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Sunday, October 26, 2008


Poor Lorenzo and Giacormo, they must both be feeling so helpless; watching the women they love very much reconciled with no-account buffoons like Alex and Orlando (I do not know who I despise more). And in a way, they brought it upon themselves; Lorenzo because he was too trusting towards Isabella and Giacormo because he wasn’t sure what he wanted and now that he’s realised he wants Nattie in his life permanently, it’s rather too late. Or is it???? Read on…

ORLANDO proposed to Nattie and she accepted (fool). Laura shows up at the boutique and waits for Horsy but Horsy calls her to tell her she had a headache. As she’s about to leave, E.I showed up and afterwards Lorenzo, surprised to see Laura there. E.I dropped the bombshell, Lorenzo is not the father of Laura’s baby and she has proof (ever since Horsy had told her about the conversation she’d half overheard at the office between Laura and Orlando, she’d carried out a plan), she’d managed to obtain a strand of Orlando’s hair and had asked ( you mean blackmailed) the doctor to carry out another DNA test, the father is Orlando, his partner, lawyer and best friend! Laura screamed it was a lie but Lorenzo read the report himself, filled with fury. Orlando goes with Nattie to obtain Hercules’ permission to marry his daughter. Nattie begged him to forgive Orlando and accept him. Conan leaves the house in a rage.
Laura is dragged home by a furious Lorenzo. He calls Antonia & asks if she’d seen Orlando with Laura at anytime. Laura shouts to her that she mustn’t tell lies. But Antonia, scared of Lorenzo’s angry face confirmed it; Orlando had come to the house and they’d entered the bedroom together. Laura is forced to admit they HAD slept together!
Horsy is told by E.I, she is shocked….
Lorenzo goes to Hercules’ house & Nattie welcomes him; they were having a party to celebrate her engagement. Lorenzo gives her the bad news, her fiancée had betrayed them both… he was the father of Laura’s baby!

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