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Sunday, September 13, 2015


Brady showed up at the loft the next morning, very upset on hearing Phillip’s assault on Carly from Melanie. Carly assured him she was fine; the bruises on her face will fade in time. ‘I never liked the idea of him and Melanie anyway.’ Brady admitted to her and Marcus. ‘Just as well she called off the wedding, he’s shown what he really is.’
Marcus looked angry. ‘Yeah, too bad he’s not going to get punished after all.’
Surprised, Brady turned to Carly. ‘You’re not dropping charges, are you?’
‘I am,’ was Carly’s calm reply.
 ‘Why would you do that?’
‘Your grandfather came by last night and threatened her.’ Marcus said before Carly could speak.
What?’  Brady exclaimed. ‘But Carly you don’t have to do that, just let Uncle Bo know!’
‘I’m not scared of Victor,’ Carly replied. ‘But I do know what he’s capable of and what he can do. When he makes a threat or a promise, he means it.’
‘Uncle Bo will protect you!’ Brady insisted.
‘That’s what I told her.’ Marcus said.
‘Yes, you told me.’ Carly turned to Marcus. ‘But you also remember how Bo battled with Victor because of me years ago and I don’t want that to happen again, especially since Bo’s now the Commissioner of Police; a very important position.’ She turned back to Brady. ‘You probably think this is a crazy decision on my part.’
‘It is!’ Brady snapped, taking note of the black eye and bruise covered cheeks. ‘Look at what he did to your face, suppose the first thing he does after getting out of jail is go after Melanie instead or tries to hurt you again?’
‘Phillip’s not  going to be a problem when he gets out,’ Carly replied after some hesitation. ‘Because if I know  your uncle, he’ll still find a way of keeping Phillip in check, without him appearing in a court room.’
Brady and Marcus exchanged disapproving and skeptical glances, hoping Carly knew what she was doing.
 Bo, Roman and Abe  were very surprised when Carly showed up at the police station with Marcus to inform them she was dropping charges against Phillip but surprise turned to anger when she explained why she was doing so. ‘Victor actually threatened you?’ Abe said with disbelief.
‘He did, I was right there.’ Marcus confirmed. Roman swore under his breath.
‘My God!’ Bo stormed, furious. ‘Carly, you don’t have to worry about anything. A guard will be assigned to protect you.’
‘No, not that again.’ Carly said firmly, remembering how exasperating it was to have a bodyguard with her during their trouble with Victor years ago; he was assigned to her for the same reason- Victor threatening her. ‘I appreciate what you guys want to do but I feel that Victor will back off if his son doesn’t go to jail and I’m not about to let you compromise your position by making you take sides.’
‘Carly, he hit you.’ Roman emphasized.
‘Yeah, and Victor will have a field day in court telling the jury I’m Bo’s supposed mistress and the defendant is his brother.  Everyone in this room knows he doesn’t care about the consequences of his own actions, he will do all he can to bring Bo and me down. Victor’s made me his sworn enemy and there’s a limit to what I can take from him. Please guys,  just let me have my way with this. I’m dropping all charges.’
‘Fine, it’s your decision.’ Bo replied, certain of his love for this woman more than ever and already  planning  how he will deal with both Victor and Phillip. Abe thought how selfless Carly was, while Roman was not surprised by Carly’s gesture, she’d always been that way; putting others before herself. No wonder Bo fell for her again.
After Carly signed the necessary papers a few minutes later, she found Bo waiting for her at the lobby. ‘Here… you left this at my house.’ From his pocket he brought out something, giving it to her.
‘Oh, my bracelet. I wondered where it was; thanks.’ Carly said after unwrapping it, unable to meet his eyes.
‘All those things I said about us and Nicky… I’m so sorry, princess.’
‘It’s okay.’ Carly said quietly, her heart touched by the remorse in his voice, wishing things were less complicated.  
Bo cupped her chin before she could move away from him. ‘I just wish you would let me in, to give us a chance for a future.’
‘Your future isn’t with me.’ Carly said flatly, removing his hand. ‘And I wish you would realize that and forget about me.’
‘I said the same thing to you years ago,’ Bo reminded, taking her by the arm when she attempted to walk away. ‘And I didn’t mean it and it didn’t stop you from loving me, it never stopped you. Whatever the reason you feel we can’t be together again, we can work on it  together.’
In reply, Carly released her arm. ‘I have to go.’
Bo remembered what Alice Horton said to him before she died,  Fight for her if you have to. And there was his own determination to have Carly in his life; which he really wanted badly. ‘I’m not  giving up on you.’ he said quietly.
The expression on her face was now sad. ‘I really wish you would, Bo.’ Adjusting the strap of her purse on her shoulder she left; Marcus waiting for her outside. Bo watched her, exasperated but no longer angry; anger wasn’t going to help him achieve what he wanted. Roman advised him to give her understanding and patience so he was going to do that. In the meantime, he was going to pay his bio-father a visit.
‘Where do you get off threatening Carly like that, did you honestly think I wouldn’t find out?’
‘An exaggeration on her part and I see you immediately took her side.’ Victor replied scathingly.
Bo glared at him. ‘Don’t insult my intelligence, Victor; we both know how you love to intimidate people to prove a point. Carly’s the only woman in your past you couldn’t call to heel and you’ll never forget that.’
‘At least my memory’s better than yours!’ Victor barked. ‘From the moment that woman came back to Salem you seemed to forget that you have a wife, who's worth ten of that tramp!’
Brady, who was also in the room, snorted derisively.
‘Don’t you dare say that about her again Victor or I might just forget you’re my father.’ Bo growled, his eyes now having a dangerous glint.
‘Have you told him yet?’ Brady asked him.
‘About to.’ Bo replied, his eyes still on Victor’s hard face. ‘I’m not going to let you hurt Carly in any way. And if you do, you know only too well that you’ll answer to me, no matter what influence you think you have. Not just me either, Roman and Abe are willing to do anything to protect Carly. She came by the station today to drop charges against Phillip.’
Victor folded his arms, looking self-satisfied.
‘Don’t start looking all smug,’ Brady went on, disgusted. ‘Carly may’ve decided to drop the charges but Phillip won’t be completely out of the woods until you agree with Uncle Bo’s demands.’
‘And what are they?’ Victor sneered.
‘You’ll send Phillip to handle your business interests in Greece and I don’t want him setting  foot in Salem for a very long time.’ Bo replied.
Victor now looked staggered. ‘What?
‘You heard him,’ Brady said coldly. ‘Phillip has to leave town and you’re going to make that possible.’
‘What you’re suggesting is that I exile my own son!’ Victor shouted. ‘You must be insane if you think I would agree to something as preposterous as that! Especially since Carly’s the reason his fiancée left him!’
‘Melanie Layton’s an adult; she’s more than capable of making her own decisions.’ Bo retorted. ‘You’re not going to hold Carly responsible for anything, for my marriage or Melanie breaking up with Phillip. I’ve had it up to here listening you bitch about her.’
Victor’s face was white with anger. ‘And suppose I don’t agree? Carly’s dropped the charges, you have no reason for holding him.’ 
‘Well, he should’ve thought about the consequences of hitting an innocent woman but I guess he takes after you when it comes to that. You will go to the station and convince him. I want him out of town by tonight or I will keep him locked up by any means. Do I make myself clear?’
Victor glowered at his son and grandson, hating Carly Manning with all his might. She was responsible for all this. No matter what Bo said, he’ll pay her out somehow.
It turned out Phillip didn’t need much convincing. Upset at losing Melanie for good and rather mortified over what he did to Carly, he was willing to leave town for a long period of time. By evening, the Kiriakis jet departed for Greece. Brady told Melanie about it and she was hugely relieved, so was Nathan.
Hope was surprised to hear about the incident, confronting Bo about it the next time she came to drop off Ciara. ‘Victor said you forced him to send Phillip away. Why would you do that?’
‘I guess he didn’t tell you want he did to Carly? Just like him.’ Bo said cynically.
‘Phillip was drunk, he didn’t know what he was doing.’
Bo was angry to hear Hope defending Phillip. ‘If it was another woman he smacked around, would you be saying that?’
‘Don’t make me out a monster, Bo! I don’t condone what he did but still… he’s your brother.’
‘Yeah, by default; just like Victor is.’ Bo said bitterly. ‘I did what I had to keep Carly safe… Melanie as well. That kid’s not exactly my favorite person but lord knows what Phillip would’ve done to her too, given the chance.’
‘It looks to me like you would do just about anything for Carly Manning,’ Hope replied, the old jealousy and insecurity in her voice.
‘Think what you like, Hope. I’m done arguing with you about her.’ Bo turned away to put a few discarded toys away.
‘You had Victor send your brother away.’ Hope emphasized.
My decision entirely.’
‘Exactly, to protect her. What is the real story here, Brady? Do you love her?’ Hope demanded.
‘What kind of question is that?’ Bo snapped.
‘A valid one and I want an honest answer.’ Hope looked him in the eye. ‘Are you in love with her?’
Bo stared back at her. ‘What answer do you want to hear? A “yes” or a “no” won’t make you suddenly decide end this separation, will it?’
Hope opened her mouth to say something but was lost for words. Maggie, Doug and Julie have been pressing her lately to move back home. Jennifer had talked to her seriously about it before flying back to London. Hope was sorely tempted to; she couldn’t deny missing walking into her own house and finding her husband there. She didn’t know what was holding her back but she still felt she wasn’t quite ready to move back with Bo. ‘You’re allowing Carly to alienate you from your own flesh and blood, you don’t seem to realize that now and I hope you do.’ She picked up her purse, dying to know what Bo really felt for Carly but didn’t dare ask him again; for fear of what the answer would be. First Billie, now this woman, she thought. But at least she knew what Billie was up to, constantly hovering over Bo the way she did. Carly was an enigma but somehow managed to have a hold on Bo. And that made her a bigger and more dangerous threat.
‘Have a safe flight,’ Carly said, hugging Marcus.
‘Remember to call me, any time you feel like talking.’ Marcus replied, wishing he didn’t have to leave.
‘I will.’ Carly promised.
Marcus sighed, pushing back a strand of hair from Carly’s cheek. ‘You didn’t ask for the complications in your life right now, which is why I don’t want you thinking any of it is your fault.’ 
Carly shrugged, her face pensive. ‘It started so simple before, coming back here.’
‘Yeah and now it’s not. I just hope by the time you’re ready it won’t be too late for you and Bo. Grab that happiness while you can, Carly. It’s right there in front of you so just do it.’ Marcus leaned over to kiss her on the cheek, hugging her again. ‘Take care of yourself and watch your back. Call me.’
Carly waved goodbye to Marcus, watching him follow the other passengers.

Daniel and Chloe got married at the hospital’s chapel the following week, unable to wait any longer and the venue enabled most of the hospital staff to attend. Chloe was radiant and Daniel couldn’t stop smiling. Carly was happy for them, leading the toast to the happy couple. Chloe threw the bouquet and there was an immediate fierce scramble among the nurses to grab it first. But they missed, the flowers landing on Carly who caught them involuntarily, amidst shrieks, followed by a round of applause. Smiling faintly, Carly placed them on a nearby table and joined everyone in saying goodbye and wishing them a happy honeymoon.
‘I sure hope they’ll be back in time for our wedding.’ Nathan said, Melanie at his elbow. ‘We’ve fixed a date already.’
‘Oh you guys… congratulations!’ Carly exclaimed. Smiling widely, Melanie proudly  showed her the beautiful solitaire ring on her finger.
 ‘And it’s all thanks to you we got back together, we can never thank you enough, Dr. Manning.’ Nathan smiled, looking more boyish and happier now that he’d come out of his shell.
‘I hardly did anything,’ Carly protested.
‘You did a lot and we’re so happy now.’ Melanie insisted. ‘I hope you’ll come.’
‘Of course I’ll come, I won’t miss that  for anything.’ Carly promised. ‘I assume Max will fly down to give you away?’
‘Oh yes and he’s bringing Chelsea.’ Melanie replied. ‘Maggie’s helping me with the wedding and we’re picking up my dress tomorrow. I hope you’ll find time to come round and see it.’
Carly chuckled at Melanie’s eagerness, her demeanor entirely different from before. ‘Of course. In fact…’ she undid the clasp of her bracelet and gave it to Melanie. ‘Consider this my wedding present to you.’
‘Oh… it’s beautiful, thank you.’ Melanie said, admiring it. She suddenly gave Carly a hug. ‘You’re a wonderful friend, Carly. Nathan and I are so lucky to have you.’
‘We sure are,’ Nathan smiled at Carly, affection for her all over his face. Carly was very happy for the young couple. She thought again about Alice and what she told her. Happiness was within her grasp. If only she was worthy to grab it like Alice and Marcus advised her to.

Maggie enthusiastically helped Melanie plan the wedding; pleased the Hortons will be gathered for a joyous occasion this time around. It’s been two months since Alice’s passing and they were slowly moving on and coming to terms with it yet remembering the late matriarch fondly. The invitations were sent out; the reception was going to take place at Maggie’s house. One by one, the family returned to attend.
Max came from London with Chelsea who was wild with joy to see Bo again but stunned to hear his estrangement with Hope was still on. ‘I thought you guys worked things out ages ago.’ She said.
‘Not this time, honey.’
‘Not this time? Dad… are you divorcing Hope?’
Bo nodded silently.
‘Wow.. that bad? You two have always been so tight, I never imagined it would come to this.’ Max said.
‘We simply just outgrew each other, that’s all. But she doesn’t know yet because I wanted to give her time to recover from her grandmother’s death. I’m going to have to tell her soon, I’m not putting it off any longer.’
Chelsea still looked bewildered and unconvinced. Her mother was forced to realize, after all her schemes and manipulations, that Hope was the only woman for Bo, will always be. And here he was, willing to end his marriage. It couldn’t be impatience over her behavior for him to act this way.
‘I hate to ask… but does this have to do with Carly?’ Max asked tentatively.
‘Sorry, who’s Carly?’ Chelsea asked.
‘She’s a woman I almost married,’ Bo explained. ‘We broke up and afterwards your mum and I started dating.’
‘Is she the rich doctor you were once engaged to?’ Chelsea asked. ‘Because Mum told me about her. She didn’t say her name, she  just said that you two were from different worlds and she left you for some rich guy.’
Billie would describe her like that, Bo thought crossly. ‘Yes. And after her husband died, she moved back here.’ He didn’t want to talk about the family’s attitude towards Carly with Chelsea, it would make her uncomfortable since her own mother had done what Carly was accused of. ‘And no, to answer your question, Carly’s got nothing to do with my decision. And I’ll appreciate it if you didn’t mention it to anyone.’
Max and Chelsea promised but they sensed he was lying. And on meeting Carly at the wedding rehearsal, Chelsea knew for sure Bo was lying.
On the morning of Melanie’s wedding, Carly woke up feeling nauseous and dizzy.  However she managed to get out of bed. She couldn’t miss the wedding, not after promising to be there, she wanted to be there. Opening her medicine cabinet after a hot shower, she opened a bottle of Pepto Bismol to settle her stomach. The room seemed to spin. What’s wrong with me? she thought, finding it hard to focus as she staggered back to her bedroom. Lying on the bed wrapped in a wet towel, she breathed deeply, waiting until the nausea passed. She carefully got dressed, a short blue dress over a matching jacket; her fingers trembling as she zipped up, put on her shoes and applied a light makeup. Just as well she was riding with Brady, she was positive she would faint on the wheel.  What a time to be ill.
Brady was alarmed on seeing how white she looked. ‘I’m just a little under the weather, honey,’ Carly said when he suggested she stayed home instead. ‘I’ll be fine eventually.’
‘I don’t know Carly; you don’t look well at all. Are you sure you don’t want me to drive you to the hospital instead?’ Brady asked, looking at her worriedly.
‘I’ll be fine.’ Carly insisted. ‘Let’s go now or we’ll be late for the ceremony.’
Melanie looked lovely in her ball gown wedding dress, a veil covering her head and shoulders; as she walked down the aisle on her brother’s arm. Nathan, handsome in his tux, fixed his eyes on her as she walked up to him, the face of a young man full of love for his bride. His mother Melissa smiled at him from her seat beside Maggie, happy for her son. Through the veil, Melanie looked at the man she loved, her heart fluttering with happiness as he took her hand.
Carly blinked rapidly to keep focus, feeling dizzy again. Jennifer, who was on her left, looked at her sharply. ‘Are you okay?’ she whispered.
Cary nodded then regretted it, as nausea hit her again. What the hell’s going on? She wondered with dread. ‘I’m fine.’ She managed to say.
Brady, who was on her right, turned to her. Carly looked anything but fine, in fact looked even whiter. He chided himself for not driving her to the hospital, she was obviously very ill and it looked like she’d lost a few pounds lately. ‘Are you sure?’ he whispered.
‘I’m sure, don’t worry about me.’ Carly said, straightening herself on the pew, eyes on the couple as they made their vows and exchanged rings.
The priest pronounced them man and wife and there was a round of applause as Nathan lifted Melanie’s veil and they exchanged a heartfelt kiss.
Carly splashed water on her face, breathing deeply again. The reception was in full swing and she managed to sneak off to Maggie’s bathroom to compose herself. Feeling better, she wiped her cheeks with a hanky and went out.
Mingling with the guests, she saw Bo talking to Julie. How handsome he looks, she thought wistfully; seeing him in a suit reminding her of how he looked on their wedding day. She caught his eye and she turned away immediately, looking for a place to hide.
‘Excuse me, Julie.’ Bo said, before walking away to find Carly. But his name was called and he turned to see Hope matching towards him, Jennifer at her heels. ‘I want to talk to you,’ she said, her voice low and angry. 
‘Hope, this isn't  the time or place!’ Jennifer hissed.
Hope ignored her. ‘You filed for a divorce… and behind my back. How could you do this to me, Brady?’
Bo glared at a shamefaced Jennifer. ‘I’m sorry Bo,’ she muttered. 
‘We’re not talking about this here, Hope.’
‘Don’t start lecturing me!’ Hope snapped, very upset. ‘We will talk about this, right now!’
‘You were the one who hinted that maybe we should get a divorce,’ Bo snapped back defensively.
‘And you automatically assumed I meant it?’ Hope asked incredulously.
‘Bo, please, can’t you see you’re hurting her…’
‘Jennifer, you’ve done enough damage so just butt out!’
‘She’s not butting out, she’s family so she might as well witness this!’
While the argument was going on, Carly was by the buffet table; her hand resting on it to steady herself. ‘What are you doing here?’ she asked when Victor walked up to her. ‘I didn’t think you were invited.’
‘I’m here as Maggie’s guest. I felt I might as well mingle with trash.’
Carly smiled grimly, knowing he was referring to her. ‘Of course, I expected nothing else.’
‘You should also expect me to keep my promise.’ Victor said coldly. ‘I’m going to make sure you get your comeuppance, one way or the other. You should’ve left Salem when you were supposed to.’
It hit her. ‘It was you.’ Carly said slowly. ‘You were the one leaving those anonymous notes. I should’ve guessed you would descend that low.’
Victor’s mouth tightened, not denying her accusation.  
‘You’re nothing but a bully and a coward, Victor Kiriakis. You didn’t have the guts to say all that to my face; instead you tried scaring me away with poison-pen letters. You’re insufferable and pathetic; just like you were years ago. The best thing I ever did was leave you.’
‘You bitch,’ Victor hissed.
Feeling more ill, Carly turned her head away. Victor used the opportunity to quickly empty the contents of a tiny vial into the glass of champagne near her hand. Shaking her head to clear it, Carly picked up the glass and took a much needed drink, not noticing the look of malicious satisfaction on Victor’s face.
‘I’m going to tell Bo and Roman what you did,’ Carly said, putting down the glass, struggling to glare at Victor. ‘And I’ll press charges for harassment, you bastard.’
‘After today, I don’t care what you tell them,’ Victor replied, his smile smug and triumphant. ‘I slipped a vial of sodium pentothal in your glass. You’ll soon be spilling answers to my questions on why you really came back to Salem and soon everyone will see you for the conniving home wrecker you really are.’
Carly tried to answer but couldn’t; Victor’s voice sounded so far away. She could no longer stand on her feet and she felt very cold. Something wet flowed from her nose to her upper lip and Victor stared at her, now alarmed. Touching it with her fingers, Carly saw it was blood. Her body shook violently and before Victor could catch her,  collapsed at his feet.


  1. Oh my! You just keep pulling out all the stops. :) This was a great chapter, and everything seemed to happen at once! I'm glad that Phillip was sent away, and I'm also glad that Melanie & Nathan got married. It's ironic that although there it was a different wedding, there was still drama at the reception like there was at Phillip & Melanie's wedding on the show. I would say I was surprised that Victor poisoned Carly, but in a way, I'm not. She needs to tell Bo & Roman & Abe about Victor's notes of harassment, though. I think Marcus was the only one who knew about them, and now he's gone. Oh well, it all just adds to the suspense. Great job as usual. :)


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