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Friday, February 26, 2010


The men sail back to Acapulco, satisfied their mission was complete and called Rod and Max. But Tonio and Gato were'nt dead...
 Vicky called the house and Ramon told her Tonio has'nt been seen all day. At the hotel, Raquel wept, very worried. She sprang up when there's a knock on the door but it's only Pablo. She told him what had happened that morning and Pablo asked her to follow him to the office to make an identity check.
Daniel and Martha had gone ahead to the mansion, chatting with Andres. Vicky and Max show up later and are told that Tonio still was'nt back. At the office, several assistants are paraded in front of Raquel but none of them was the man who had taken her to the house that afternoon; adding to her despair. Meanwhile, Tonio and Gato swim towards land. Vicky is worried about Tonio; Max just managed to hide his elation at the success of his plan (BASTARD!!!). He went to the hotel to see Raquel, pretending to be neutral when she lamented over her missing husband. Tonio and Gato managed to swim to land, onto an island several miles away form Acapulco. They lay on the wet sand, completely exhausted.
At the house, the whole family is very worried. Raquel talked to Andres over the phone asking if there was news about Tonio and he said no; Raquel is more upset and alarmed- where was he? She told him of the visitor who'd taken her to the house Tonio wanted to buy.Andres assured her that Pablo was carrying out investigations, they would get some news soon. Martha has dinner with Luis.(stupid fool!!!)
Later on as the family waited- Claudio walked in, leading Raquel by the arm. Andres and Ramon welcomed her back home and she was made to sit down;  still mindful of her poor health. Pablo entered with bad news, the police had found Tonio's car at the docks but no sign of him! Raquel is stricken...
Meanwhile, Tonio and Gato try to get their bearings. Raquel felt Tonio had been kidnapped and Camilla taunted by saying her opinion wasn't important, Max silenced her. In the study, Pablo told Andres about his discussion with Tonio the previous night. Luis officially asked Martha to be his girlfriend, assuring her that the benefits were many.
The following morning, Raquel is more worried, where could Tonio be? Ramon told her about the phone conversation Tonio had recieved before he took off suddenly. Max warned Pablo to stop interfering so much in the family's affairs. Tonio seeks vital information from Gato.
Back at the mansion, Raquel sat in the room she shared with Tonio,  crying;  very frightened at what could have happened to her husband. She begged Chucho to tell her who Roberto Aguirre was, he was most likely the one who had kidnapped Tonio but Chucho said he had no idea who the man was, he'd never seen him before. Meanwhile, at the island, Tonio is thinking about Raquel- about their last discussion- and missing her very much...

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