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Sunday, October 26, 2008


Everyone is absolutely stunned of course… especially Nattie & Sylvia. Tony & Mimi make out but she refuses to have sex, at least until after the wedding. Laura hysterically scolds Antonia for telling on her and sacks her, despite her pleas, very sure E.I had made her say it. Conan refuses to go back with Lysette to her apartment, still very angry with his sister going back to ‘that imbecile’. Isabella talks with Horsy (to the initiated I’m talking about Gloria) , who is drinking to drown her sorrow. She calls Laura but the angry woman hangs up on him. Lorenzo is totally furious with Orlando, but the idiot tried to deny it at the same time insisting he’d only slept with Laura once, maybe it was Alex, but Alex snaps that he’d been tested already and it was negative. But it was no use for Orlando to deny it, E.I had used a strand of his hair for the test and it’s POSITVE! Nattie &  Hercules order Orlando to leave. Alex asks Lorenzo to leave if he didn’t have anything else to add. Lorenzo leaves in anger, warning Orlando he wasn’t through with him. Nattie is faint with shock, Orlando begs her to listen to him. E.I calls Giacormo to find out if he knew about the situation but he doesn’t at all. Horsy wonders how things would be the following day; Orlando had shares in the company, it wouldn’t be easy for Lorenzo to fire him. E.P and José tell Mimi & Tony about what happened at Nattie’s engagement/break up party- Tony is overjoyed as it might pave the way for his father. Orlando insists there had been no love involved in the sex with Laura, but Nattie is disgusted he’d slept with Laura, his best friend’s wife. She tells him he had no morals, he was incapable of loving anyone and she never wanted to see him AGAIN! Conan & Lysette find Giacormo at the boutique and he tells them about Tony’s phone call, how Orlando had ‘gone too far this time’. Conan is shocked and angry, Lysette immediately urged Giacormo to call Nattie but he felt it wasn’t the right time. Lorenzo angrily packs a bag, amidst Laura’s pleas and blustering, wanting to put space between them for a while. He tells her he wants her out of his house in 48 hrs. She shouted that it was her house too and she was innocent but is silent when he dares her to follow him to the doctor’s & have another test. He walks out with his travelling case. Sylvia suddenly refuses to let Alex kiss her, using her worry about Nattie as an excuse. He assures her Nattie was a strong young woman and would get over it soon. He is relieved on his part, he’d felt people had been suspecting he was the father since he’d slept with Laura several times. A very subdued Nattie enters & he leaves them alone. Sylvia is certain that she will be able to get over Orlando a second time & gets offended when Nattie compares Alex with him, insisting Alex had actually changed. Nattie however warns her that she was making the same mistake; Alex will let her down again and she should realise that Lorenzo was a wonderful man who truly loved her and she loved him too, she should go back to him once and for all, he was no longer obligated to stay with Laura. Silvia is silent. (why wouldn’t she be, she’d been the one who had sent poor Lorenzo back to Laura because of the baby).

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