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Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Hercules is really horrified, why of all women did Laura have to be Silvia’s sister? Conan wonders how his late aunt could have gotten involved with such a shady character in the first place and goes out to look for him, warning Hercules NOT to tell E.P about this recent development. Tony refuses to accept money from Lorenzo for the shirt he bought but Lorenzo disapproves, it didn’t set a good example. Tony also apologizes to him about his rude attitude when Giacormo was at the hospital and reveals that it had been Laura who had suggested that he and Orlando were behind the accident because he had refused to testify against Laura.
Mimi and E.P wonder why Alex looks so happy all of a sudden; he merely tells them Silvia was on her way to accept him for good(in your dreams fool, she loves Lorenzo). E.P thinks he’s high on something while Mimi calls him delusional.
Laura puts on a sickly martyr act as she speaks to the journalist who had interviewed José, she denies throwing him out, insisting he had misunderstood her. She films her own version of the whole story, asking him to come home.(what a bitch!)
Nattie asks Silvia to tell Lorenzo what Laura did, but Silvia doesn’t feel she has anything to gain and he already knows the type of woman he was married to and he was only with her because of the baby.(at least she knows he still loves her) but her cousin insists that Lorenzo was more than ready to leave Laura and marry Silvia-there were many divorced fathers. Silvia however wants him to have access to his child, if they got back together Laura would spite him by not allowing him to see the child. Silvia longs very much to know her own father. Nattie is about to tell her the secret but Conan interrupts her. After Silvia leaves the room, he scolds Nattie severely then tells her who Silvia’s sister actually is.
Lorenzo returns home as the interview rounds off but refuses to comment when asked to, it was between Laura and José. He’s disgusted at her method, calling it overdramatic and convenient for her.
Alex calls José, who is expecting his ticket back to Venezuela. He’s not interested in Alex’s surprise but Alex insists. Nattie looks at José’s photo in the paper, filled with shock that Silvia’s sister was actually that horrible Laura, all the more reason Silvia must never know. Conon resumes his search.
Lorenzo confronts Laura on what she’d told Tony. She admits it but claimed she’d been very angry with him back then. He remarked that it was getting more difficult everyday for him to believe anything she says now.
Alex tells Silvia he had something to tell her but she is in a hurry and goes out. Hercules tells Alex he was making a fool of himself with the way he was harassing Silvia who does NOT want to get back with him, urges him to leave her alone. But the stupid fool insists he was this close to winning her back. Conan phones to tell his father he still can’t find him. As Hercules leaves to join in the search, Alex smiles smugly since he’s the only one who knows where José was. Lorenzo acts very coldly towards Laura who accuses him of treating her badly. Jose sees the message on TV and is very happy. He phones Alex just as he’s talking to Silvia, telling him that his daughter had forgiven him and he was on his way back to her house. Despite Alex’s protests he hangs up, to Alex’s fury. Silvia is very confused at his weird attitude.

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