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Sunday, October 26, 2008


Sylvia stubbornly tells her cousin she’s already made up her mind to stay with Alex. Hercules is filled with disgust at the whole thing and warns Alex to be careful at the way he treats Sylvia. Alex requests that he never mentioned his ‘mistake’ again. Conan calls E.P , anxious to know if Nattie has broken up with that idiot yet. Giacormo is very sorry for poor Nattie as she didn’t deserve such shabby treatment. Lysette urged him to take his chance now. Orlando angrily asks Laura why she’d admitted to Lorenzo that they’d slept together. She in turn calls him an idiot for letting a DNA test be carried on him without knowing it. He asks how she could accept the result but she is forced to, Isabella wouldn’t lie about a thing like that and she had Lorenzo hadn’t slept together since the separation. he now has a few obligations to her baby since he’s the father, especially since Lorenzo is throwing her out. But Orlando tells her she’s wasting her time, she and her child weren’t a part of his future. Conan demands from Sylvia and Mimi if it was true Orlando was the father of Laura’s baby, totally furious. He vows to kill Orlando and rip his head off if he ever laid eyes on him again. His cousin tries to call him down. Alex is depressed at the whole thing, Lorenzo was now free and since his own past misdeeds count against him, Sylvia could choose Lorenzo over him. E.P advises him to propose to Sylvia before Lorenzo does. Lorenzo shows up at work as stolid as ever; & asks Horsy if she’d truly been ill the night before or it was one of E.I ‘s schemes, but she said she’s incapable of planning things behind his back. Lorenzo tells her that Orlando would no longer be working there because he’d betrayed him, she should change every password in their computers, change the locks in Orlando’s office & any security guard will be fired if they allow him into the building. He also tells her to arrange a business meeting with him , E.I and Sylvia. Giacormo tells Tony he’d called Nattie that morning and asked her out but she’d refused. Tony advises him to continue pestering her with flowers and calls to calm her down, but Giacormo decides to give her some time to get over Orlando. Tony warns him not to wait too long. E.I is confronted by Orlando who accused her of ruining lives; he no longer had a job nor a future with Nattie but E.I says he was to blame as he had slept with Laura in the first place, he shouldn’t point fingers at her, she felt no remorse at all. He had to face facts he was destroyed and humiliated. She advises him to go abroad as Lorenzo might kill him sight, but he refuses, as he had shares in the company. She tells him to give her a letter of authorisation and she’ll buy the shares from him, he agrees. Hercules & Mimi do their best to cheer Nattie up, who is very depressed. Mimi advises her to now focus on Giacormo but she doesn’t feel like dating anyone yet. Hercules doesn’t feel Giacormo is the right person for his daughter, he finds him rather weird. Laura calls E.I, saying she wanted to say goodbye to her, she’d won at last. As she speaks she fingers a small bottle on her table. E.I wishes her the best as long as they didn’t cross paths again. Laura tells her she now had Sylvia to worry about, now that Lorenzo was a free man he’ll start pursuing her again. E.I replied ,‘ we’ll see about that.’ Laura tells her she had some nasty info on her little half sister that E.I would find interesting, for a price. As she speaks, she empties the contents of some capsules inside the bottle. E.I asks her to meet at her suite. She shows up and asks her for a drink. E.I calls room service for some iced tea. Laura asks her to hand over the DNA results in exchange for the information, as she wants to use it to force Orlando to shoulder his responsibilities. The waiter brings in the drinks and as E.I is rummaging through her drawer for the results, Laura empties the contents of the bottle into E.I’s glass and picks up the other one. E.I wonders what skeletons a nice girl like Sylvia has in her closet and hopes the info would be useful to ruin her reputation. They toast their transaction and E.I drains her glass. She opens the envelope Laura gives her & to her surprise sees pictures of coffins, wondering what was its relevance with Sylvia. Laura replies that she gave them to her enable her choose a suitable coffin for her impending death. E.I said she’s not laughing at this bad joke. Laura laughed at her; hadn’t she guessed? She’d just swallowed enough arsenic (a very poisonous chemical sometimes used to kill rats, insects & weeds) to kill a horse, so she must choose a coffin now as she didn’t have enough time left! E.I stares at her in absolute shock….


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  1. laura and issabella derseved what they got.
    please send to me the full summary of la mujer de lorenzo in english, or where i can get the website.
    i really appreciates your work.
    keep it up.

  2. if that is the end of isabella, then she had it too easy, for someone as wicked as that, she needs to stay alive to see love triumph over evil. Thanks Amina for this post



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