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Monday, February 08, 2010

Not knowing who you had until she's gone

Tonio came out, looking miserable, refusing to talk to Vicky and Andres, instead went upstairs to the room he used to share with Raquel.True enough, on opening the closets, all of Raquel's designer clothes, shoes and accessories were still there, even her jewelry. The realisation that his wife had really left him finally sank in and he buried his face in his hands, upset. Ramon told him Raquel hadn't used any of the cars,she'd insisted on taking a taxi. Getting downstairs, Maura and Camilla were there, obviously very happy although they tried to hide it , while Alejandra and Andres looked sad. Vicky followed him to the study to ask what was his next line of action.
Meanwhile, Martha complained about where they were staying, declaring it was even worse than their apartment in Guadalajara. Raquel, looking very tired, had more worries in her mind; finding a way to clear her name and managing until Humberto came back so that he could assist her  as she'd refused to take the money Tonio had left for her.
Max was still in the house and Vicky told him Tonio and Raquel were now separated... of course the bastard was happy about it, and he started planning on how to find her and get her back to his side.(in your dreams, THUG!) Max made a phone call on his way out, Tonio saw him but said nothing.
Rodrigo had deliberately not assisted Raquel financially as he'd decided on a new plan with Max, kill Tonio and frame Raquel for the crime, he wanted to keep her in Acapulco for the plan to work. He asked Claudio to be a part of it, as the reward would be great. Claudio asked for time to think about it.
Andres came up to find Tonio lying on the empty bed (how come after Raquel moved out, you now choose to sleep there???) and pointed out that since Raquel didn't take his money or her clothes, she was not the opportunist Tonio believed her to be, therefore he made a mistake, letting her go. Tonio paced the room restlessly,  glaringly indicating how much he already missed her.


  1. i love your 'Tu O Nadie' recaps! please keep them coming! cant wait to read whats next! :)

  2. I read it.... 9 years after you wrote, dear Amina...

    It's great...

    I can believe I get the story...written version

    جزاك الله خيرا

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    2. وانت ايضا, am glad you like my posts


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