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Monday, October 06, 2008

The Grape vine is active!

As soon as they leave, Isabella calls the doctor and threatens to ruin him if he told tales to Laura about their ‘agreement’. E.P cannot understand why Hercules was friends with a person like Jose. Hercules admits Jose was a good man deep down but the trouble with him that he was too adventurous and is glad Silvia will never meet him or find out. E.P is more than anxious to reveal the secret to Silvia and the whole neighbourhood; accusing him of not trusting her by telling her about it earlier on. Gloria exchange pleasantries with Laura who invites her to have lunch with her and Lorenzo. Titus gloats to his friends over who he’d tricked Tony into making that video for him. Tony shows up and in spite of Mimi’s restraint, they fight. Silvia asks Conan if it was true her father was around and stops him from attacking Alex who shows her the jacket and hat Jose had left behind. They go out to look for him and Conan phones Nattie to tell how the idiot Alex had told their cousin everything. Lorenzo is not in the best of moods at the restaurant, though Laura acts so lovingly with him. Gloria is visibly furious when Lorenzo tells them Orlando and Nattie were back together. Mimi calls the lady in charge of the competition to let her know about Titus’ cheating but as they hadn’t signed a contract with him, there was nothing they could do. Alex and Silvia get to the bus station but Jose is not there. She humbly apologises to him for her suspicions but he insists he only did it because he loved her. Jose is with Isabella, he wants to know more about Laura and why they hated each other. Of course she begins to tell him in detail. Lorenzo is told by Nattie that Silvia was his sister-in-law; Laura’s half sister! He’s astonished and very shocked- unable to believe it’s true but Nattie insists it’s true and she would be devastated if she found out. She asks him to keep Jose away from Silvia if he saw him again. Hercules is furious to hear what Alex had done, guessing Silvia was angry with him. Jose now realises Laura is a monster, wondering how he could have a daughter like her. But at least, Alex had assured him his other child Silvia was an angel. Isabella looked surprised, ‘Silvia?’
He showed her the photo Alex had given him, adding that she had no idea who he was and he was going to leave it that way. He takes his leave and Isabella gleefully goes over this very juicy information. Gloria sees Nattie taking to the secretary and sarcastically asks if she was marking her territory and reminds her of their agreement after they had exposed Orlando as a liar, accusing her of being a loose woman with no dignity. In turn, Nattie says she’s sick with jealousy. Isabella phones Laura to tell her she had heard she has a sister and very close to her. Laura isn’t exactly bothered. Silvia is unhappy they still haven’t found Jose, but suddenly they see him a few yards away. Alex hurries to him, but he’s not in a right frame of mind. Silvia calls out to him, ‘Dad?’
Turning round, Jose finally sees his other daughter...

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