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Sunday, October 26, 2008


Hercules complains about E.P‘s cooking but José didn’t seem to mind the food, calling it a ‘work of art’. Isabella wants Sylvia and Laura to meet each other as half sisters, hoping she’ll make a fool of herself when she sees Sylvia and Alex having dinner at the restaurant, and be shocked enough to have a miscarriage. Horsy, who is to take Laura to the same restaurant for dinner, gives her a surprised look. Giacormo congrats E.P on her marriage to Hercules and promises to design a wedding dress for Mimi; the young couple want a ‘rap wedding’, much to E.P’s disapproval. Alex promises a distrusting Hercules that he’ll behave himself around Sylvia. Sylvia and Nattie prepare for their dates (yuck again). The bell rings but it’s Lorenzo. Sylvia is immediately uncomfortable but he actually came to see José. Giacormo remembers the first time he and Nattie had kissed in his kitchen. He calls Orlando and fixes a time they’ll meet. José joins Hercules and E.P at a game of cards. Lorenzo and Giacormo meet, pleased to see each other again. The latter isn’t happy at all about Nattie’s action and confesses that he’d fought his feelings for a long time but in New York he realized that he not only loved Nattie, he now desired her as a woman!
Sylvia & Alex are at dinner, Isabella watching them from afar. Horsy & Laura enter and immediately see them both. The 2 women regard each other silently…

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