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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Some people who left comments in my previous post; WHO COULD PLAY BO BRADY NEXT? and some Carbo fans on Twitter  and Facebook are divided over the above question but the most insistent opinion is that only Peter Reckell can play this memorable character. But for how long can DAYS keep Bo 'abroad on some mission' and Ciara painfully pining for her Daddy? To be honest, if Bo should resurface, I want Carly Manning to be on his arm; their story was ended unfairly and I want it revived- then I will watch DAYS again.

But for now, one of DAYS most popular characters is sorely missed and this 'absent Bo' thing going on has to stop. I know most people don't want a recast, but once again let's not forget that there was a Bo Brady recast years ago, Robert Kelker Kelly; so  if they could get a recast back then, they could do so again. Maybe when Robert is done terrifying Laura and Lulu in General Hospital, DAYS can recall him back to Salem!

My first possible was Lorenzo Lamas (Renegade, The Bold and The Beautiful) but later on I thought about my favorite actor in  Desperate Housewives - James Denton who also played the sinister Mr. Lyle in The Pretender. I can really see him as Bo!

The  fans who agreed DAYS should have a recast mostly rooted for  Robert Newman who played  Josh Lewis in Guiding Light. Hmm... actually, yes I can see him take on the role as well, with his long experience in acting (Guiding Light, General Hospital, Santa Barbara) and his somewhat resemblance to Peter Reckell, he's definitely suitable! 


A visitor here left an interesting suggestion for a recast, James Hyde who played Chief of Police/Ivy Crane's obsession Sam Bennet in Passions. Yeah, he too can do it, if he can play an officer of the law in Harmony, he can do the same in Salem! 

Another candidate in my short list is Clive Robertson who played my favorite character, Ben Evans and his evil twin Derek  in Sunset Beach. At 47, he's rather young for the role and has a rather thick British accent but surely that can be taken care of by a skilled accent coach?


Last on my list is another English actor; James Purefoy and the only reason is that I found him rather masterful and dashing as Marc Anthony in Rome  and he came so close at being James Bond but alas was beaten by Pierce Brosnan and later Daniel Craig. Also rather young- 48- and with an accent but an actor currently playing a serial killer in The Following; just anything is possible.

In your comments below, PLEASE place your vote! 


  1. Great post, Amina. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see an RKK Bo return! Robert definetly has my vote, although the chances of getting a CC&RKK reunion are not very good. But who knows? Nbcdays owes it to their Carbo fan base after destroying their finest export. xo

    1. Thanks for the vote, Mark :)

  2. I love Robert Newman! Not sure though as a Bo recast, but he does have Great Chemistry w/Crystal Chappell!! James Hyde IMO could be a good recast as Bo...& I can already see the Chemistry w/Carly ;)

  3. I still say that no one can replace Peter Reckell, especially if we were ever to have a Carbo 3.0. But since Carly isn't on the show now either, I really don't care if they replace him or who they replace him with because they already damaged the character for me. The only way I will watch Days again is if they bring back Peter and Crystal and actually give Carbo a story.


  4. Peter bo Brady crystal Carly Manning I sadly miss them bo to come back at this point would not make sence both bo and Carly have no job bo is not on the force anymore Carly is not a doctor anymore do not get me wrong would love to see peter and crystal bo and Carly back just do not believe it will happen crystal was asked she said no peter did not want to take a pay cut

  5. James Hyde !!!!!


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