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Sunday, October 26, 2008


Orlando met with Giacormo at the and tells him his feelings for Nattie had intensified and he’s knew Nattie loved him in return; she’d displayed it a lot during the time he was injured. Orlando thinks he’s joking and asked if he’d had a hormone transplant while in New York. Giacormo explained that he’s realised he now knew what love was, but Orlando makes fun of him and tells him Nattie was now back with him. Nattie tells Sylvia 2 men had followed her from the bank but luckily she’d managed to dodge them. Sylvia suggest they use José but Nattie expresses doubts about the idea. Sylvia insists her dad would never steal her money. Lorenzo tells E.I that Alex had dropped some clothes from Sylvia for her to examine. Alex tells Laura Lorenzo was still in love with Sylvia, which wouldn’t pay them both, but Laura doesn’t believe him. Alex insists it’s true and asks her to help him make sure Lorenzo and Sylvia never saw each other again. Mimi and Tony opened an account for their baby, showing Conan and Lysette the passbook and how Titus’ trick was exposed and Tony got what was rightfully his at last. They also tell them that Giacormo had been acting weird since he got back. Nattie is very pleased to see Giacormo again, hugging him. He tells her he really loved her and asks for a 2nd chance as he really wanted to be with her. She reminded him of what he’d said, and he replied at that time he never thought he’d ever feel desire and love for a woman, now that he did, he wanted her and would do anything for her. Nattie gently told him that she was love with Orlando again; he shouldn’t be angry with her, she still loved him but as a friend. Silently, Giacormo left the office.

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