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Sunday, November 04, 2007


A visitor left a message in my cbox sometime back , requesting I send her the last 2 episodes of WHEN YOU ARE MINE(Cuando Seas Mia), unfortunately, she didn’t add her email address, so Joweia, here it is, but remember to add your email address next time, okay? And for those who requested for CATALINA y SEBASTIAN, I’m working on it.


Paloma found out that Diego was in jail and angrily berated Mariano for not telling her, more furious when he explained Diego sacrificed himself so that she wouldn’t go to jail instead. Paloma shouted that she would rather murder Fabian than see her fiancé in prison. Mariano reminded her Diego lied because he loved her.

Back in Don Manuel’s hacienda, Jeremy, Aurelio and Juancho discover his corpse in his bedroom. Wiping her tears; Paloma decided to return to Mexico, to rescue ‘that moron’, as she called Diego, in spite of Mariano’s protests.
However, Paloma’s fellow delegates insisted on celebrating the treaty she’d just obtained at the conference, so she reluctantly invited them all to her flat, where her mother, Soledad, eagerly attended to them. Paloma informed her on what happened to Diego and Soledad willingly agreed to go with her. Fabian found himself forced to fulfil Marcia’s desires to humiliate Barbara. Mariano informed Mr. Avellanada of Paloma’s intentions; she is strongly advised to remain in London but she refused to listen.
 Aurelio and Juancho also found the corpse of Josefina in Matilde’s backyard. Matilde demanded that Diana break up with Jeremy in exchange for Ricardito’s safe return. Harold finally asked Danni (i.e. Daniela, Diego’s younger sister) to marry him and she kissed him hard as a reply (looked like a yes to me).
The family, Avellanada and the other exporters arrive in court for Diego’s trial and Bernardo, Fabian’s brother, finally turned himself in as Fabian’s accomplice in the fictitious exportations. Feeling very cornered, Fabian ordered his lawyer, Maldonado to accuse Paloma of complicity with Diego. Jorge, the family lawyer, protested  that Fabian and his lawyer were making a mockery of the court.
Giancarlo, Soledad’s fiancé, joyfully welcomed Paloma and Soledad back. Soledad is angry at him for not coming to London like he promised but relented when he apologised and allowed him to place her ring back onto her finger.
He told Paloma that he called Inez’s house like she asked him to but no one picked up the phone. Paloma found out where the trial was being held and shows up, to everyone’s surprise, just as Fabian was demanding that the court summoned her to court and have her charged as Diego’s accomplice.

Paloma and Fabian have a face-off; she called him a dirty bastard and was restrained by Giancarlo from hitting him after Fabian insulted her and Diego.
 The judge kindly told Paloma to remain in court, as a spectator only.
 Jorge asked for a 2 hour recess, which the judge granted. Paloma marched up to Diego as he’s about to be taken away by a guard. She slapped him for lying to her then kissed him saying, ‘this is my way of telling you I still love you’, much to his relief.
Avellanada reproached her for coming back as she was putting her career at risk, but she impatiently shrugged it off. Fabian warns Avellanada that he’ll file a complaint against him if he didn't  remove Paloma from her position, sneering over her emotional display with Diego.
 Inez, Diego’s grandmother, expressed her happiness at Paloma and Soledad’s return, as Paloma’s presence will give Diego renewed strength. The 2 women were very sad to see Inez in a wheelchair. Soledad angrily said that Fabian ‘had no soul at all’.
Paloma and Barbara are called to testify, which turned out very ugly.
The local police suspect Jeremy of being Matilde’s accomplice in the murders of Don Manuel and Josefina’s deaths but agree to look for Matilde who had suddenly vanished.
Diego ordered Jorge not to involve Paloma in the proceedings and has a heart to heart with her after she’s allowed to see him. She tearfully scolded him for keeping her ignorant of the situation, reminding him they had sworn an oath in church; they’ll be together in good and bad times. Diego tenderly apologised for his action and laughed when she suggested that the judge should join them as man and wife right there and then.
Maldonado urgently advised Fabian to flee the country while he had the chance but he refuses stoically stating, ‘all or nothing.’
Danni told Paloma about how they were forced to burn the infected coffee plants at the hacienda, much to her sorrow.
 Avellanada received a phone call from the secretary of Agriculture, who ordered him to fire Paloma as the Mexican delegate to London and move away from El Cafetalero’s problems. The judge came out of her chambers, full of disgust towards Fabian. She told him she regretted not having enough evidence against him and sentenced Diego to 8 years imprisonment for fraud, much to Paloma and the concerned members of the family’s horror and Fabian and Barbara’s triumphant relief.
Fabian shouts ‘justice!’
Inez tearfully told him, ‘even if God forgives you, I’ll never forgive you.’ Of course Fabian didn't care. Paloma angrily protested but the judge who, though sympathetic, pointed out her that the evidence pointed against Diego.
But all of a sudden, Marcia appears, with the diskettes in her hand, the vital evidence against Fabian! A desperate Fabian tries to snatch them from her hand but Danni's boyfriend Harold barred his way. The disks are given to the judge, in spite of Fabia's protests.
 Barbara tries to leave the room but an angry Paloma thrashed her soundly before she’s forcibly pulled off. The judge ordered the guards not to let anyone enter or leave the room until she returned from chambers, where she checked the diskettes on her computer. When she came out at last...
She charged Fabian and Bernardo of the crimes they  accused Diego and Paloma, sentencing them both to serve time in prison. The family gave happy cheers and Diego kissed both Paloma and Soledad. A few minutes later, he gathered his things, signed the necessary papers and walked out to freedom. Outside are his family, he hugged every one of them before grabbing a very radiant Paloma into his arms.
Fabian silently changed from his expensive suit into the prison overall (every day for the thief, one day for the owner, Ol’ boy) after he’s booked and joins Benardo and Juan Manuel.
The family, joined by Aurelio, Lenore, Diana and Jeremy as well as Bernice’s baby, Ricardito, celebrate at Inez’s house. A distraught Angela came in to beg for her sons, to deaf ears. Inez and Juan Francisco blame her for the crime Fabian and Bernardo committed, the only thing that could help was for the 2 young men be allowed to serve their sentences. From hen forth, Angela on the other hand, was no longer allowed in the house or in the family. Juan Francisco declares everyone in the room his ‘new family’ after Paloma sits beside him and warmly kisses him on the cheek.


Juan Francisco and Jorge are with Diego in his office at Casa Blanca. A new El Cafetalero now exists and Diego is on the phone, making Casa Blanca’s first sale, to their joy. He hangs up the phone and hurries off to get dressed for his VERY long awaited wedding…
Barbara looks around the apartment, chain-smoking as usual. She longer owns the place as the men from the court have come to impound it.
Paloma helped a much healthier Inez into her room. Inez warmly referred to her, ‘Paloma, my child’ and reminisced on her own wedding to Diego’s grandfather, Lorenzo, so long ago. She asked Paloma to remove a box from the armoire and open it. Inside she found a simple but beautiful wedding dress and veil Inez had worn on her wedding, now it was Paloma’s.

Miguel’s new girlfriend, Christine ran away with his money and car, to his horror and disbelief. He now has nothing! (Serves him right!)
Angela visited a desolate Fabian in prison, urging him to eat the food she’d brought for him and read a letter from Barbara who has moved back with her parents; she has no penny to her name and the biggest irony; she was finally pregnant! Fabian softly utters, ‘my heir…’
Marcia talked on the phone with her parents, telling them not to worry about her anymore; she now knew what love was and the importance of loving one’s self. She hangs up as Padre Caesar and her new friends call her into the church to commence the day’s work.
At the Coffee Council, Mariano hurries in very flustered, full of work related concerns and notices that Marta was dressed in a beautiful strapped dress. Avellanada reminded him over the phone that today was Paloma’s wedding. Mariano looks depressed but agrees to be Marta’s date to the wedding. He picked up a can of coffee and said, ‘thank you Paloma, thank you for everything… I’ll always love you.’(Pooh, get a life, love is NOT dictated or forced!)

Paloma arrived in a horse drawn carriage- decked out in Inez’s dress, absolutely beautiful  and more so as she smiled and waved at the cheering family, friends and hacienda employees. A crazed Matilde appears, brandishing a gun at the bride, mistaking her for Diana and fires but hits Juancho, who, luckily was unhurt and she’s taken away, shrieking.

Everyone entered the church where the band is playing Ave Maria and Paloma walks down the aisle on Giancarlo’s arm towards an eagerly waiting Diego. They smiled happily at each other and take their places in front of the Padre.
Everyone present looks very, very happy; Soledad has happy tears in her eyes, Mariano, though looking resigned, joins Marta in placing the rosary of unity around the couple’s shoulders. The couple exchange their vows, with many words of love and the guests cheer and applaud as Diego kisses the bride after the priest declare them man and wife... at long last.

 They walk out, arm in arm and exchange a more sensual kiss…



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