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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Raquel is stubborn but Tonio is far worse!

Evil Max was not yet done in his mission to make sure Tonio and Raquel's marriage was truly over; he told Camilla about Raquel's pregnancy but said the baby was his! What a grade A bastard! 
He knew Camilla would spread it round until it hit Tonio's ears. Raquel was in bed when Rodrigo came to see her again and insisted on taking her and Daniel to lunch.

 Andres asked about Tonio’s next course of action now that an innocent child was involved- there was no way he and Raquel could go through with the divorce now, they had to meet and talk things out. Raquel and Daniel have lunch with Rodrigo at a restaurant; Raquel is rather uncomfortable but Rodrigo went out of his way to entertain her.

Tonio later went to the hotel. Raquel wasn’t yet back , but Martha was around. She confirmed Chucho’s statement and took him to see Raquel’s doctor, whose clinic was nearby. There, Tonio also learnt of Raquel’s poor state of health.

Tonio waited for Raquel to get back, visibly worried about what the doctor had told him.  Raquel was NOT pleased to see her husband; still hurting over the last fight they had. Angry that Martha had betrayed her, she said her sister only made up a story so that she could move back to the mansion but Tonio gently told her he’d already seen her doctor; he wanted to take her home with him and take care of her. She sarcastically asked what he meant by that - lock her up in her room for nine months until their child was born? Tonio promised it wasn’t his intention at all. She told him no, they were in the middle of a divorce and there was no way she wanted to return to a husband who only wanted her back because of their baby; he didn’t love her, if he had, he would have trusted her and not tell her to her face that  she was the same breed as Max or had disrespected their marriage by sleeping with Max and  Roberto Aguirre or conspire with Max to kill him. Tonio left the room abruptly. He ran into Martha and Daniel at the lobby and asked them who'd been visiting Raquel besides Max since they moved out. Martha hesitantly told him Rodrigo and Alejandra and that Raquel was waiting for Humberto to help her out with money. Tonio told them to convince Raquel to come home if they wanted to move back to the mansion.
Meanwhile, Claudio was now at a crossroads; Rodrigo's proposal made him take a hard look at his life. He stunned Camilla by asking her why she'd married him in the first place; Camilla soberly said it was because she loved him. Claudio pointed out their marriage hasn't been like a marriage for a long time now and she's been going out of her way helping Max and Maura to wreak her own brother's marriage. Claudio decided not to take part in whatever Rod was planning but before he could tell Camilla about it Maura interrupted. Raquel is reluctant at the idea of going back to the mansion.Rod is surprised at a sudden visit from Tonio; Tonio doesn't want Rod to help Raquel financially as he wanted her to remain in Acapulco.  
Later he spoke with Alejandra,asking her if she knew Raquel was pregnant. Reluctantly she admitted it, but she had promised not to tell him. Rod told Raquel of Tonio's visit. Rod  later told Claudio his real plan for Raquel which more than convinces Claudio not to be involved in the plan.
Tonio later told Andres he's made sure Raquel's allies would not give her money, to prevent her from leaving Acapulco. Andres wondered if Raquel would be willing to move back in after all that's happened. Camilla of course told Vicky what Max had told her and she was amazed; whether the child was Tonio's or Max's, she was going to be a grandmother. Maura complained to Rod that the Roberto Aguirre joke wasn't no longer working, Tonio was obviously still in love with Raquel. Andres told Alejandra he was phoning her father to stop him from sending her the money she asked for. Outraged, she snapped it was HER money and it was none of his business what she wanted to use it for. Tonio and Andres assured her they weren't trying to be mean to Raquel; Tonio just wanted her back home- she was in poor state of health, she could die or lose the baby. Camilla and Vicky came down and heard the whole thing. Camilla sneered, 'even though the child isn't yours? It's Max's!'

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