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Sunday, October 26, 2008


Tony was furious to see that Mimi had disobeyed him about not talking to the reporter about Titus’ cheating, it was in the papers. After he leaves, Giacormo phones Mimi to warn her. E.P confesses to José about Alex’s stupidity but assures him he’s a changed man. Lorenzo asked E.I if she was behind Laura and Sylvia’s altercation; she feigns ignorance, all she knew was what she’d read in the papers, about how Laura Benavides had slapped her sister in a restaurant. After he leaves, she gets a call from Laura’s doctor, he’d carried out some tests with something she’d obtained…
Lorenzo talks to Sylvia over the phone but she refuses to discuss Laura with him. Tony confronts Mimi but she turns the tables on him, thanks to the article, Titus had been forced to confess and his prize seized. She hands the trophy and prize money to a shamefaced Tony. José wants Sylvia to regard Laura as family but she refuses. Laura goes to complain to Giacormo but got very little sympathy from him. The doctor hands over the new test to E.I, assuring her it was 100% accurate. Opening it, she finds what she’d suspected for a long time- Lorenzo is NOT the father of Laura’s baby!

( well duh…I knew that).

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