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Sunday, October 26, 2008


Sylvia tells José he could be her office messenger but Hercules isn’t pleased about the idea, as José would be handling large amounts of money. Lorenzo asked Antonia if Laura had many visitors during the time they were separated. Laura insists to Lorenzo that she hadn’t slapped Sylvia, it had been vice versa. Conan and Nattie are doubtful about Sylvia allowing José to handle her money. Nattie tells them about Giacormo’s declaration. Horsy wonders what E.I is hiding. Antonia tells E.I Laura was on her way to the office. Giacormo told his son how Nattie blew him off, he’s very disappointed. Tony asks if he’s sure he loves Nattie and he said yes and refuses to consider dating other women when Tony suggests it, he only wants Nattie!
Alex collects some important documents from Isabella and asks her to keep Lorenzo away from Sylvia as he’s certain Laura is about to do something very stupid that could cause Lorenzo to leave her again. Conan sneers at Nattie’s loving conversation with Orlando over the phone, telling her not to come to him if he hurts her again as he WON’T console her. In retaliation, she refers to his girlfriend as ‘ that silly little thing Lysette’. Sylvia stops the fight as it gets more heated. José comes in looking dishevelled , he’d been robbed! As Sylvia consoles him, her cousins exchange suspicious and sceptical looks, which grows when he’s scared to go to the police to make a report. They are very sure he’s lying. José swears to Sylvia he was telling the truth, (he could guess his nephew & niece’s thoughts) he’d been robbed of the money along with a medallion her mother had given him. Hercules doesn’t believe the story either but E.P points out they had no proof. Conan tells his father about Nattie’s reconciliation with Orlando. Tony and Mimi talk to a priest, Lysette’s cousin, about their wedding. Laura waits for Lorenzo in the conference room (funny enough, that’s the room where Lorenzo and Sylvia first laid eyes on each other) and E.I once again tells her to leave the country and never come back, or she’ll tell everyone that the child she’s carrying isn’t Lorenzo’s!

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