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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Does the Zodiac REALLY tell us who we are?

I do not believe in Horoscopes... not just because of my religion but I always get the feeling they are expressively put there only to tell us what we want to hear.
The Zodiac is a total puzzle. According to its character profile; as a typical Libra I am romantic but particular, diplomatic but indecisive, ultimately happiest when in love, in reality I don't like being alone, I hate conflicts, will do absolutely anything to avoid confrontations  and  possess a high developed sense of objectivity and conflict resolution.  Except for the part of being in love (I haven’t been in love for years), the rest... all true.
After getting over the shock, I urged my colleagues to tell me their birth dates to get their Zodiac signs and read them their character profiles; all turned out accurate- a friend who’s a Scorpio admitted she does find it difficult to forgive when offended, a Scorpio trait. After that day, my fascination with the Zodiac was born.
Then I came across an article in an old copy of Marie Claire- the topic “How to Spot a Bastard” by using his Zodiac sign. Hear this, ladies...

 The Taurus Man... In a nut shell, he thinks he knows what’s good for you, a.k.a he’s arrogant and bossy.  
The Cancer Man, don’t ask what’s wrong with him, he’ll only say “nothing.” This means he is moody.
 The Scorpio Man will manipulate you until you become exactly what he wants you to be- which means he’s a tyrant. The Aries Man yearns for the time when men were men and women were grateful; a chauvinist. The Leo Man- you are so blessed to have such a special man... at least that’s what he’ll tell you; a conceited  egomaniac. The Libra Man (most disturbing to me) always gets his own way; stubborn and unbending.  Ugh... talk about North and North poles repel rather than attract! But there was a few that were more promising, like the Capricorn Man who is hardworking, ambitious and takes everything seriously.
Speaking of taking things seriously... while I was reluctant to believe in the accuracy of the Zodiac, I was a little freaked out at the way it listed out my traits that way, especially the ones I didn't know I had in the first place, it’s was like I didn't know the actual me until astrology pointed it out. Aren't we in a position to know all our traits; positive or negative? 
Or the real question is, does the Zodiac dictate our personalities or we humans form our personalities ourselves? If it's the second, how? Genes or experience? Or for real... the Zodiac is more than meets the scornful eye???

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