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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tonio gets a shock

Martha was surprised when Raquel told her she wasn’t going to tell Tonio about their baby and she must not tell their father either. Too late, because Daniel came in and expressed his joy over her pregnancy. Martha wasn’t pleased that Raquel wasn’t going to use this development to either get Tonio back or a huge settlement from him.

Evil Max later finds out accidentally about Raquel’s pregnancy; he buys food for her and makes her eat it. However, she makes it clear to him nothing was going to come out of it; she’d stopped loving him a long time ago.Maura and Tonio go out but he paid her very little attention.  At Meche’s house, Meche told Chucho that Roberto Aguirre was actually Max but was far too scared of telling Tonio and Raquel after his threats on her life and her brother’s. Raquel and the family discuss on the next line of action; going home. Daniel said the last time he’d paid the rent was before he left Guadalajara with Raquel and Tonio so at least they’ll still have the apartment and Raquel was sure her boss, who’s always been kind to her would give her old job back. Only Martha is pissed off at the whole thing but Raquel wasn't going to let Tonio take her child from her and refused to remain married to a man who didn't trust her.  Alejandra went out, accompanied by Chucho, to see Raquel. Raquel is warned by the doctor that her health wasn't so good, if she stressed herself with a job, she could lose the baby or her own life. Alejandra and Chucho are told by Martha at the hotel that Raquel was pregnant and had gone to the doctor's. Max meets with Julia with her balance and asked her to do him one more favour...
Raquel is very pleased to see Alejandra again and they talk at length. Alejandra is surprised when Max entered the room briefly but believed Raquel after she said it wasn't what it looked like. Chucho and Daniel meanwhile go for a drink.  Max brings Julia to Raquel along with a check supposedly signed by Tonio, paying Julia to help  lie about Martha being the one who ran Gabriel down, as an excuse to divorce Raquel. Tonio tells Ramon that one of his check books was missing and Ramon promised to check with the servants. Raquel couldn't believe her own husband would do such a thing to her but Julia, egged on by Max insisted it was true. On getting back to the house, Alejandra called her father in Miami and asked him to wire a huge sum of money to her as soon as possible; she wanted to buy a whole new wardrobe. Not true, the money was actually for Raquel because Raquel had told her she was still waiting for Humberto to come home and assist her. Andres overheard her phone conversation.
Ramón complained to Tonio that Chucho was constantly going out and neglecting his duties and he'd just returned, rather drunk. Tonio broke up a fight between him and Ramon and  summoned him to the living room  to straighten the matter out. Chucho explained that Alejandra had asked him to escort her to see Raquel.
 Tonio lied that Alejandra had already told him; he wanted to hear his own version or he'll fire him.  Chucho then told him and Andres that Mrs. Raquel looked very pale and ill; they had met her just returning from the doctor’s. Concerned, Tonio asked what was wrong with her. Chucho thought Alejandra had told him so with a shrug he said, ‘Well... a child...’

Tonio was shocked. 'Raquel, pregnant???' he asked.
Chucho nodded. Andres looked at his friend's stunned face.
What would Tonio do now? Raquel was carrying his child and he's already asked her for a divorce!!! 


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