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Monday, October 06, 2008

Silvia's wish finally realised...

Silvia runs to him and they embrace, tears falling down her cheeks. Isabella doesn’t tell Laura who her sister is, but assures her she’ll be very shocked. Conan is very worried about Silvia’s reaction towards them. Hercules tells E.P what her son had done. Tony blames Mimi for convincing him to do the video for Titus in the first place; in defence she said she hadn’t known he’ll use it for the competition. Lorenzo is very worried about Silvia. Isabella comes in to tell him about Silvia but he isn’t shocked like she expected, he wanted to know how she found out. Silvia asks Jose who her half sister was. Jose replies her sister doesn’t want to have anything to do with him and brushes it aside when Silvia offers to talk to her. Instead, he urges Silvia to tell her about her childhood and if her mother had married someone else. Mimi tells her mother about what Titus had done. E.P tells her about Silvia and Laura, Mimi is shocked. E.P warns her not to tell anyone and Mimi calls her a gossip monger. Gloria too is shocked when Isabella tells her about it. Isabella plans to get the two women to find out about it. Lorenzo calls Laura, who tells him what Isabella had said. Silvia tells Jose more about her mother and how she remained positive and cheerful all her life. Jose sadly regrets how he’d abandoned Mechita but Silvia insists he forget about it. She also adds the family had no right to lie to her just because they trying to protect her. Jose doesn’t want her to fight them because of him, they had meant no harm. Alex tells Nattie and Conan their cousin was with her father, insisting he had done nothing wrong. He is shocked when they tell him his ex-lover, Laura is the sister, a very stupid look on his face. They show him the article; he admits he wouldn’t have interfered in the matter at all. Lorenzo angrily confronts Isabella about her phone call to Laura and warns her to leave her alone from now on, or he’ll revoke their partnership, even if he lost his inheritance. Mimi asks Tony to follow her to Laura’s house, he sniggers when she tells him about S and L. Gloria assures Orlando that his reconciliation with Nattie won’t last. Lorenzo asks Orlando to make a report on the losses they’ll incur when they break ties with Isabella.

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