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Monday, September 02, 2013


September 5th, 2009 was when Nigeria lost one of its revered and most active lawyer and human rights activists; Gani Fawehinmi (SAN) yet last  Sunday , a memorial rally known as  GANI FAWEHINMI EVENT was held in his honour by members of the  the Gani Fawehinmi Memorial Organisation; marching from Ikeja to Ojota, stopping at the park named after him. 
Gani Fawehinmi will always be remembered as a man who fiercely  fought for the common man, Democracy  and against corruption, military dictatorship and social injustice. He was very  relentless; even with several arrests, physical assaults, the burning of his library and the confiscation of his books- not once did the late Senior Advocate of Nigeria ever refrain from speaking his mind and making his voice heard. He cared about the country,   the rights of the citizens and was determined to see the country ruled in what he regarded as true Democracy. I can't help but regard him as  Nigeria's equivalent of Nelson Mandela. 
His death from lung cancer at 71 years came as a shock to all  even though the last taped interview of him showed him talking in a painfully raspy voice but his spirit was still strong. As he is remembered this month, Nigerians must think about everything he fought for and against and  do their  best to emulate him and continue what he started. 
Rest in Peace; Chief Fawehinmi- your struggle continues.

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