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Sunday, October 26, 2008


Sylvia is shocked, José stricken and Conan absolutely furious. Sylvia is sure it’s a lie but her father sadly confirmed it, amidst Isabella’s taunts. Conan forcibly throws Isabella out. Orlando laughingly accepts Nattie’s ‘conditions’. Lorenzo assures Laura he’s warned Isabella to leave her alone. Sylvia is numb at this sudden info. José tells her Laura’s mother had been just like Laura. Conan angrily tells Nattie about Isabella’s latest prank and she consoles Sylvia who was reminiscing her past relationship with Lorenzo- her brother-in-law! Hercules is very angry about the whole thing, calling Isabella a mean woman (an understatement, as we all know). Nattie informed Lorenzo over the phone about what ‘that stupid idiot Isabella’ had done. José tells E.P what had happened and she isn’t pleased- she’d wanted to be the one to tell Sylvia. Conan is furious to hear form Nattie that she was back with Orlando. She insists that Orlando was a changed man (not to me, he’s a pig) and pleads with her brother to give him a chance and not tell Hercules yet. Conan threatens to kill Orlando if he made Nattie suffer again. (considering the last time Orlando had cheated on her, Conan had gone to the office and had given Orlando 2 black eyes and a sprained arm before Lorenzo could get him off, this is NOT an idle threat, folks).

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