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Friday, November 08, 2013

Carbo Fan Fiction- Return Journey Chapter 25

Chapter 25
Victor knew he deserved Bo, Roman and Shane’s contempt but all the same he was very angry Bo would think he conspired to kill him. After bonding with Bo after Shawn Brady’s death, Victor believed his son had finally decided to let the elevator incident and other past crimes go and establish a proper relationship with him. 

Victor maintained a sullen silence in the ride back home, refusing to talk to Justin about the matter; much to his nephew’s exasperation. Daniel was absolutely furious when he was told and Marcus shook his head. ‘Boy, some things just never change, do they?’ he said cynically. ‘If you want to lock him up in the deepest, darkest hole and throw away the key; you have my blessings.'
‘I’ve given my guys instructions not to let Victor into either of their rooms. I don’t want that son of a bitch anywhere near them.’ Bo said. ‘And every member of staff should be on the look out for anyone suspicious around here.’ He decided to let Victor explain himself to Maggie instead of telling her.
‘Don’t worry Bo.’ Melanie assured him. ‘We won’t let anything happen to them.’
But there was more bad news; Daniel had kept them sedated to decrease the chances of them having seizures but now Carly and Darcy have fallen into a coma. Remembering what Rebecca told him, Daniel stoically refused to break down; he and Nathan feverishly worked on the cure with Marcus. Bo felt helpless as he sat with them in turn but Daniel assured him they would sense his presence. Melanie kissed her friend’s hot forehead, tears running down her cheeks; praying Marcus would perfect the cure before it was too late.
‘Remember that cold night at the old cabin, princess?’ Bo said, stroking Carly’s hair. ‘It was your birthday. Your cake was just a little Sno Ball I got out of my backpack and I asked you to make a wish after I lit a match and placed it on it. The look in your eyes, when you stared down at me… took my breath away.’ He smiled faintly. ‘That was when I finally admitted to myself that I was in love with you. I kept telling myself I could never feel that way again and you proved me wrong. From the day I saw you on my pier, I knew you were special, Carly Manning.’ In spite of himself, he felt a tear run down his cheek. ‘Thank you for giving me another chance; I hope I’ve made up for my past mistakes. When you and Darcy get better; I’ve got more planned for us.’
Carly breathed shallowly through the respirator; not responding. When Bo went to Sami’s to see the children; Caroline and Kayla came to the hospital with flowers.
‘Mum, don’t beat yourself up so much.’ Kayla pleaded as Caroline broke down after seeing them.
‘Why did I ever turn her away when she just wanted us to be family again?’ Caroline sobbed. ‘How could I have treated her like that? No wonder Darcy was so disgusted with me.’  Darcy’s last words to her have been haunting her for a long time.
‘Bo’s just angry, Mum. When he sees we’re really sorry, he’ll be ready to forgive us, Carly and Darcy will be too.’ Kayla assured her.
‘I blamed her for so many things.’ Caroline went on, touching Carly’s hot cheek. ‘Deep down I knew it wasn’t her fault but I was just too proud and stubborn. What would your father think of me if he was here?’
Kayla sighed and wiped her damp eyes, knowing full well how Shawn would’ve reacted. Marcus’ reaction wasn’t surprising and it made her all the more ashamed of herself.
Caroline stroked Carly’s hair. Besides being on Hope’s side, her last conversation with Carly before she got buried alive had clouded her judgment. Suddenly doubting Carly’s love for Bo was still strong since she seemed to put Nicky’s needs far ahead of his and Shawn Douglas’, she had asked Carly to postpone the wedding; until she was sure it was what she wanted. Carly had firmly refused, insisting that Bo was the love of her life and nothing would change that. When she left town with Lawrence and their son; Caroline felt her fears had been justified hence was one of the people who encouraged Bo to move on with Billie. Now she knew a lot better and she felt so sad and angry for everything she’d said to Carly; every negative thought she’d harbored about her. Especially since Carly had saved her life as well, walking in on Vivian just as she was about to make her the last victim on Carly’s so-called ‘list’.
‘She and Darcy will get through this, Mum.’ Kayla placed her hands on Caroline’s shoulders. ‘And we’ll make things right.’
‘Definitely.’ Caroline whispered, praying for Carly and her granddaughter.
Maxine informed her that Bo had gone to Sami’s so she went there with Kayla.
‘What a surprise.’ Sami let them in. ‘Uncle Bo’s here.’
‘I know; we came over to talk to him.’
Sami looked at them warily but let them to the living room; hoping it was going to be a real talk and not another full blown argument.
‘Grandma.’ Ciara said in surprise. Johnny, Ally and little Sydney ran to them, arms outstretched in greeting.
‘Mum, Kayla… what are you doing here?’ Bo asked.
Caroline stared in fascination at Byron who was in Bo’s arms, sucking on his own tiny little fingers but she forced herself to face her son. Sami led the children out of the room.
‘Your sister and I just came from the hospital. And it’s not because we want anything from you… actually, yes… we want your forgiveness.’ Caroline’s face wore a look of appeal and regret.
‘Bo, we realize what we did, everything we did to Carly, to Darcy and you.’ Kayla said. ‘We do remember who Carly is; what she was to this family and we’re so sorry. When they get better, they’ll know how we feel now.’
Bo looked at them silently then nodded. ‘I’m glad you do.’
Caroline went over and hugged her son tightly, tears in her eyes again as she kissed him on the cheek; Kayla hugging her brother as well. Under Bo’s arm, Byron peered at Caroline, blank curiosity on his face as most babies his age had on their faces.
‘Oh… hello there.’ She smiled, her arms already reaching out to him.
‘Byron Daniel Shawn Brady, say hello to your grandma and aunt.’ Bo handed him over to her.
‘Oh my God…’ Caroline whispered, holding the baby and staring down at him; one hand touching his soft cheeks. ‘He looks exactly like you!’
‘Not the eyes,’ Kayla said, her own misty. ‘He’s got Frankie’s eyes, it’s amazing. He’s amazing, Bo.’
‘Of course he is, he’s my kid.’ Bo said, a faint smile on his lips. ‘And his beautiful mum’s got great genes.’
Byron stared back at his grandmother intently and gurgled, flashing her a brief toothless grin and then another, waving his arms.
‘He’s so adorable!’ Caroline laughed, kissing him on the forehead, blinking back tears. ‘I’m so happy to finally meet you at last; Byron Daniel Shawn Brady. More than happy, I’m going to love and spoil you to death.’ She nuzzled his cheek.
‘Thanks so much, Bo.’ Kayla said quietly. ‘This really means a lot to us. And we’re really sorry.’
‘It’s okay, Kayla.’ Bo said quietly, slipping his arm around his sister. ‘We’ll forget it and move on… be a family again.’
‘Oh definitely. When Carly and Darcy get better… we’ll really make it up to them, promise.’
Sami rejoined them and was relieved to see that they’d made peace at last.
Over coffee, the women were informed by Bo about Victor’s arrest.
‘He’s the one behind this?’ Sami asked, amazed. ‘Why the hell would he do that to Carly and Darcy?’
‘Bo, Victor’s a lot of things but he would never…’
‘Mum, for god sake quit defending him!’ Bo snapped. ‘And the virus wasn’t even meant for them, it was meant for me. Carly and Darcy drank out of a bottle in my car; the water was laced it. Carly wanted to go shopping that day so we switched cars.’
Caroline shook her head, unable to believe what she was hearing. ‘Bo, the battle you had with Victor over Carly was a lifetime ago. He has no reason to kill you, his own son. Why would you think it was him?’
‘Because he’s a scheming liar as well,’ Bo replied harshly and then told his astounded listeners about the break-in as well.
‘Oh, my God.’ Sami covered her mouth.
Caroline was as white as a sheet while Kayla stared at Bo speechlessly; Byron on her lap, oblivious to the mood in the room.
‘Yeah, shocking isn’t it? Carly could have tripped and lost the baby if she was the one in the house that day. The bastard Victor sent in there might’ve decided to rape my daughter. Hiding cameras my ass… I’ve got a pretty good idea what he really went there for. So don’t expect me to give Victor Kiriakis the benefit of the doubt; not this time.’
‘My God… and to think Maggie’s involved with him!’ Kayla whispered. ‘Does she know?’
‘I have no idea. But I’m willing to bet he would rather let her hear it from him.’
Bo was right about that. Victor came clean to Maggie and after angrily berating him for what he did surprisingly gave him the benefit of the doubt; believing him when he said he didn’t send his man to the house to kill Carly. Now, it was a question of convincing Bo of his innocence.
‘What are you doing here?’ Bo demanded, furious to see Victor at his doorstep.
‘Rage at me all you want, Bo but I really need to talk to you.’ Victor said, his face set in stubborn lines.
‘I’ve got nothing to say to you. Get lost or I will bodily throw you out- don’t think I won’t do it.’
‘What I did was terrible, I admit that.’ Victor said quickly. ‘I’m not proud of it, especially considering Darcy might have permanently lost her sight. The man who came into this house wasn’t an assassin but a video technician, his name is Luigi Corleone. Don’t you even want to know why he was here that day? To get rid of the cameras… listen to me, Bo! I had a change of heart when I watched the tapes of Carly crying herself to sleep every night. I saw how she was missing you and I felt sorry and ashamed for ever suspecting she was out for revenge. I thought of everything I did to her in the past and in that instant, I wanted to make amends. I swear that’s the truth; I never meant for Darcy to get hurt!’
Bo stared at him, not speaking.
‘Look, everything I just told you is what I’m going to tell the judge and I will take whatever punishment I get. But Carly and I’ve made peace after all these years, Bo. And Darcy and I have a very good relationship… don’t let me lose her or Byron or Ciara and Shawn D. I’m not too proud to beg you for this. And for the last time, I didn’t plant that virus in your car. Instead of thinking it’s me, you and Roman should look at who would want to harm you.’
Victor turned to go, halting when Bo said, ‘Hold up.’
He turned.
‘You told Vivian about the elevator. Did you tell her about the virus, yes or no?’
‘No, I didn’t. I really didn’t.’ Victor looked at Bo in the eye. ‘That’s the truth.’
‘Yeah, well… I’ll be the judge of that, Victor. So you know, I’ve given my guys at the hospital instructions not to let you near Carly and Darcy; until I’m convinced you’re innocent.’
Victor tightened his lips but said nothing. Instead he gave a curt nod and walked back to his car.
The rest of the family came to see them, urging Bo to remain strong for them. Nicholas, Frankie came to town with Lynn and JJ, followed closely by Shawn Douglas who brought along Belle and Claire this time. Chelsea came too, accompanied by Max.
‘The virus was meant for me, not them.’ Bo concluded after he told them about Victor.
‘But why would he do that to you?’ Chelsea asked, shocked.
‘It won’t be the first time he tried to kill me. I never did trust that guy completely and this time he’s not going to get away with it.’
‘In the meantime, what’s happening with the antidote?’ Frankie demanded.
‘Don’t worry, Marcus’ been working round the clock since he got here and Daniel and Nathan’s been helping him with that. Marcus is positive he’ll be able to modify Carly’s original serum in time. We just have to be patient.’
‘Oh sis… Darcy.’ Frankie whispered; tears in his eyes on seeing them through the glass window. As they were now in a deep coma, they were moved into a bigger room in ICU; only Bo and medical personnel were now allowed in. Lynn and JJ put their arms round their men in silence.
Shawn D and Chelsea were aghast at how Carly and Darcy looked so pale and thin. ‘Dad, how can you stand this?’ Shawn D whispered.
‘Because I know that they are going to make it.’ Bo replied quietly.
Nicholas heard the love and sincerity in Bo’s voice and turned to look at him. Bo met his eyes and the two men exchanged a significant nod of understanding. Sensing Bo’s sincere devotion as well, Frankie squeezed Bo’s shoulder in silence and Bo smiled faintly; grateful at the message behind the gesture- he was finally forgiven.
A week later…
‘I think we’ve made a break through.’ Marcus said.
‘Really?’ Daniel asked anxiously.
‘Yes.’ Marcus was looking through a microscope. ‘It looks like the particular element I added yesterday is doing the trick. It’s a real improvement.’  
‘Dr. Hunter, you did it; let’s administer it right now!’ Nathan said, elated.
‘Not yet, not until I add one more crucial thing we need to permanently kill off the virus. But…’ Marcus straightened up, staring hard at Daniel. ‘There’s a problem.’
‘What’s that?’
‘Daniel, while this will assuredly cure them; there’s a chance Darcy won’t be able to bear children. I’m sorry.’
‘Oh, God…’ Nathan whispered.
Daniel felt a massive sense of déjà vu. Rebecca died before they could have children and Chelsea will never have any thanks to a side effect after donating part of her pancreas to save Bo’s life. Children were important to him but his wife more so. ‘I don’t care.’ he said roughly. ‘I love Darcy more than life itself; whatever it takes, do it!’
Marcus nodded and went back to work with more confidence.
‘Why hello; Victor.’ Vivian exclaimed on seeing her ex husband about to enter The Java. ‘All alone today? Where’s the fabulous Maggie?’
‘I’m not in the mood, Vivian.’ Victor replied coldly.
‘Oh that’s right; Carly and your poor granddaughter are very ill right now.’
‘Darcy’s more of my concern; I could care less about what happens to that whore.’ Victor snapped. ‘Marcus’ cure a damned double edged sword; while my Darcy will get better, her mother will also be walking around and be back at being a thorn on my side.’
What? Marcus Hunter has found a cure, impossible! The virus is incurable! Vivian thought wildly but she kept her tone and expression neutral. ‘Come now, Victor darling; you expect me to believe you still hate Carly? Did I see you with her some weeks ago in amiable terms?’
‘She turned my son against me.’ Victor replied angrily. ‘She’s a snake in the green grass, just like someone else I know.’ He entered the coffee shop without a backwards glance at her. Vivian squirmed at his words but hurried away. Marcus has found the cure… has he administered it yet? No… no… he would have to test it first before doing so. I have to do something before he gives them that cure, I must!  
She pulled out her cell and dialled Gus’s number.
‘Dr. Manning and Mrs. Jonas have been moved to ICU. They’re in a coma I’m afraid.’ A nurse informed them.
‘Oh the poor things.’ A heavily disguised Vivian replied. ‘But I will see them all the same, thank you my dear.’
 ‘We’re running a huge risk, Madame.’ Gus, also disguised, muttered.
‘I can’t allow Hunter to administer that damn cure on them. How he found it, I don’t understand; didn’t your contact say it’s incurable?’
‘That’s what he told me!’ Gus protested.
‘Ugh, why did I ever think I can rely on you to do things right?’
‘Madam, with all due respect; I couldn't have possibly known that Dr. Manning and Detective Brady would exchange cars that day.’ Gus argued, feeling cross at the injustice.
‘All right, all right! It’s Hope fault, this whole mess. If she’d stuck to the original plan, none of this would’ve happened.’ Vivian complained.
 There were a few nurses about but none gave them a second glance as they passed them. At last they found the room where Carly and Darcy lay. Vivian stared at them through the glass, smiling maliciously. ‘You have the syringe, Gus?’
Gus brought it out and gave it to her.
‘I’ll do them both, you stay on guard.’ Vivian trembled with manic anticipation. ‘I’ve waited for this moment for a long time. Bo will finally get his just deserts for every form of insolence I suffered from him and I’ll be rid of both Carly and her brat at last.’
 It was going to be ridiculously easy, like years back when she killed off Carly’s patients in order to frame her for murder; Caroline Brady her last  would-be victim but Carly  had ruined that.
With Gus keeping watch, Vivian opened the door and crept into the room. She looked at Darcy contemptuously before walking over to Carly on the next bed. She laughed softly at Carly’s ghostly pale complexion. ‘I’ve finally got you under my thumb, Katarina.’ She whispered, the syringe ready. ‘Your death will bring me great relief and I’ll gleefully dance on your grave like I did last time. Prepare to bid goodbye to everything you hold dear.’
Taking Carly’s arm, wincing a bit at the hot temperature, Vivian proceeded to inject the needle.
‘Drop it, Vivian; Drop it now!’
Vivian spun round, startled. Bo, Shane and Roman had guns aimed at her, Daniel and Marcus behind them. A quick glance at the window showed Frankie, Nicholas, Shawn Douglas staring at her balefully; their women with them.
‘What makes you think I won’t give it to her?’ She faced the men defiantly.
‘You won’t leave this room alive, I’ll guarantee it.’ Bo said, his face hard with anger; itching to pull the trigger. ‘Drop the syringe or I kill you, Vivian Alamain.’
Vivian wouldn't believe Bo would kill a woman in cold blood but the look on his face, the reminder of his threat at the pier and how he’d almost strangled her after Carly left with Lawrence made her realise it was not an idle threat.
‘Two seconds Vivian.’ Roman said coldly.
Sullenly, Vivian dropped the syringe on the floor and raised her hands; beaten.
Bo holstered his gun and brought out the cuffs; handcuffing her as Roman read her rights.
‘Get this bitch out of here before I change my mind about killing her.’
‘You’ve succeeded in arresting me but mind how you address me, peasant.’ Vivian spat, determined to get the last word as Rafe Hernandez roughly grabbed her by the arm and yanked her out of the room. Daniel, Marcus, Nathan and Melanie hurried over to the patients. 
‘Yeah sure Vivian; tell that to the gals you’re going to be showering with for a very long time.’ Shane retorted. ‘I’m pretty sure they’ll make up more colorful titles for you.’
‘Hold on, wait!’ Frankie walked up to her, his eyes blazing with hate. Vivian gasped, her neck almost snapping as Carly’s brother sharply backhanded her across the face. Normally he would never do that to a woman; particularly a woman of Vivian’s age but Vivian has had it coming for a very long time. JJ, Belle and Lynn stared, quite shocked.
How dare you!’ Vivian shouted, infuriated beyond measure, wishing her hands weren’t cuffed so she could strangle the impertinent bastard. The signet ring on Frankie’s little finger had drawn a spot of blood at the corner of her mouth.  
‘That’s for my sister; for everything you and that psychopath of yours put her through.’ Frankie spat. ‘And that’s little compared to what I really want to do to you, you miserable bitch!
Nicholas glared at her and she stared defiantly back. ‘You’re finished this time, Vivian. And don’t think you can call in any favors either; Uncle Frankie and I have more than enough connections to make sure you stay in jail for the rest of your life.’
‘Come on Ms. Alamain, your man’s cuffed and waiting for you in the car already.’ Rafe said as he and a uniformed officer led her away.
‘What a terrible woman!’ JJ exclaimed. ‘I’m so glad Bo and the others got here on time!’
‘But I don’t understand.’ Belle said, turning to Roman. ‘How did you guys know she’ll be here?’
They had run into Bo, Roman, Rafe and other officers at the entrance; Bo hastily telling them that Carly and Darcy were in danger and they were about to make an arrest. All of them had refused to wait downstairs so Roman instructed them to stay in hiding with them until the expected visitor arrived; telling the security men to keep away to trick Vivian into thinking she could fulfill her task unnoticed.
‘We got an anonymous call at the station,’ Roman replied. ‘telling us that the person behind the virus was about to finish off Carly and Darcy and we had to get there first.’
‘You have no idea who called you?’ Shawn D asked. ‘Didn’t you trace it?’
‘Of course we did, but it was one of those pre-paid cell phones. We got here just in time, thank God.’
Frankie looked back at the window and frowned. ‘What’s Marcus and Daniel giving them?’
The others hurried to see as well, watching them inject something into Carly and Darcy’s arms. Bo was looking anxious while Melanie was smiling, Nathan’s arm was round her waist.
‘Oh my God… they’ve found the cure.’ Shawn D exclaimed.
‘Could it be?’ Lynn gasped, wringing her hands hopefully. 
‘Daniel and Marcus look pretty positive, I think they have!’ Roman said, breaking into a smile.
‘Please, please… let it work!’ Frankie said frantically, his hands against the glass.
Roman called the rest of the family and they were soon at the hospital to keep vigil.
Bo and Daniel stayed with the women, willing them to wake up at any moment. At the hospital chapel, Caroline lit candles for them and led the family members present in prayer. Ciara insisted on staying, even though it was way past her bedtime; she wanted to pray for her sister and Carly too. Byron was fast asleep in Frankie’s arms.
Then finally, Bo jerked awake as he felt Carly’s fingers squeeze his hand. He raised his hand. ‘Carly?’ he whispered.
Her face was very sweaty but her green eyes stared up at him tiredly. Her fingers pressed against his hand again. ‘Sailor…’ she whispered, trying to smile.  
‘Oh my God…’ Bo leaned over to kiss her lightly on the lips. ‘You’re awake. Daniel, Marcus… wake up you guys, she’s awake.’
Daniel, who had been dozing by Darcy’s side, hurried over to Carly; Marcus who  in a chair by the door went to her too.
‘Hey old friend, you gave us a big scare.’ Marcus smiled down at her as Bo mopped her face with a sterile cloth. He felt her forehead. ‘The fever’s turning; you’re going to be alright now.’
‘Darcy… what about Darcy?’ Carly whispered. As she spoke, Daniel turned and to his delight, Darcy’s head was turning on the pillow. ‘Sweetheart…’ he hurried to her. ‘Can you hear me?’
Darcy swallowed, peering at her husband. ‘I feel… weak.’ She murmured.
‘It’s just temporary, you’re actually getting better.’ Daniel kissed her; stroking her hair. Like Carly, her temperature had gone down; still warm but no longer as shockingly hot as they’ve been since they’ve been ill. ‘I’ve missed the sound of your voice.’ He pressed her hand against his cheek. ‘I love you so much.’
‘I love you too.’ Darcy whispered.
His eyes damp from tears of gratitude, Bo went over to kiss his daughter. ‘It’s all over, honey. Look… your mum’s over there; she’s awake too.’
Darcy slowly turned her head to look at her mother. ‘Maman…’
Carly was too weak to talk again but she managed to smile and Darcy smiled back at her.
‘I don’t know how to thank you guys.’ Bo hugged Marcus and then Daniel. ‘Thank you so much, I’ll never forget this.’ He went back to sit beside Carly. ‘It was a harder strain of the virus you cured, princess. Marcus modified your serum.’
‘I had help from two outstanding doctors.’ Marcus said modestly.
‘Marcus, the credit belongs to you. You knew what was needed to modify the serum.’ Daniel replied from Darcy’s side. ‘No one else but you could do it.’
‘Thank you.’ Carly managed to whisper as Marcus took her hand.
‘Like you need to thank me, Manning.’ Marcus smiled at her affectionately. ‘You get better fast so we can really catch up.’ Leaning over to kiss her on the cheek, he went over to Darcy’s bed. ‘And you little lady; I’m Marcus Hunter and it’s wonderful to meet you. You’re prettier awake.’
Darcy smiled faintly.  Maman’s… told me… about… you.’ She said slowly.
‘We’ve got time to get to know each other better. In the meantime, you and your mother get some rest. I’ll go tell the family you’re awake.’ He left the room; very exhausted but very pleased the modified serum had worked.
His news was greeted by cheers from everyone and there was an exchange of hugs all round.
‘Thanks man, for saving my sister and niece’s lives.’ Frankie said gratefully as the Brady women, including Marlena took turns in hugging Marcus.
‘Not at all, I’m glad we got the cure in time.’
‘Can we see them?’ Ciara asked.
‘They’re very tired and groggy; I advise you all to go home and come back in the morning.’ Marcus shook his head as disappointed groans came. ‘Now, now… really, they have to rest; they’re way too tired for visitors.’
‘Come on Marcus, we can wave to them through the glass, can’t we?’ John insisted.
‘Yeah…’ everyone echoed pleadingly.
‘Okay, okay everybody.’ Marcus gave in. ‘Follow me.’
‘Princess… look.’ Bo said, rubbing her arm. 
‘Darcy, open your eyes for a minute, look at the window.’
The two women obeyed and smiled faintly at the family waving gleefully at them. Ciara grinned at them; Marcus carrying her, John carrying Claire.  
Carly struggled to speak but she was just too weak. Seeing her dilemma, Bo raised her arm and she managed a small wave. Daniel did the same for Darcy so she could wave at the family too. Like he did so long ago, Shawn Douglas told Carly he loved her via sign language and mouthed the words to his sister. Carly saw Caroline and Kayla staring at her especially; the look on their faces speaking louder than words. She nodded, hoping they understood that she had nothing to forgive them for.
It was a moment of thanksgiving.

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