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Monday, October 06, 2008


Hercules is relieved they were able to find Jose on time, thanks to Nattie but Conan reminds him there was still Alex to worry about, he could still go ahead to tell Silvia, not understanding how he’d found out in the first place. E.P comes in with beauty cream all over her face, she wants to look younger but Hector tells her she doesn’t need it. The next morning, Alex goes to the gym and immediately he greets Conan, Conan angrily hits out at him for what he tried to do. Angry in return, Alex warns him he’ll break his face if he attacked him again, adding that when anyone asked him not to do something, he goes ahead and do the opposite. Conan warns him to keep his mouth shut as it was none of his business; Silvia intervenes and stops the fight. She’s on her way to the factory but Alex tells her he has a surprise for her on the way. Reluctantly she agrees.
Laura and Lorenzo are in bed (from the look on Lorenzo’s face, he hadn’t enjoyed himself one bit); she leaves the bed to draw a bath, after she asks him to take a bath with her. Meanwhile, Lorenzo has a flashback; about the night he and Silvia  first made love.
Gloria asks Isabella why she was looking so radiant all of a sudden. Silvia suspiciously asks Alex why the surprise was in a hotel. Tony listens to Mimi’s womb, insisting he understood what their baby was saying. E.P barges in and they both tell her they have set a date for their wedding. Alas for Alex (but in my opinion, it’s just what he deserves), Jose wasn’t at the hotel and Silvia was absolutely furious, naturally believing he had lured her there for sex, refusing to listen to him and walks away. Lorenzo calls Nattie to find out what she was going to tell him about Silvia, as it made him worry. Nattie assures him it was nothing serious. Silvia angrily tells Nattie to throw Alex out if he dared set foot into the office; Nattie assured her she’ll throw any cheating scumbag out. Famous last words, Orlando walked in, dripping disgusting charm and tells Nattie he needed to talk to her. Silvia leaves him alone. He insists he loved her and missed her and wanted her back in his life. Nattie in return tells him all she felt for him was disgust and absolute rage, but he urges her to be serious. She tells him he’s filth, a hypocrite and a womaniser and wants nothing to with him but when he suddenly kisses her, she doesn’t push him away. Isabella expresses her annoyance to Lorenzo about Orlando telling Estephano about her arrest, bad mouthing him in general. She doesn’t want anyone talking to Estephano without her consent. Laura’s doctor comes by the house to run more tests on her. Laura wonders why he looks nervous when she mentions Isabella’s name. Jose shows up at the gym and confronts Hercules for not telling him about the child he had with Mechita, demanding to see Silvia.

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