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Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I was but  a little child when I first saw the video of Dr. King's memorable speech and that was several years after his assassination. I saw how my father was moved by that speech; he wasn't living in America then but in England and he knew all about racial discrimination and segregation. This man was a man who didn't want racial supremacy but racial equality and a time when black people were regarded by their personalities, their strength of character and what they could achieve in life, not by their race or the colour of their skin. He spoke  not only of civil rights,  equality and integration  of his longing for a time when America and the rest of the world would finally embrace universal brotherhood and get along with one another, regardless of race.
That speech and the march for civil rights  was 50 years old today and that match wasn't only participated by blacks but by those who believed in the end of segregation and the fight for civil rights- the soldiers of change.  Even though a lot has changed over the years; no more 'for whites only' establishments and an African American man as the American President  currently serving his second term; there is still some things left to be achieved. Here and there, there are still displays of racial inequality especially in forms  of racial and ethnic profiling and God knows what else. How does America and the world in general expect to actually make the world a place of Universal brotherhood if they keep judging people by the colour of their skin. Thanks be to God for those who still remember Dr. King's speech, those who are still fighting for change and improvement - 'The Soldiers of Change' as I call them- those who are still following Dr. King's stand on non violence and love. I speak as a person who is a firm believer of  universal brotherhood and equality and hope to be an American citizen some day.
Dr. King's speech should sink inside of the minds of those who need enlightening about racial discrimination and its evils. To all  those who marched that day and took this good man's speech to heart; and still remember it today; determined to emulate every word- I salute you.

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