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Sunday, October 26, 2008


HERCULES is not happy at all about the whole thing and tells E.P not to be ridiculous when she says they were now back together; Sylvia and Alex go for a walk. Laura tells Nattie not to suggest Sylvia was better than her, as the only thing Sylvia wanted her husband, if she went anywhere near him she’ll make her regret it . Tony tries to calm them down. Nattie replied she wasn’t going to allow an idiot to insult her cousin. Giacormo breaks up the fight. Nattie said she could never understand why he was friends with a freak like Laura and leaves before she could jump on her again. Laura lied that it wasn’t her fault, Nattie had pushed her first. Tony corrected her , but Giacormo orders him to be quiet.
Laura begs him to listen to her, complaining that everyone hates her and wants to destroy her. He tells her not to exaggerate, the only person who hated her was Isabella, asking what she was planning now. Laura merely looks at him. Horsy sulkily talks about Orlando’s plans to propose to E.I but she said men like Orlando didn’t deserve her, she should forget him and move on. Horsy points out to E.I that after all this time, she herself hasn’t moved on and forgotten about Lorenzo. E.I coldly said she’ll never forget about Lorenzo and was closer than ever in destroying his marriage once and for all- that very night , she is going to reveal her final trump card. Sylvia and Alex went for a walk and have a serious talk.
Lorenzo calls the gym, asking for Sylvia but E.P said she’s out with Alex, the stupid woman tells him they were back together. Lorenzo is visibly disturbed but he stolidly goes along with her tactless chatter before hanging up.(that’s the thing I love about him, always acting impassive at bombshells- which prevents him from making a fool of himself.) E.I asked what was wrong with him, he said nothing was wrong. She informs him about an important meeting at Giacormo’s boutique that night. José is told by E.P that Lorenzo was still in love with Sylvia & he feels sorry for him, being tied to a woman like Laura. He asks her what really went on with between Alex & Laura. Sylvia finally reconciles with Alex( Sylvia is as stupid as her cousin). Mimi asks Tony about his father and is told about Laura & Nattie’s altercation. She in turns tells him about what José almost tried to do. As they cuddle, Mimi calls him ‘Conan’ and he’s immediately huffy, but she insists it was a joke. Lorenzo goes to the factory and asks Nattie if Sylvia had gone back to Alex, like E.P said. Nattie assured him it wasn’t true, E.P gossiped to keep herself busy. But alas, Sylvia walks in with Alex, laughing and holding hands. She turns her eyes away in embarrassment as Alex has the audacity to ask Lorenzo to congratulate them. Poor Lorenzo leaves, not saying a word. Sylvia reminds Nattie she’d respected her decision of going back to Orlando, she should respect her decision of going back to Alex.
Laura tells Giacormo that Horsy was to meet with her at the boutique to inform her about E.I but he’s doubtful, they had suspected E.I of helping E.I ruin his last fashion show, but Laura assures him Horsy was on her side. Conan shows up at the office looking for Lorenzo but he’s not back yet. Horsy makes him very uncomfortable by being flirty with him and invites him to have lunch with her. Tony is still cross with Mimi about her so-called joke and she leaves in a huff. Lysette tells him she has found the perfect place for their ‘rap wedding’. Conan realises Horsy only wanted to use him to get info about his sister and walks away.

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