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Friday, May 10, 2013


I first learnt about blogging from a professional blogger(and very talented lady) who posted recaps of the telenovela La Hija de Jardinero (The Gardener's Daughter) and  other things in her blog,
 TELENOVELA LOVE GARDEN .  When I found my way to blogger, I agonized over what to call mine and what to put in it. Since Mrs. Philomena  already put 'The Gardener's daughters' episodes in hers, I thought I would try to talk about movies and books to begin with.
Hence, after naming my blog MY FAVORITE THINGS; on May 10th 2007, I posted my very first post- AND THEN THERE WAS THREE   and the next day it was about the release of J.K Rowling's final Harry Potter book in   ATTENTION HARRY POTTER FANS!  At that time, I had no idea what I was doing except I wanted my blog to contain my interests as well as entertain my visitors. At one point I thought about deleting MY FAVORITE THINGS since it didn't seem to be attracting  much traffic but then I posted  IT'S RAINING TELENOVELAS  and suddenly I had more readers, mostly in thanks to Mrs. Philomena who saw my blog and praised my efforts (Welcome Amina, The Telenovela Rainmaker)
 and she and many people encouraged me to keep MY FAVORITE THINGS going. My first official label was  WORLD OF LATINA; followed by recaps of CATALINA y SEBASTIAN, movie reviews under LATEST MOVIES , celebrities under PEOPLE , summaries of a classic mini series under THE THORN BIRDS  and about T.V couple Bo Brady and Carly Manning under Carbo; chapters of my story & a one shot based on them under CARBO FAN FICTION. There are other labels in this blog, each one fun to put together but the one that was the most fun/ the most challenging was the TU O NADIE EPISODES( No One But You) ; everything was  entirely drawn from memory and watching some clips in YT(difficult since my Spanish is not excellent) and a few English episodes I recorded on our VCR (the cassette is completely dirty now, alas) but it was all worth it in the end, plus the trivia about the remakes and afterwards posting episodes of of one of them, ACAPULCO BODY & SOUL
In the 6 years I've maintained MY FAVORITE THINGS, I've not made any money from it but the reward I've reaped are  my readers and having warm interactions with my visitors who love my blog and what I post. For me, it's good practice for a writer like me- each post gives me more confidence that  writing is my calling; nothing else. I also enjoy the comments and feedback I get as well as the large amount of traffic; that's more than enough reward for me.
I'm thankful to God that I'm posting this anniversary post; I'm thankful to my readers/blog visitors and my mentor, Mrs. Philomena. Your words of  encouragement were a major fuel in keeping this blog going and I pray  there will be more years of MY FAVORITE THINGS. A very big THANK YOU to my readers/visitors for visiting, reading, commenting and messaging. I honestly and truly appreciate it.
Happy Anniversary, MY FAVORITE THINGS and peace be with you all.
HONEY xxxxx

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