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Monday, November 26, 2007

What should replace CATALINA y SEBASTIAN?

Since this telenovela is now showing signs of rounding up any time soon, (THANK GOD!), now the question is, what telenovela would replace it. Well, since I mentioned LA Heredera in
It's raining Telenovelas! post, some of my visitors expressed their wish that AIT should have shown this one, so maybe WE MIGHT get the chance of seeing it after Catalina y Sebastian wraps up, but on the other hand, people might get tired of seeing Silvia Navarro and Sergio Basanez for the third time. Personally, I want to see this telenovela which came out in 2004, about the love affair between Maria Claudia Madero Grimaldi and the company's pilot, Juan Antonio Bausista; this time Silvia Navarro is the millonairess, SO no hateful name of 'opportunist' tagged on her.

Or... how about the remake of NO ONE BUT YOU, which came out in 1995,

Acapulco, Cuerpo y Alma about the passionate love afair between Lorena and David Monltavo , who(FOR those who remember what happened between Antonio and Raquel in NO ONE BUT YOU) are 2
strangers who find themselves married to each other without having met before , all thanks to David's evil stepbrother's trick of getting David's estate for himself. But then the battle for David's wealth turns to the battle for Loren, because Lorena and David fall in love with each other. What might put people is the fact that it only has 60 episodes but I would very much like it if AIT can get hold of this one and give us a treat by showing it.
Oh, by the way, my younger brother, who didn't understand my obsession with 'CUANDO SEAS MIA' saw that this one had 'Diego' and 'Paloma' in it and asked me what 'diego's' name was this time. When I told him , 'sebastian', he replied, 'super dumb name!'
Boys will be boys, eh?


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