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Saturday, February 27, 2010


Andres and Claudio listened in amazement; Pam was almost sure it was Tonio’s voice but he’d hung up all of a sudden. Ramón then told them about the conversation he’d heard between Max and Luis about Gato; Pablo had already pierced together the pieces- Gato was Rod’s employee, suspected of being the one who’d been making the crank calls to Mrs. Raquel. Ramón also told them about the jewellery Raquel had found in Martha’s room; jewellery given to her by Luis.
Which obviously meant Luis was a paid accomplice to be able to afford such gifts. Ramón finally mentioned how Max grabbed the phone that morning when it rang and had looked shocked at whoever was on the other line; he had asked, ‘is this Gato?’

It was finally clear; Max, Rod and Luis were accomplices in Tonio’s disappearance; it also proved beyond reasonable doubt that Raquel’s earlier accusation about Max pretending to be Tonio in Guadalajara was true- and Max’s second attempt on Tonio’s life. Ramón tentatively asked, did it mean that Tonio and Raquel weren’t married? Andres firmly set him straight- Raquel WAS Tonio’s wife, fair and square, indisputable and according to the law and as her husband’s best friend, he was going to do all he could to help her. Claudio finally told him the secret he’d been keeping out of fear; Rod’s proposal to him and how he’d planned on framing Raquel.

Andres is furious with him but Claudio insisted he would never have done it and asked what he could do to put things right.

Vicky of course cannot believe Raquel’s accusations so Raquel desperately turned to Camilla; begging her to believe her. Andrea, Claudio and Pablo convey at Pablo’s flat and Pam told them again about the phone conversation. Maura kept giving sleeping drugs to render him too weak to escape. Daniel entered the room as Vicky, Oscar and Max discusses Raquel’s admission into a mental hospital and he’s outraged. His daughter was not crazy! Vicky assured him it was to help Raquel but he angrily brushed her excuse off, he guessed it was Max’s doing. Max tried talking to him but for once the old man refused to fall for it. At the bungalow, Meche cried over Gabriel, afraid for her brother. Daniel realised they were both tied to a corner; Raquel and Gabriel were in danger. Camilla told Claudio about what Gabriel had told Raquel.

Oscar’s son and Raquel’s friend, Humberto was against the idea of Raquel placed in a mental hospital, he knew she wasn’t crazy and argued with Oscar about it, it was absurd! Oscar said it was for her own good and she’s upsetting Vicky with her accusations.

Daniel cautions Raquel to play for time, warning her that Evil Max could have her put in an asylum if she opens her mouth. Humberto assured her he was on her side; but it was best she let it rest, for now. He however promised her once she was ready to go to the police to give her statement, he’ll go with her. She thanked him.

Claudio was given the task of going to Guadalajara and see if the judge that Max paid to conduct the false wedding was back and lure him to Acapulco to confront Max once and for all. Claudio willingly agreed as it was a chance to redeem himself and help his sister-in-law.

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