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Sunday, February 14, 2010


Hi all, Happy Valentine's day once again; the season of love, friendship and reconcilation like I told a journalist from Genevieve Magazine when he interviewed me on my opinion about this special day. I also told him that Valentine's Day should'nt be limited to couples only, but friends and family exchanging loving message and meaningful-not expensive- gifts as that type is far more sincere and symbolic.
Last year, my Valentine posts had been on MEMORABLE KISSES and MORE VALENTINE'S DAY KISSES, this year it's Memorable couples. It took considerable work but I managed to get quite a collection of my favorites!
Now starting with T.V couples...

Bo Brady & Carly Manning(DAYS OF OUR LIVES). After a 16 year breakup, Carly returned to Salem just when Bo's wife Hope moved out of the house and now it seems like Bo and Carly's once all consuming love is slowly  rekindling. I JUST hope I'm not wrong because I REALLY want them back together for good.

Buffy & Angel(BUFFY, THE VAMPIRE SLAYER). The unforgettable love between a headstrong vampire slayer and her more -than- 200- year old lover, Angel/Angelius who just happened to be a vampire with a soul.

Marcus and Ruth(MULHERES DE AREIA- 'Sand Women' a.k.a 'Secrets of the Sand') Marcus fell in love with Ruth at first sight but then got carried away by her seductive twin sister, Raquel. But time and several  events drew him back to the woman he truly loved.

Ridge and Brooke Forrester(THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL) Despite years of breakups, other relationships, third party inteferances, this couple's love had stood against all odds. Hope it will remain that way!

Rosa and Ricardo (ROSA SALVAJE, 'WILD ROSE) Sparks flew from the moment a rich young man fell in love with the beautiful but VERY headstrong girl from the wrong side of the tracks! Despite misunderstandings and a lot of interferance, their love prevailed.

Ralph and Meggie (THE THORNBIRDS) shocking it may seem, but the forbidden yet passionate love between a Catholic priest and the young girl he took under his wing lasted for over 40 years.

Now for the movies...

Joey Drayton and John Prentice(GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER). In the movie, the two met and fell in love at the time interracial marriages was frowned upon in the U.S.(personally, I don't see how it's any of society's business). Despite initial family oppositon and future problems with society, they stood firm in their decision to be together.

Sarah and Derek(SAVE THE LAST DANCE) a lonely, bereaved girl gets consoled by an unexpected love.

Kenya and Brian (SOMETHING NEW) an uptight workaholic, looking for the perfect man ended up falling in love with a guy completely opposite to what she ever dreamt of!

Justice and Lucky (POETIC JUSTICE) Two people suffering a great loss are joined together in love.

Nickie and Terry (AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER) considered to be one of U.S greatest romance films of all time, this is about a couple who met on a cruise and fell in love, despite having prior relationships. They both agreed to meet at the top of the Empire State building in 6 months time if they were still love with each other. However, it took more than 6 months before they really got back together again.

Arthur and Guinevere (King Arthur) A Christian Roman soldier in the course of an unscheduled rescue falls in love with a Woad girl, who later became his queen.

Nero and Acte (NERO). a young prince, raised with slaves as a child, is compelled by his mother and others to marry his cousin, but his true love and voice of reason was his childhood sweetheart, who happened to be a slave. His paranoid induced deeds drove them apart but before dying in her arms asked for her forgiveness, which she readily granted, she'd never stopped loving


Anne Elliot and Captain Wenworth (Jane Austen's PERSUASION) a girl is persuaded to end her relationship with a poor naval officer but when they meet again several years later, their circumstances have changed. At first Wenworth was angry and bitter towards Anne for being weak enough to listen to third party inteference but after another man starts to court her, he realised he'd never stopped loving Anne and they got engaged once again.

In LIITLE WOMEN four sisters from a poor home always managed to create fun and joy, including their neighbour, a rich but lonely boy, Laurie to share it with them. Three out of the sisters found their soul mates...

Meg fell in love with Laurie's private tutor, John Brooke.

Jo fell in love with a German professor, Fredrich Bhaer

And Amy...? Well, her soulmate turned out to be Laurie himself!

Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy (PRIDE AND PREJUDICE) a beautiful witty girl catches the eye of a rich, handsome snob but his pride and her prejudice almost prevented them from getting together but fortunately, both came to their senses.

Liz and Darcy (1940)

Liz and Darcy (1995)

Liz and Darcy (2003)

Liz and Darcy (2005)

Lastly... a couple of fairy tales...

Belle and The Beast in BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (my favorite fairy tale)

Ariel and Eric (The Little Mermaid)


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