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Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Isabella has lunch with Jose, then takes him to Giacormo’s boutique to buy him some new clothes, much to Conan’s astonishment.
That night, the dinner party is going on well, then Isabella walks in with Jose. Laura is shocked! Jose is overjoyed to see his beautiful daughter after so long, who struggles to keep a happy face. Mimi and Tony snigger at the whole thing. Silvia walks in to find Orlando forcibly kissing Nattie, she slaps him and orders him to leave. She admits to Silvia that the kiss hadn’t disgusted her at all(ugh, NATTIE!). E.P wants to go and live with Hercules but Hercules prefer to live with her after they are married, especially after she still expects him to pay rent to her.
Jose congratulates Laura when she tells him she’s pregnant. Lorenzo coldly asks Isabella to leave- she tells him José was an ex convict, he should watch out and takes her leave, laughing derisively when he tells her to go, she wasn’t welcome. She says goodbye to Laura but Laura strikes her on the face instead, which shocks Jose, he thought they were best friends. Lorenzo takes his wife to bed, she feels ill again.
Lorenzo gives Laura some medicine and urges her to sleep. She tries to explain why she never mentioned Jose, she had thought he was dead.
Mimi bursts in to tell Silvia and Nattie what had happened at the dinner party – the return of Laura’s ex-con father after they had all been told by Laura she was an orphaned society lady. Isabella and Gloria laugh over the success of Isabella’s plan; not caring what Lorenzo would do. Mimi tells Hercules, E.P and Alex but Hercules doesn’t find it at all funny, they shouldn’t rejoice in such things. E.P remembers seeing the man with Isabella when she’d gone to the suite to invite her to the wedding.
Jose anxiously asks after Laura and is told she’s asleep. Lorenzo asks him to tell him all about himself. Jose revealed the family had been poor, Laura had to live with an aunt and he hadn’t seen her for 10 years. He also told Lorenzo she’d been using her mother’s maiden name as she was ashamed of his.
Silvia tells Conan about the dinner party fiasco; he remembers the man he’d seen with Isabella, laughing over Laura’s long pretence of being high society. But Silvia feels envious as she regarded it as a miracle, Laura’s father suddenly appearing back in her life, wishing it would happen to her also.
The following morning, everyone arranges the gym for the wedding ceremony. Nattie is still furious over the whole thing but Silvia points out Hercules was happy and should consider him at least.
The wedding takes place successfully, E.P looked lovely in a royal blue suit and matching scarf.
After Lorenzo goes to work, Laura angrily throws Jose out , shouting she never wanted to see him again.

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