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Monday, October 06, 2008


Hercules tries to deny it, but Jose dares him to look him in the eye and lie again. Reluctantly he confirms it and agrees to have a serious discussion on the matter. He asks Juanito to call Conan and Nattie. Meanwhile, Orlando insists he loved Nattie and wants her back, but she tells him she’s scared, he had made her suffer in the past and doesn’t want to go through all that again. The phone rings and Nattie is told over the phone to go to the gym along with Conan. Silvia comes in as she hangs up, and is told they were only going out for a while. Laura assures the doctor she was still taking her medication and won’t give Isabella the chance to change her pills again. Isabella asks Lorenzo about Jose, asking if he fell for Laura’s role of the hysterical, worried daughter. Alex vows to deal with José if he loses Silvia. He runs into Conan, who tries to explain why he mustn’t tell Silvia anything but the phone rings and reluctantly, Conan has to go to the gym.
Hercules explains to Jose that Mechita had been so resentful when he’d left her that she had told Hercules never to tell Silvia about her father at all as well as not giving her his surname. E.P enters and is introduced, she remembers seeing him in the paper, recognising him as Laura’s father and is very shocked when her husband tells her he’s Silvia’s father as well- Laura and Silvia were half sisters! Naturally she wants to go out and tell everyone but Hercules restrains her with difficulty, telling her it would destroy Silvia if she ever found out. Jose asks him why he said that and E.P tells him his daughters hated each other as they were in love with the same man. Nattie enters and angrily interrupts her before she could say more. Hercules introduces Nattie to Jose, who is very pleased to meet her but she’s cold towards him. Tony and Mimi are at the boutique when he receives a disturbing call; Titus had presented the video Tony had made for him for the video competition! Lorenzo asks Orlando to let Isabella or him to talk to Estephano next time. Orlando in turn tells him he was back with Nattie for good, but Lorenzo is sceptical- he felt it was simply a ploy to make Horsy Gloria jealous. Nattie explains to Jose that her cousin was a sensitive, delicate girl, who had idolised Hercules for most of her life,  a hero and a very honest man- for her to find out he was her father, she’ll be very upset, they had to protect her. Jose protested they shouldn’t talk as if he was a monster, he was a changed man and it sounded like Silvia was anxious to meet him, like Alex said, and she didn’t sound like Laura. E.P confirmed that they were most definitely different from each other. Jose finally accepts their arguments, realising it was more to protect Silvia from finding out Laura was her sister. He says goodbye to them and Conan escorts him out. Tony vows to deal with that thieving Titus in his own way. Alex stubbornly refuses to budge when Silvia orders him out and tells her the person he wanted her to meet at the hotel was her father. Silvia doesn’t believe him, as it was a sore subject with her but he asks her to ask her family who all know about it, plus she has a sister. Silvia tearfully asks him who was he and where was he, but is told he had disappeared. She decides to go and see Hercules. Laura warns Isabella never to make any attempt on her life or her child again and is sure she has something to do with her doctor’s sudden weird behaviour but Isabella doesn’t bat an eyelid, as usual.

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