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Tuesday, September 02, 2008


The police handling Laura’s case pays a visit to Isabella; telling her of what she’s accused of and asks her to come to the station to have her fingerprints taken. But she insists she’s an old friend of the family who visits the house often, there was no evidence against her, and she was a respectable businessman who has never had a problem with the law. The detective promises to return with a warrant since she refuses to have her prints taken. After he leaves, she drops the jaunty attitude and looks worried. Horsy Gloria asks her who it was, but Isabella told her to forget about it. Alex gives his mum’s wedding dress to Nattie, asking her to repair it, since she had torn it after forcing herself into it. Nattie is still disgusted at the idea of E.P marrying Hercules but Alex doesn’t seem to mind the idea. Nattie is shocked to find out from him that Lorenzo and Laura were back together again, forbidding him to tell Silvia after he said it was the best thing for her as she’ll finally forget Lorenzo and go back to him. Lorenzo urges Laura to eat; Laura asks him if he was still in love with Silvia and whether they’d broken up at her bedside, as she didn’t want anything to interfere with their ‘happiness’. Lorenzo informs her they’d broken up a long time ago. Laura wants to organize a reunion party but Lorenzo is not enthusiastic about it and leaves the room again, to her frustration. Gloria warns Isabella that the only thing she’ll never support her with is committing murder, but Isabella arrogantly tells her she was not a murderer, that the detective was merely someone sent by Laura to harass her. Mimi visits Tony at the boutique; she’d been doing some thinking and decided to give him another chance, which he’s happy about it. They hug but Mimi’s face has an expression of doubt.
Silvia asks Hercules if he really didn’t know anything about her popsie, making him hit his finger with the hammer he was using. Nattie meets with Orlando to confirm what Alex had told her; refusing to stay and have lunch with him when he asks her. When she leaves, he’s full of confidence she’ll come back to him, since she preferred to ask him in person
(Can gays get therapy to enable them sleep with women instead?)

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