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Monday, February 15, 2010

I love you, and I NEED you...

Evil Max was amazed when Vicky showed up at his apartment with her bags. Tearfully, she informed him that Tonio and Raquel have reconciled and she was moving back in. Max was filled with rage- despite all he'd done to keep them apart,  they were back together and both of them will work out the case until they proved he tried to kill Tonio! He however loudly denied Raquel and Tonio's accusations against him once again.

Tonio took Raquel back to the hotel but reluctant to leave, asked if he could hang out with her for a while. They talked at length; Tonio  promised to seek the truth for BOTH their sakes; Raquel thanked him. He suddenly asked her if she still loved him. She said yes, she loved him and needed him more than ever. He assured her he loved her too, very much and that was the reason why he wanted her back, not because of their child, though he loved them both.  He promised to pick her up in the morning and left but not before they exchanged a passionate reconciliation kiss; that Martha interrupted! She apologised and Tonio took his leave, exchanging one more kiss with his wife.
Meanwhile, Max had suspected that Tonio had placed the Roberto Aguirre ad and was trying to use it to smoke 'Roberto' out. He managed to discover the plan and traced it to Pablo's apartment, where he convinced Pamela to allow him play the tape, recognising Carla's voice. He lied to Pam that Tonio and Pablo were trying to discredit him and made her promise to help him with information. He had also gone to Carla and she'd confessed she'd made him up to annoy Raquel and was scared of what Tonio would do to her if he ever found out.
Daniel was happy that Raquel and Tonio made up, especially now that they were going to have their own home and were having a baby. Martha was not pleased at the idea of Tonio's family treating them like trash at the mansion. Tonio went to Julia's house after getting directions from Meche but found it locked up. A neighbour told him Julia and her husband(the man who'd pretended to be a corpse) had suddenly moved. Tonio then went to Pablo's apartment and Pablo told him he found out that Gato, the man that stole Chucho's money, worked at the club like Meche said and the club's owner was Roderigo...
Tonio began wondering if Gato was Roberto Aguirre, paid to annoy Raquel by Max  as well as wreck their marriage by framing Martha. After he left and Pablo went to bed, Pamela placed a call to Max and told him what she'd heard... not realising she was signing Tonio's death warrant!!! 

Tonio was sorry to hear from Ramon that Vicky had moved out but hoped eventually she would come around. Three people didn't sleep that night.
Raquel kept thinking about Tonio-especially the afternoon at the yacht. Lying on their bed, Tonio thought about the night he'd made love to Raquel for the first time. Raquel remembered their reconciliation kiss, smiling. Tonio soberly remembered what had happened next that night; the fight with Max. At his apartment, Max bitterly remembered the civil wedding with Raquel, as he had signed Tonio's name on the certificate, Raquel had turned out to be Tonio's wife and not his since she and Tonio hadn't annulled it after 30 days. Now they were back together, and were about to be parents! He couldn't, wouldn't bear it!

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