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Saturday, February 27, 2010


Claudio has his suspicions but doesn't share them with Camilla who believed Raquel was involved in Tonio's disappearance. At the island, Tonio yearns for his wife.
Rod informs Maura and Carla about Tonio's disappearance. They are both uneasy; they had made up the name Roberto Aguirre. At the mansion the family are gathered in the living room on the next course of action. Evil Max informed Raquel he’ll take over Tonio’s affairs at the office and got a big, flat NO! There was no way she was allowing him to do that. Max asked who was going to handle the company on her behalf, her father? She coldly replied he was not going to run Tonio’s office, not while she was alive.Vicky is upset at Raquel’s hard heartedness but Andres was on Raquel’s side- as Tonio’s wife and heiress, she had the right to say who could run the company. Oscar bitterly said, ‘yes, unfortunately.’ (Old goat).
At the island, Tonio got a lot of information from Gato , finally fixing the pieces of the puzzle together. Raquel stands up to Camilla when she is unpleasant to her; informing her she was going to pave the way for Tonio's son or daughter who will eventually take his place. Vicky begged and begged Raquel to allow Max run the company on her behalf, for her sake. Raquel, filled with grief at Tonio's disappearance, agreed at last.
Chucho  and Daniel consulted Meche about telling Raquel about who Roberto Aguirre was but she's far too scared. Max suddenly arrived at the house and warns them all to keep their mouths shut; he had nothing to do with Tonio's disappearance. To add the icing to the cake, he offered Meche and Gabriel jobs at the house- Gabriel, as a houseboy and Meche, as Raquel’s personal maid.
Months passed. Raquel's tummy is bigger but every day brought more sorrow to her.  Max constantly pays Rod and Luis hefty checks without arousing suspicions from Raquel. Camilla and Claudio meanwhile were in Rome on vacation.  Luis starts to buy Martha expensive jewellery to win her over. Oscar proposed marriage to Vicky but she gently turned him down. They were too old to be thinking of romance and she had a grandchild on the way. Oscar still didn't like nor trusted Raquel but Vicky warned him against antagonising her because she was afraid of getting Raquel very angry- she didn't want a situation where Raquel would not allow her near the baby, she wouldn't be able to bear that.
At the island, Gato asked Tonio why he was looking so down; Tonio replied it was because he was very worried about his wife and baby.
Gato asked, ‘you have a son?’
Tonio explained that Raquel was expecting their first child and he wished he could be there when he/she is born. Max persisted in trying to get back into her good graces as Raquel was the principal heir at last, but Raquel kept keeping him at arms’ length, filled with disgust when he kissed her shoulder from behind. She still nursed he hope that Tonio would come home to her.But  Max is more persistent and annoying every day.
Meche is happy with her job but Gabriel is very uneasy; he felt that Raquel deserved to know who Roberto Aguirre was. Unfortunately, Max overheard him telling Meche he was going to tell Mrs. Raquel the truth. He punished him by breaking his arm and leg with a stick and threatened to break all of Meche's bones if he dared tell Raquel anything.
Ramón informed his mistress that Martha was receiving phone calls from Luis and a diamond bracelet had been sent to her. When she confronted her sister over this, Martha pointed out that Raquel wore very expensive jewellery too.  Raquel however reminded her that all her jewellery were gifts from her husband;  Martha was living in her house and if she didn’t return the diamond bracelet and stop talking to that criminal Luis, she will throw her out and send her back to Guadalajara. Martha sulkily promised to comply. Daniel tried to persuade Raquel to let Chucho's nephew who was around on a visit to stay as his personal servant but Raquel pointed out there were more than enough servants in the mansion. Gabriel is attended to by Meche and the other servants; he lied that he'd fallen down the stairs. Victoria and Raquel come to a sort of understanding as they prepare for the baby's arrival. Raquel's hope grows faint.
A few more months pass. Raquel misses Tonio everyday and one night dreamed of the day she'd first met Max, so long ago.  Max persists in his pursuit of Raquel but still secretly dates Pamela, Pablo's sister, who- alas! is in love with him. At the island, Tonio and Gato begin making plans to leave the island once and for all. How? By building a raft!

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