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Sunday, October 26, 2008


Laura glares at her and denies the accusation but E.I warns her she now had concrete proof. Lorenzo enters, surprised to see them both talking. As they are leaving, Laura is noticeably pale and complains of dizziness, but refuses to see a doctor when Lorenzo suggests it, preferring to go home and lie down. Horsy asks E.I what she did to make Laura like that; E.I sees Laura’s shock as a sign of her conscience not being clear. Hercules drops a heavy hint at José’s guilt when E.P wants to watch a movie, using an allusion from ‘Shawshank Redemption’. Uncomfortable, he leaves the room. Conan angrily tells Mimi that his sister had gone too far now, giving that idiot Orlando a second chance. Mimi points out some people fall in love with the wrong people and don’t realise it until it’s too late. Conan refused to believe Orlando has changed, but she reminds him Tony has changed, to some extent. Sylvia and Alex return from the movies and Nattie stops them from kissing by calling Alex, ‘Lorenzo’ . Sylvia helps her to bed as she’s surprisingly drunk. Lorenzo tucks Laura into bed but she’s unable to sleep, remembering E.I’s threat. Tony urges his father to fight for Nattie since Orlando is a total jerk but Giacormo feels it isn’t right to force someone’s feelings. Conan and Mimi come in and repeats Tony’s advice. But Giacormo doesn’t feel like doing that and Conan vows to kick Orlando’s ass if he ever saw him again. Tony asks Mimi why she was with Conan. Alex promises to check with some cops that are his friends to look into the matter of the stolen money, as Sylvia is worried about her family’s behaviour towards José. Laura called her doctor but is told he’s gone on holiday, certain E.I is behind it. Conan gave some documents to E.I and is very offended when she said he’s been copying Giacormo’s style and leaves in a huff. Horsy comments that E.I loves making people around angry, which she admits. José overhears Hercules and E.P discussing him, about how they were sure he was guilty, although E.P still isn’t convinced. Lorenzo tells E.I that the order has finally been sent to the harbour. Laura confided in Horsy that E.I was planning something against her again and asks her to help her find out( stupid move Laura, she’s not your friend). Horsy advises her to tell Lorenzo but of course that’s the last thing she wants to do.

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