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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cards on the table and a change of heart

Tonio was furious at his sister's statement, guessing it was Max's handiwork again. He demanded to know where Max lived; obviously meaning to beat the living daylights out of him! But of course Vicky refused to tell him; she said it was absurd two brothers would fight over a woman who wasn't worth it. Raquel suddenly entered the room and Vicky asked what she was doing back. Tonio explained he'd asked her to come. Vicky warned him if his wife was coming back to the house, she will leave. Tonio replied she wouldn't have to- he and Raquel would simply move into a house of their own. (A long awaited good idea)
But Vicky didn't like the idea of Tonio and Raquel getting back together and began climbing up the stairs to pack. But Raquel coldly told her to stop; she hadn't come  to reconcile with Tonio or move back  to the house- she only came to straighten things out with the family and then go home to Guadalajara. She explained what she'd found out the day she and Tonio had their huge fight and the whole story about how Max had deceived her before she'd ever met Tonio, once again.
The couple then moved to the study to thrash things out. Raquel wanted to go ahead with the divorce, Tonio refused. Raquel accused him of only wanting her back because of the baby, how come he believed it was his after the things he'd said to her? He gently pointed out if it wasn't, she wouldn't be so anxious to end their marriage and apart from that, a lot of things had happened since she'd been gone. Ramon entered the study, warmly greeted Raquel and told Tonio he'd had no luck, no one had seen the check book, then suggested perhaps Chucho took it. Raquel indignantly objected to that, he would never do that.
 Tonio was surprised she would defend him. Raquel insisted that Chucho was a friend of her father's and very loyal to her- he wouldn't steal from Tonio. After Ramon left, Raquel angrily told him about Julia and the check, which amazed him. Meche had told him her friend Julia had recommended her to Roberto Aguirre in the first place. Was there a connection? Of course he denied ever paying her, and Raquel had to believe it, because of the missing check book. But back to themselves, Raquel pointed out it was her baby and she wasn't prepared to move back in just because she was pregnant. Tonio once again reminded her of her poor state of health, if she cared about their baby; she would move back in and get medical help and care. He wasn't prepared to argue with her, she was moving back in,- they will get their own house after a while. Sulkily, she agreed but insisted on returning in the morning.
Vicky asked Ramon if Raquel was returning to the house; Ramon wasn't sure but it looked that way. Vicky went upstairs to pack, followed by Camilla. Tonio came out, holding Raquel's hand and told Andres, Alejandra and Claudio that he and Raquel were giving their marriage another chance, she was moving back  in the morning. He handed her purse and they left the house.

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