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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Oh, Bo... you stupid, STUPID FOOL!!!

Just when I thought Bo could'nt be more dumb, he's done something I never thought in a million years he would do, put his foot in it way too far!
What's been happening...
 he made Carly promise not to tell Melanie she was her mother for both her and the girl's protection. While having a conversation with his younger brother Phillip(who is Melanie's fiance), he realised Vivian was eavesdropping, so when Phillip asked him about his affair with Carly, Bo said Carly had returned because of him and he'd realised they were still in love for a long time since their relationship had ben interrupted. Phillip did'nt believe it at first; everyone knew he and Hope loved each other- he still had his wedding ring on. To my horror, Bo removed it and said his marriage was over!
I was like; what is this man doing- he knows for sure Vivian would tell Hope, everyone would call Carly a homewrecker not  to mention giving Carly false hope! If he truly wanted his wife, that pretence was way too expensive!
Of course what I feared happened: Phillip confronted Carly FOR STEALING another woman's husband, Vivian told Hope and she believed it and Carly soundly scolded Bo for painting her as a scarlet woman, until she heard why he did it. Then I got very confused; he told Abe, Salem's mayor about the lie and said after it was all over he would tell Hope. If he told Hope, then what... ask her for another chance and cast Carly aside? Because so far, the good doctor has'nt demanded to know if he loved her as much as she loved him.
Bo and Hope got into an arguement; she was angry, very angry- saying that their marriage had been nothing but a lie all along. Since then Bo acted rather coldly towards her, even went as far as telling her she made her own bed, thus she had to lie on it. I guess he was angry that she believed it at all.
Now he and Carly are closer, although he has'nt said the L-word to her and she refused to press him. Melanie thawed and invited Carly to her wedding but Bo did'nt think Carly should go or Vivian would suspect something. He then stunned Carly by insisting she moved back into his house; not just for her protection(like I thought initially) but to work on their relationship, she said yes after some hesitation. But alas, Vivian already knew who Carly's daughter was and had come up with a plan to kill her- despite Victor's objection since Mel was marrying his son. Even worse, Hope and Justin found out Carly's secret but before she could tell Bo, she got sidetracked on discovering  Bo's new roommate, not to mention Bo telling her that Ciara had cut some of Carly's clothes with a pair of scissors and they had another fight; she refused to have their daughter around a murderer like Carly(she had killed her sadistic husband) and threatened to sue for sole custody. Carly interceded on Bo's behalf, to deaf ears.
 Bo and Carly were both upset after Hope took the child away; Carly blamed herself and moved to pick up her suitcase but Bo roughly stopped her, saying he could'nt lose HER above everything else and held her in a vice grip.
 Carly was then told by Kate, Phillip's biological mother that Vivian knew her secret. Sending Bo a text, she hurried to the mansion to warn Mel but alas slipped over some ice and was knocked unconcious. She was taken to the hospital but when Bo asked her what happened, she could'nt remember. After he left, her memory slowly came back but then Gus, Vivian's thug, kidnapped her and took her to a darkened room where she was forced to watch a DVD of Vivian showing her what she was going to do to Mel, attach a poisoned comb to her head. Carly overpowered the thug and tricked Vivian to come to the basement. Hope meanwhile, found out Mel was Carly' child and what Vivian was planning; Victor had left a bag behind at the cafe- he'd switched the combs. Just as Carly and Vivian were having a face off, Hope ran in to tell Carly that Mel was safe, and was about to arrest Vivian for attempted murder. But Gus pushed heavy crates on the tow women to enable Vivian to escape. Carly crawled out but the crate Hope was under was too heavy so she called an ambulance for her and left to find the old bitch- taking Hope's gun with her. Bo found Hope and took her to the hospital.
At the mansion, the wedding ceremony of Phillip and Mel was over and Vivian lured Mel to the roof to kill her. Carly showed up to save her child and aimed the gun at Vivian but alas,  hit MEL INSTEAD!!!

Bo, was forced  to arrest Carly at Abe's orders but Vivian too was arrested, then later released because of lack of evidence. Bo told Carly he'd posted her bail but she was not allowed to see Mel at the hospital, until everything was sorted out, shushing her when she lamented over ever coming back to Salem. Hope woke up to find Justin by her side and she backed up Carly's story about Vivian wanting to kill Mel. She dragged herself back to the station to inform Bo what really happened.
Hope asked him where Carly was and he told her he had paid Carly's bail, which was a lot of money.Hope saw that Bo had sincere feelings for Carly(not the one-night stand she thought), she thought since he cared enough to take her to the hospital after she was injured, it was a sign of reconcilitation. She walked out on him. Now the STUPID THING Bo did (or will do on Monday)...

Bo admitted to Hope that he was in love with Carly again!
I'm in the Carbo team(Bo and Carly supporters), but when I first heard about it I was like, 'Excuse me? Really?' because ever since Carly said she loved him and got no response from him , I was afraid he'll end up hurting her because he still loved Hope. Also, if he really loved Carly, why not tell her? But after reading the whole story, all I could say was, Bo, YOU STUPIDIO!!! Why tell your wife such a thing?! She is Carly's only witness, would she bring herself to help her rival now???
Hope might change her story out of jealousy and revenge- Carly would go to jail and that bitch Vivian would go scot free! Unless he's pretending again for some reason? Personally, I WON'T believe Bo's feelings for Carly UNTIL he tells the lady herself.

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