie spent several idyllic days on the Island, the happiest they'd had in years. Ralph now realised that being in love with Meggie made him a man like all men, despite his ambition to be the perfect priest. He however had to go back to his duties in Rome but tells Meggie he truly wished he could marry her and never be apart from her ever again; he'll never stop loving her, she must remember that. They exchange a very painful goodbye and he leaves for Rome, while she prepares to leave Luke. When she returned back to Anne and Luddie's house, she already knew she was pregnant... with RALPH'S BABY!
To cover up, (in the novel) she spent one night with Luke, told him exactly what she thought of him and left, telling him he could kept the money he'd stolen from her but he must never step one foot into Drogheda or expect more money from her from then on. She and Justine went back to Drogheda and are very warmly recieved. Months later, Meggie gave birth to Ralph's child, a beautiful baby boy she named Dane. Fee is the only one who immediately knew that Ralph is the father, not Luke, the boy resembled Ralph very much, except for the colour of his hair, blonde while Ralph's was black. Over the years no one in the family ever found out (blind or stupid, I don't know). Ralph confessed to his mentor, Cardinal Vittorio about what had finally happened between him and Meggie. Vittorio, who had known about their love since the rose Meggie had given Ralph fell out of the missal he stored it in, understood and was'nt shocked , especially since it had been with The Rose, (his own name for Meggie) whom he felt very sorry for.
19 years later, Ralph is finally a Cardinal and goes to visit Drogheda. He meets Meggie's children, outspoken Justine and respectful Dane. Meggie is now in her forties, Ralph in his sixties but their love for each other is as strong as ever; they shared another romantic night together. Perhaps Meggie would have told Ralph her secret if Ralph hadn't expressed his hurt about her going back to Luke after what they had done in the Island, and allowing him to father Dane- -she merely told him no one thought of Dane as Luke's son, but as her son. Ralph forms an immediate rapport with Dane during his stay, not realising at all that he was his son, neither does Dane. Dane shocks his family, especially his mother of his intention of becoming a priest! Meggie doesn't blame Ralph as the boy had already decided before meeting Ralph at all. Fee points out to Meggie that what she'd stolen from God, she must now give back. Meggie resignedly sends Dane to Rome, to be under Ralph's care. Vittorio, who sees through anyone and anything, immediately saw that The Rose's son was fathered by Ralph due to their resemblance. To cover up and at the same time protect the three of them, he asks Ralph to say that Dane was his nephew to avoid people saying he was showing too much preference to Dane. They agree and it worked. -TO BE CONTINUED...

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