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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Renaildo was kidnapped by two old enemies, who were former business associates. Out of love for their mother, Jose Luis managed to track them down and rescued him and then left him to find a suitable hiding place as the police were still looking for him. Renaildo goes to the convent to see Mercedes for fear they might abduct her as well to get to him. She gave him a set of keys to a beach house where he could temporarily hide.

Soledad ended her relationship with the lawyer she'd been dating and she and Alejandro decide to get back together and finally get married. However when he went to break it off with his doctor girlfriend, she announced she was pregnant! Obviously a lie but it unfortunately put a dampner on any thoughts of reconciliation between the couple. Upset, Soledad decided to take some time for herself and goes to a hotel. A huricane is about to hit Miami so Alejandro rushed off to find her but by the time he arrived, the storm started and he and Soledad ended up staying there together.
When the storm died down, they volunteered to help out with the victims but unfortunately, a news crew was there covering the incident; they were shown on television- for Alejandro's enraged girlfriend to see! Meanwhile, Guillermo recieved news that while evacuating some school kids in the huricane, Rosarito was killed. Rodrigo also seeks refuge at the same beach hosue his on was hiding. He'd been stung by a scorpion and he's very ill and his mind slowly becomes unhinged as he recalled all his past misdeeds. Romelia, Jose Luis' mother finds him in this condition and later on Alejandro and Soledad also there; Alejandro immediately administered an antidote on him.
Despite Renaildo's warning to be on her guard, his enemies set a trap for Mercedes and hold her at gun point. The group try to rescue her and there's a scuffle where Renaildo took a bullet for her. As he lay dying, Jose Luis held him in his arms weeping- lamenting and regretting how destiny had introduced them as enemies instead of the brothers they actually were.
After the mess was settled, Alejandro's girlfriend counted her losses and let Alejandro go; enabling him and Soledad to finally plan their future.
As for Rodrigo, still fleeing from the police, saw the ghost of his dead son which caused him to have a massive heart attack that killed him.
Isabella, finally giving her blessing to Soledad and Alejandro , escorted her sister to the cruiser where the wedding ceremony took place, as Soledad always wanted. The same cruiser carried the married couple to their honeymoon, Romelia was told by Brenda at the party that she was carrying Renaildo's baby- her son will always live on!
The final scene showed the happy married couple gazing at the ocean, words of love exchanged between them...


  1. this is the best episode

  2. May I have all La Revancha episodes translated in english?


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