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Sunday, October 26, 2008


Laura receives another unexpected visitor, this time it’s Giacormo, back from New York and fully recovered, no longer using a cane to walk. He still doesn’t regard Laura like before; she’s no longer his best friend, to her distress. He’d just come from the airport and wanted to hear what’s been happening. She tells him Nattie had gone back to Orlando. A shadow came over his handsome face. Sylvia showed José her office and the line of work. Tony isn’t pleased when Mimi comes with a reporter to interview him about Titus’ dirty trick. They both rush to hug Giacormo when he appears at their elbow. Horsy is very snippy towards Nattie but Nattie throws it right back at her. Lorenzo is very angry with Isabella for what she did to his precious Sylvia but she managed to slide through the scolding, reminding him about their present project. Conan goes to the boutique and is happy to see Giacormo was back and angrily said that Orlando must have brain washed his sister when Giacormo brings it up. Alex visits Sylvia who is noticeably warmer towards him (yuck, I hate him). Nattie attends the office meeting; exchanging barbs with Evil Isabella (from now on I’ll nickname her E.I) and glares with Horsy. After she and Lorenzo leave, Isabella is amazed to hear from Horsy that Nattie had forgiven Orlando, hinting that it won’t last long (she’s up to something again). Laura is amazed and angry to hear from José that Sylvia is her sister!

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