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Friday, June 01, 2012

Good Boys, Bad Boys



  Three of the naughtiest boys in Comic world: funny, destructive, rude, hyperactive and between them can outdo Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer himself. 
Most parents would say all 3 characters are a bad influence to their kids but their very personalities  only made  them all the more popular over the years. As a children's author, I'm usually on the look out for what interests children. I asked my ex students what sort of book they preferred... a story about good children or about bad children. The answer: BAD CHILDREN! to my amusement.
Why? I asked and the reply was; they are more entertaining as opposed to the good kids who are supposed to be role models. Maybe that's the reason J.K Rowling didn't make her Harry Potter the perfect child- lord knows he had his flaws- he was realistic even with his magical abilities. 
I guess they have a point; I'd sooner read about Amelia Jane the very naughty doll created by Enid Blyton than any story about Barbie (no offence). Too perfect is unreal and boring and simply won't sell. Who agrees? 

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