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Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Mimi tells Silvia she’ll be happy if she and her brother got back together since he seems to have changed but Silvia refuses to entertain it. She is visibly jealous when Silvia tells her Conan was out on a date with Lysette. Laura tells Lorenzo she won’t be inviting Orlando to the party, which he agrees with, he still isn’t happy about what he did. She will be inviting Gloria, Tony and Mimi instead.
Mimi told Alex about her conversation with Silvia; he still refuses to give up on the hope that Silvia will completely forgive him. They are both cross to see Hercules leaving their momsie’s room.
Tony tells his father over the phone that Isabella had been released. Conan congratulates Tony on his video release and new job. Lorenzo angrily confronts Orlando over defending Isabella without consulting him, he hadn’t acted as a friend at all. Orlando calmly explained he had done it for the good of the company and besides that, there was not enough evidence. Isabella bursts into the office and added her own words; she was not a killer, why didn’t he trust her at all? She also adds Orlando had merely looked out for her interests, Lorenzo walks out, accusing them of ganging up against him.
Mimi goes to the boutique to see Tony but finds only Conan. Gloria congratulates Isabella on her freedom and guessed she was planning something nasty for Laura to pay her out for having her arrested. She also tells her about the dinner party, which Isabella finds ridiculous and is certain Laura would still miscarry. Tony goes to see Laura again and she invites him and Mimi to the dinner party after he passes on his father’s message. Laura phones Silvia and also invites her to the party, to her astonishment. However Silvia refuses, saying she was very busy. Nattie and Alex regard Laura as crazy for suggesting a thing in the first place.
The investigator arrives at Isabella’s suite, with a short old man with a hard face- Laura’s popsie!

They exchange greetings; the investigator had already told him she was Laura’s best friend and confidant and apparently, his letters to Laura had gotten lost. Isabella takes Jose to lunch. Orlando asks Lorenzo if he was still angry with him; Lorenzo urges to tell him first before doing things like that again, going behind his back and besides, Isabella was not above the law. He then turns back to work, reminding Orlando they were risking their assets in this deal. Orlando smiles smugly-he knows better now, thanks to Isabella’s deal. Tony returns to the boutique and tells Mimi, who is still there, about Laura’s invitation. Conan doesn’t feel it was advisable to get close to Laura. Lorenzo sees Silvia again, to give her a vital document to sign. She tells him about Laura’s invitation, which he finds inappropriate. Exchange of looks again before he left.

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