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Sunday, October 26, 2008


Laura received Tony and Mimi, wondering why they’d come to visit her all of a sudden. (By the way, she was wearing the most VULGAR blue open-weave top in that episode. Mimi’s purpose was to see if Laura knew about her connection with Silvia but she found nothing. Silvia tells Hercules she was leaving his house as she could no longer trust them after the stunt they’d pulled. Jose tried to calm her down but she’s insistent. Laura is very surprised at the way Tony and Mimi left without saying goodbye. As Sylvia is packing her things, José points out she was being unfair, the family hadn’t meant any harm, but she’s still very angry at being lied to. Nattie however tells her Mechita had being the one to insist Sylvia was never to be told about Jose and reminds her cousin the family had shown her nothing but love since she moved in with them, therefore she should stop acting like a spoilt brat. Sylvia tearfully calms down. Conan assures Hercules Sylvia had forgiven them but they both warn José never to tell her Laura was her (ugh!) sister. Isabella is angry to hear from Horsy (my nickname for long faced Gloria) that Lorenzo really wants to her to leave, boasting of the power he didn’t know she wielded. She remembers when he was scolding her that he hadn’t mentioned she leave Sylvia alone- she will reveal Jose’s secret to her. Horsy warns her of Lorenzo’s reaction as it was Sylvia he loved but Isabella is very vindictive- Laura and Sylvia were irritating thorns in her flesh, because of them Lorenzo wasn’t with her, therefore she’ll destroy them both.(first class BITCH!) Tony and Mimi watch the video awards on T.V with E.P. alas, Titus won! Tony leaves in rage. Nattie joins Orlando at the restaurant and reads to him her list of conditions. Silvia, José and Conan are having coffee when Isabella shows up like a hovering vulture; and told Sylvia that Laura was her half sister!

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