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Sunday, October 26, 2008


Alex tries to smooth the very awkward situation but Sylvia insists on not letting Laura ruin her evening. Not at all easy with Laura looking at her with venom! She doesn’t believe it’s a coincidence, certain Sylvia was following her or that Horsy had chosen the restaurant deliberately. Alex is of course uncomfortable but Sylvia does her best to ignore her. She gets up to go to the bathroom as Alex goes to talk to the headwaiter but Laura suddenly bars her way. Giacormo tells Lorenzo how he’d constantly thought of Nattie while in New York, to Lorenzo’s surprise since Giacormo had always been gay after having Tony. However he feels Giacormo and Nattie would make a good couple. Giacormo isn’t prepared to give her up and decides to tell her of his love as soon as possible. Sylvia denies following Laura, maybe Laura was following her because she wasn’t over Alex. Laura slaps her, everyone present watching her. She warns Sylvia not to touch her (probably remembering Sylvia was once a wrestler) but the girl scornfully informs her she doesn’t hit pregnant women- the child she was carrying was after all her nephew; Laura angrily tells her never to say that again, she would never regard Sylvia as her sister. Sylvia is in total agreement with it as she’s very ashamed to have Laura as her sister, especially after the way she’d treated their father. Laura sneeringly assures her José will eventually rip her off. Alex comes back and leads Sylvia away. E.I and Horsy laugh over the incident , E.I phones a gossip reporter she knows to have it printed. Laura of course exaggerates the whole thing to Lorenzo, telling him Sylvia had slapped her and was very rude but of course Lorenzo takes Sylvia’s side- he knew she would never do that. Alex tells José, Tony and Mimi about he incident; José is amazed to hear from Mimi that Alex had slept with Laura while with Sylvia. Nattie tells Sylvia Orlando had taken her to meet his parents and hears about the latest fiasco. Horsy is very jealous when Orlando tells her where he’d taken Nattie to the night before, and tells E.I, who assures her that very soon, Orlando will be kicked out of the company. (what is she up to now?)

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