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Monday, May 06, 2013

CARBO FAN FICTION-Return Journey Chapter 18

Chapter 18
Finally the day of Daniel and Darcy’s wedding arrived. The wedding planner Carly had hired had done a very good job; from the food to the decorations, not one thing was lacking.

 Victor was pleased with the buzz of activity about the mansion; glad that Carly didn’t object to having the wedding reception there- it was another form of making up for his past behaviour and hosting the wedding also made him feel closer to his granddaughter. He’d offered to pay for the whole wedding too but Carly had refused to let him so he’d contented himself by providing the best champagne for the occasion. He also insisted that Carly, Ciara, Byron, Darcy and the bridesmaids stay with him a few days to the wedding to make things easier; going back and forth from the mansion to her house was already tiring. Daniel came to stay too but Victor made sure that his room was nowhere near Darcy’s; much to his irritation and Darcy’s amusement.
‘Ah... It’s going to be a long night!’ he complained.
 ‘Oh, patience my love, after the wedding; grandpa’s plane will fly us to Tahiti and we won’t be sleeping apart.’ Darcy soothed, slipping her arms round his neck.
‘You mean we won't be sleeping at all.’ Daniel leered meaningfully, tightening his arms round her waist.
‘Well... That too.’ Darcy kissed him lingeringly, caressing his cheek with her slim fingers.
Daniel scanned Darcy’s face as he freed a hand to stroke her hair. ‘Do you know how much I love you, Darcy Manning?’
‘I do know. And every time I think of it, I’m reminded of how lucky I am to have you.’ Darcy kissed him again and Daniel hotly kissed her back, his hand moving down to brush against her breast. ‘Non, cher!’ Darcy whispered, immediately pushing away his hand. ‘Suppose someone sees us like this?’
‘Then maybe they’ll learn a thing or two.’
Daniel had already gotten her all fired up but Darcy firmly disentangled herself from him, shaking her head regretfully. ‘Non... we shouldn’t.’ she said gently.
Daniel sighed, defeated. ‘More cold showers till then, I guess.’ he grumbled, making his fiancée laugh.
‘Darcy, Daniel...’ Melanie appeared. ‘Victor wants you.’
Victor was waiting for them in the study. ‘Ah, there you are.’ he said. ‘I wanted to use the opportunity to give you this.’ He handed Darcy an envelope. Curious, Darcy opened the envelope and unfolded the thick paper which she and Daniel read in silence. ‘Grandpapa, this is a deed to a house.’ She said at last.
‘Yes, it is. I bought it for you both; my wedding present.’ Victor smiled at the expression on their faces.
‘Victor, this is way too generous... we can’t possibly accept this,’ Daniel turned to Darcy who also nodded.
‘Now, please... you mustn’t refuse it. People regard me as the ruthless industrialist/gangster who’s never done an unselfish thing before; where he wouldn’t expect a favour or something in return. Well, Darcy; this is entirely from my heart. I’ve done a lot of things I’m not proud of – including the injustice towards your mother. By insulting her, I clearly insulted you but I’ve thought over and learnt a lot of things; money and power can never replace family and I never, ever want to be without my family, especially my grandchildren. I really hope you can accept this gift from me, honey. Because it’s my way of showing how much I love you and I can’t think of a worthier man than my godson here to be your husband.’
Darcy was moved. Glancing at Daniel, who smiled and nodded reassuringly she turned to Victor, blinking back tears. ‘I love you too grandpapa... thank you so much.’ For the first time since she’d met him, Darcy gave him a heartfelt hug and Victor just managed not to break down in tears himself as he returned the hug.
Daniel shook hands with Victor, thanking him as well. This was a completely different side of Victor Kiriakis and Daniel found himself respecting him far more than he’d ever done in the past.
Shawn Douglas, Belle and Claire as well as Nicholas, Frankie and J.J stayed in Carly’s house while Kimberly; who came with Shane and their children Andrew and Jeannie, stayed with Caroline. But the situation was very awkward as Caroline and Kayla were still anti-Carly hence not participating in the wedding. Kimberly was disgusted, especially with Kayla whom she’d always regarded as unreasonably pigheaded and a bit of the brat she was when they were kids. But Bo had given her and Shane strict instructions; they were not to discuss it. Carly was overjoyed to see them when they came for the rehearsal dinner, especially Jeannie who was a baby the last time she’d seen her. Andrew still remembered Carly and spent some time reminiscing with her but Carly couldn't help but notice how his eyes trailed after Darcy rather wistfully.
‘Oh no...’ Bo, who’d noticed too, nudged Shane. ‘Looks like Andy’s taken in by the bride already.’
‘Well, Darcy’s quite the gorgeous lass, considering her old man’s as ugly as sin.’ Shane teased. ‘Carly now... I’ve always regarded those eyes of hers much too green to be legal. She’s even more beautiful than I remember; a real rose she is.’
‘Yeah, she sure is.’ Bo murmured, watching Carly conversing animatedly with Kimberly, Sami, Carrie, Maxine, Adrienne and J.J.; unconsciously fingering the North Star pendant dangling from the chain round her neck. Since their day on the boat, an outing more successful than their dinner date, Carly had been warmer and far more relaxed with him. Only a matter of time; he could feel it. Even after they officially became a couple again, he had more romantic surprises for her; enough, he hoped, to erase his huge mistake forever. Darcy was talking with her bridesmaids, Jeannie and Belle; Daniel standing beside her. Billie was with the best man Nathan, Austin, Melanie’s brother Max, Sami’s son Will and Adrienne and Justin’s son, Sonny. Billie had asked her other brother Lucas to come to the wedding as her date but he’d vehemently refused. Not that he had anything against Carly; Lucas Horton still bore resentment towards Daniel for stealing Chloe from him and it infuriated him that Daniel still managed to win a sweet, innocent girl like Darcy after he and Chloe parted ways. Kate had no issues with Darcy; she simply felt that Daniel was not right for her so fearing a scene at the wedding, Billie had decided not to ask her mother to come as her guest either and if she dared bring EJ; Bo would be furious. Adrienne meanwhile was feeling terribly ashamed of Justin; who was away on business. He’d volunteered on purpose in order to avoid the wedding, not just because of his loyalty to Hope but he was still burning with humiliation over the slap Darcy had given him months ago. Frankie was chatting with Nicholas, Victor, Brady, Andrew, Shawn Douglas and Sami’s twin Eric who was going to perform the wedding ceremony on Saturday instead, no thanks to Father Matt’s unexpected appendicitis. Right now, the old priest was on mandatory bed rest.
‘Are things okay between you two now?’ John asked, noticing the way Bo was eyeing Carly.
‘So, so...’ Bo replied. ‘We’re taking it one step at a time.’
‘Mmm... good idea.’ Roman agreed. ‘And for God sake little brother, once you have her back- please don’t screw it up again.’
‘You’re not exactly helping by rubbing it in, Roman.’ Shane pointed out. ‘They’ll be alright.’
‘Thanks, guv’nor.’ Bo replied.
‘But what about Frankie and Nicholas?’ Roman asked.
Frankie and Nicholas weren’t frosty like the last time but they weren’t exactly overly friendly either; so far the conversations between them were rather stilted. ‘I’m still in the doghouse as far as they are concerned but I’m optimistic things will improve with them too. They’ll have a fit when they find out I’m trying to get back with Carly.’
John snorted. ‘Please... Carly’s a grown woman and you don’t need their permission. Once you guys get back together, they’ll just have to accept it and give their blessing. We don’t want more divides.’
Bo shook his head. ‘Please, don’t mention that, I’m angry enough about it as it is already. I still can’t believe Mum and Kayla are going to miss Darcy getting married. I thought at least Maggie might change her mind and come but even she’s being so unreasonable too; it’s not like her.’ As he spoke, Bo suspected that Maggie’s reason for staying away wasn’t just because of Hope.
‘Cheer up, Bo. Everyone in this room know better and are going to be at that wedding. In time, they’ll come to their senses. At least Doug and Julie sent Darcy that silverware as a wedding present, even though they aren’t  coming.’ Roman patted his brother on the shoulder. ‘Don’t worry about it; it’s Darcy’s day and we can’t have anything upsetting her so no more talk about it.’
Bo nodded, pushing his anger aside and focusing on making sure that Darcy’s wedding will proceed with no hitches or horrible scenes. And the possibility of him and Carly being even more closer that day.
‘There, all done!’ Melanie removed the shawl from Darcy’s shoulders after arranging her hair. Lynn had taken care of makeup, administering it as professionally as she could. Darcy looked at herself in the mirror, hardly recognising the young woman staring back at her. ‘I look.... somewhat different.’ She said at last, feeling rather self-conscious all of a sudden.
‘You look beautiful, just like a princess.’ Ciara said proudly.
‘Oh, thank you my love, thank you.’ Darcy caressed her cheek then turned to Carly. ‘Well, Maman?’
‘I have no words to describe how proud I am.’ Carly kissed her cheek lightly, not wanting to ruin Darcy’s makeup. As Darcy slipped on her shoes, there came a knock on the door. ‘If that’s you Daniel, don't you dare come in here!’ Carly called out, making everybody laugh.
‘Eh, actually it’s not.’ An amused voice replied. ‘Can I come in?’
‘Come on in, John.’
John entered cautiously, his eyes widening at the sight of the bride. ‘Oh my God... you look sensational!’ he gasped, moving over to hug her.
‘Careful, her dress!’ Carly and the bridesmaids shrieked in unison, making him wince.
‘Careful, my ears.’ John said, making them laugh. ‘You’re all looking very beautiful, the mother of the bride 
included.’ He added, winking a bit flirtatiously at Carly who merely shook her head at him. ‘Anyway, I wanted to use the chance to give you this, something “old”. John handed Darcy a rather worn velvet box. Darcy opened it and they  gasped at the magnificent pearl necklace.
‘John...’ Carly whispered, staring at the familiar necklace. ‘These are Isabella’s; she wore them when you guys got married.’
‘Yeah... the same day Brady was born.’ John smiled, a nostalgic look on his face. ‘These pearls were her mother’s, given to her by Victor. She was an amazing woman and Carly  here was her best friend; I wish you’d known her, Darcy.’
‘I wish that too; Maman’s told me so much about her.’
‘Well, she’ll be with you in spirit, honey. Consider this my wedding present to you.’
Touched, Darcy got up from the chair and kissed him on both cheeks. ‘Merci, Thank you so much. I will wear them with pride.’
‘This is really generous of you, John.’ Carly said, moved by her old friend’s gesture.
‘It’s what Izzy B would have wanted.’ John smiled faintly, taking Darcy’s hand and kissing it. ‘See you in church.’ With that, he took his leave.
‘Wow... they are gorgeous; aren’t they?’ Chelsea commented, gazing at the necklace as Carly slipped them round Darcy’s neck. ‘And it goes great with the dress too.’
‘Yes, it does.’ Darcy looked at herself in the mirror. ‘A really nice touch.’
‘Well now, you’ve got something old- the pearls, blue- garter belt, new- diamond studs...’
‘Melanie, can you explain to me  again why I need all these?’ Darcy asked, a little exasperated.
‘Because it’s tradition; let it go.’ Was Melanie’s brisk reply. ‘Last thing, something borrowed.’
‘Here... take my bracelet.’ Lynn took the thin, diamond bracelet off her wrist and it was immediately attached to Darcy’s. Finally, the veil was placed and attached on Darcy’s head and her  white and ivory bouquet of roses, peonies and  scabiosas handed to her; the bridesmaids were to carry cream tea roses.
Carly blinked back her tears at the lovely sight of her daughter now ready to walk down the aisle. ‘All ready now, cricket. Nervous?’
‘A little, Maman. Mostly, I am just so happy.’ Darcy replied softly, touching Carly’s cheek. ‘I love you...’ she turned to the others, ‘ I love all of you.’
Everyone squeezed her hand, trying not to give way to tears. Carly immediately took charge. ‘Okay, bridesmaids... time to go. Grab your bouquets and go downstairs, the limos are waiting. Sydney, time to go, honey.’
Sydney DiMera, who had been sitting quietly on the bed, holding her basket of flowers carefully got up; looking very sweet in her yellow chiffon frock and wreath of tuberoses encircling her head. Ciara took her hand and they all left the room. The bridesmaids will ride to the church in one limo, Bo and Darcy will go in another; Carly was going to ride with Nicholas.
‘Okay; I’ll go see if your father’s ready.’
Darcy nodded and Carly left the room just as Bo was coming out of his at the end of the hall. They stared at each other in silence for a few seconds. ‘You look so great.’ Carly said at last, walking up to him. Great was an understatement; Bo looked devastatingly handsome in his tux, a carnation on his lapel.
Bo looked down at Carly as well. ‘You do know it’s a crime to look more beautiful than the bride, princess.’ He murmured, taking her hand between his to kiss it.
CARLY'S DRESS (courtesy of
Carly shrugged, self consciously. Her own outfit was a  lilac  floor-length chiffon dress with a princess V-neckline, no jewellery except the North star pendant and gold droplet earrings. ‘You’ll change your mind when you see your little girl in there, trust me.’ She murmured, freeing her hand to adjust his tie. ‘So... I’ll see you there.’
‘Yeah.’ Bo kissed her on the cheek, squeezing her hand. After watching Carly walk away, he went to Darcy’s room, knocking on the door. ‘Come in.’ He heard her say. Darcy turned as he entered, staring at her speechlessly. ‘You look so beautiful, sweetheart.’ He said at last.
‘Thank you, Papa.’ Darcy replied shyly as he kissed her hand. ‘You look very handsome yourself.’
He chuckled. ‘Ready?’
‘Yes. Papa, I want to tell you something first.’
‘What is it?’
‘Even though I was angry with you all that time,’ she replied quietly, ‘At the back of my mind I knew I still loved you- and I do love you, very much. And I’m so happy that you are giving me away today.’
Bo smiled. ‘So am I. And I love you too, sweetheart, always. Come on... the limo’s waiting.’
One month old Baby Byron, who was too young to be at the wedding, was left under the care of Victor’s maids and at that very moment was fast asleep on Carly’s bed.
At the church, the bridal train were already outside, waiting for them. Carly and Victor went into the church, while Nicholas, who was a groomsman took his place with the others, the young men whistling softly at the lovely bride. Two of Bo’s men were the ushers, who welcomed the guests as they filed in; showing them to their seats. ‘Come on... places.’ Melanie instructed as the music began to play from inside. Sydney, looking composed, walked down the aisle first, scattering the contents of her basket. Then came her brother, Johnny, smart yet cute in his small tux, bearing the satin pillow holding the rings. And then the bridesmaids; Chelsea on Brady’s arm, Lynn on Will’s, Ciara on Nicholas’ and trying her best not to giggle, Melanie on her own. Everyone rose as Darcy, breathtakingly beautiful finally appeared on Bo’s arm; faint murmurs of admiration rending the air.  Smiling round through the veil, she focused her gaze on the handsome man waiting for her; Nathan beside him. Daniel’s expression was that of a man head over heels in love, his eyes fixed on his bride as she approached him. Eric, in his priest’s vestments stood at the altar, smiling at his cousin who only had eyes for the groom. Bo felt his hand shaking. He was genuinely happy for his daughter but a very small part of him hurt that he never saw her first steps, heard her first words, or drove her to her first day at school. He was denied all that and now he was giving her away to her husband. Raising her veil a bit, he kissed her on the cheek before handing her over to Daniel. The two men warmly shook hands before he stepped away from the altar. Victor was standing on Carly’s left, so Bo stood by her right; immediately enveloped by her scent. Chanel; she’s always been partial to that brand of perfume. Unable to stop himself, he reached for her hand. Carly grasped it, turning to smile at him.
‘Please be seated.’ Eric said and everyone silently settled down on the pews. ‘I have the honour today of uniting two very special people; Daniel and Darcy in holy matrimony; may the blessing they are about to receive be with them always. If there is anyone here who has any reason why these two should not be joined as husband and wife, speak now or forever hold your peace.’  Silence. After leading the congregation in prayer, Eric then said, ‘before we begin; the bride and groom have a few words to say to each other.’
Daniel turned to Darcy; his eyes bright as he looked down at the woman he loved. ‘Darcy, you came into my life like an unexpected gift. From the day I realised I loved you; I wanted to shout it from the rooftops, for the whole world to hear. You’re my angel, the light of my life and each day I’ve know you; I’ve loved you even more. As we stand here today, my darling; I promise to love and cherish you for the rest of my life. You complete me and I don’t have enough words to express just how much I love you.’
Darcy said, ‘Daniel, my love... my first and only love. I too don’t have enough words to express how much you mean to me. But all I can say is; I love you for your strength, your kindness and for your loving heart. From the moment I saw you; I knew you were my soul mate and I can never love any other as much as I love you. I promise and pray that I’ll never fail to make you happy.’ Darcy’s voice shook a little.
Eric nodded. ‘Daniel Clifford Jonas; do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish her until death do you part?’
‘I do.’
‘Darcy Isabella Marlena Manning; do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish him until death do you part?’
‘I do.’
Johnny came forward with the rings and Eric blessed them. Daniel took one and said, ‘Darcy; take this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity,  In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy ghost.’ He slid in onto Darcy’s finger. Darcy took the bigger one. ‘Daniel: take this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity, In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy ghost.’ She slid in onto Daniel’s finger.
By the time the whole ceremony was over, Daniel and Darcy were husband and wife at last. Lifting the veil, Daniel kissed the new Mrs. Jonas; amidst a thunderous round of applause.
At the reception, after the newly weds cut the cake, Nathan led the toast. ‘To Daniel and Darcy; here’s to the beginning of many years of happiness and bliss.’
‘Hear, hear!’ was the general reply.
Bo danced with Darcy after she’d had her first dance with her husband who at present was dancing with Carly. ‘Mrs. Darcy Jonas; I’m going to have to get used to you being a married woman now.’ He said ruefully.
‘Cheer up, Papa; I’ll always be your little girl.’
‘That’s just it; I never saw you as a little girl, just through photos. All those years I never knew you existed, you were within those convent walls. But still, I’m very  grateful I got to celebrate this day with you.’
‘I’m very happy too.’ Darcy glanced at her mother. ‘Any progress with Maman?
‘So far so good. Who knows, maybe it wouldn’t be long before we head for the aisle ourselves.’ Bo winked, firmly positive.
‘Oh, that would be just wonderful! I hope you both work out your differences in time.’
‘Might if we cut in?’ Daniel skilfully reclaimed his wife, leaving Carly to dance with Bo. ‘Well?’ Bo asked humorously, holding out his hands to her. Shrugging, she smiled back, and they danced; all eyes on them.
‘What do you think?’ Kim asked her husband, watching Bo manoeuvring Carly across the dance floor.
‘They have a good chance; Carly just needs to let her guard down once and for all.’ Shane replied, sipping his second glass of champagne.
Ciara got her first dance from Nicholas,  who lifted her in his arms and danced with her that way, much to her delight. Victor, missing Maggie’s presence sat most of it out although he had one with Carly when she asked him.
After a few hours, it was time  for the newly weds to leave for the airport. Darcy went upstairs to change; and then came down holding the bouquet aloft. ‘Bridesmaids, get into position!’ Carly called.
‘Ready?’ asked Darcy.
‘Yeah, throw it!’ they shrieked.
Darcy turned around and threw it.
‘I got it!’
‘No, I got it!’
‘Who has it?’
They looked round, anxious to see who caught it. Carly stood holding them, looking bemused and a little embarrassed. Everyone cheered and applauded.
‘You next, Maman!’ Darcy flung her arms round her mother, kissing her on both cheeks. Ciara gave her a meaningful look, winking. Laughing lightly, Carly said nothing; not daring to look at Bo.
Daniel and Darcy bade everyone farewell; including planting a kiss on Byron, who was brought down; wide eyed and awake. Everyone threw rice at the couple as they hurried to the limo and waved as it drove off.
By 11 o’ clock that evening; the party was over and everyone had gone home, including the band. Carly watched as the mess was being cleared away, resting her sore feet by placing them on a chair. ‘Hey.’ Carly looked up at Bo who handed her a soda. ‘Where did you get that?’
‘I went down to the kitchen and raided the fridge. I figured you might need it.’ Bo said next to her. Ciara and the bridesmaids were already asleep in their beds upstairs, tired out from the day’s excitement.
‘Thanks,’ Carly popped it open and took a long draught. ‘This hits the spot.’
‘Hmm.’ Bo sat down next to her, slipping his arm round her. ‘What a day.’
‘Yeah... Darcy married. I know she and Daniel are going to be very happy.’
‘He’d better make her happy or I’ll personally slit his throat.’
‘That’s not a nice thing to say, Bo. Of course he will.’ Carly said reprovingly.
‘I was just kidding, princess.’ Bo raised his hand in mock surrender. ‘you know being in that church today; watching Darcy and Daniel getting married... it brought back some memories.’
‘Me too,’ Carly replied soberly. ‘John and Isabella’s wedding, our wedding... or rather the wedding that never was.’
‘You looked so beautiful that day.’ Bo said softly, hand moving up to stroke her hair. ‘Like an angel in your wedding gown.’
‘I fucked things up, big time. If only I’d...’
‘Hush. Happy thoughts, no sad ones.’ Bo said firmly. ‘Right?’
Carly nodded. From an upstairs window, Victor watched Bo and Carly as they talked in the garden. He credited Carly as having far more common sense than Hope; she must see that Bo loved her very much; surely she won’t leave him dangling long.
After several minutes, Bo and Carly went into the house and went upstairs hand in hand. ‘Good night princess; get some rest.’ He kissed her palm. But Carly held on to his hand when he tried to withdraw it, her eyes rather bright. ‘I don’t feel tired all of a sudden.’ She slipped her arms round his neck. ‘Why don’t we  go to your room, Bo.’ She said softly.
Bo stared down at her. ‘Really?’
She nodded. ‘If you want to, that is.’
Oh, how he wanted to; how badly he’d longed for her, ached for her. Walking her backwards, he began kissing her eagerly, leaving her mouth to run his lips down her soft neck, his body pressed against hers. Carly gasped at his sensual touch, stroking his hair. But all of a sudden, Bo pulled back. ‘No, princess.’ He said soberly.
‘No?’ Carly was confused. ‘I... I thought...’
‘Yeah... I want to  touch you, kiss every part of you.’ Bo’s deep, quiet voice was full of suppressed passion. ‘But I can’t do that.’
‘Why not?’
‘Because of the distrust and the memory of what I did to you is still lingering in your head; it’s like a wall between us, a dark blot on your love for me.’ Bo shook his head, his brown eyes intense. ‘As long as it’s still there, princess; I can’t make love to you. I don’t only want your body, I want every part of your mind, every part of your heart. I want you to belong to me completely again. No distrust, no Hope or bad memories haunting you. We can’t move on until you do. I wouldn’t be saying all this if I didn’t love you so damn much.’
‘I... didn’t know that...’
‘Well now you know that this is the extent of how much I love you, Carly Manning. I need to be sure that there’s no part of you I’m being shut out from.’ Kissing her on the forehead, Bo moved away from her. ‘Sweet dreams.’
Carly stared after him as Bo walked down to his room, entered and closed the door. Bo unclenched his fists, sighing deeply. It had cost him a lot to walk away from her but he meant what he said. Carly had to lay that ghost once and for all, a relationship couldn’t survive without trust- he’d learnt that from Hope. Not feeling sleepy, he discarded his jacket, cuff links and tie, moving to sit at the window seat to watch the night sky. About thirty minutes later, he heard a hesitant knock on the door. ‘Come in.’ He rose as Carly entered the room, closing the door behind her. She walked up to him, wringing her hands. ‘I thought about what you said.’ Carly said in a low voice. ‘And I looked back at our time together, all those years ago; particularly the time our relationship was tested because of Lawrence and Nicholas and how we struggled to keep what we had; mostly because of your patience and understanding. What you did hurt me very much.’ A tear ran down her cheek and her voice trembled. ‘But after all that thinking, I... I realised something very important; something you once told me.’
‘What’s that?’ he asked slowly.
More tears. ‘The love I feel for you is stronger and more important than the hurt I've been feeling. That’s the extent of my love for you. I love you sailor... very much. I want us to be together again, emotionally as well as physically. It was always that way with us, I want it to be like that again. The moment you walked away, it finally sank in.’
Tears falling down his own cheeks, Bo crushed her against him in a vice grip. ‘Princess, if only you know long I’ve waited to hear that!’ he said hoarsely. Carly sniffled, holding him close.
Moving his head down, Bo kissed her hard, holding her head between his palms; devouring her mouth with fierce passion. As she kissed him back with the same intensity, Carly’s fingers worked on the buttons of his dress shirt, peeling it off  him and running her hands over his chest hair. Bo’s lips trailed her neck again, kneading her breasts before finally unzipping her dress. After it fell in a pool at her feet, Bo stripped her of her underwear; bending his head to catch her breast in his mouth.
Carly gasped, a spasm of white-hot pleasure rushing through her immediately, her hands tangling in his hair. It’s been so long, too long since their last intimacy that Bo’s touch seemed more intense than ever before; wonderfully double in intensity. Breathy cries came from her mouth as he took the other breast, running his hands over her soft, heated skin. Moving up to capture her mouth again, Bo carried her to the bed, setting her down before taking off the rest of his clothes, eyes not leaving her face. ‘I love you,’ he said, moving on top of her. ‘I want you.’
‘I want you too. Make love to me, Bo...’ she pleaded, slipping her legs round him, feeling his hardness against her thigh; passion and longing fully awakened.
Emotions high, Bo kissed her over and over again; savouring the feel of her body against his after the long sleepless nights dreaming of her, desire burning in his loins. Carly closed her eyes, shuddering as he moved down her body with his lips before nudging her legs apart. She held on to him, her breathing heavy as he pleasured her with his tongue; his hands gripping her thighs. Arching her hips, her fingers stroked his hair as he poured heat into her and cried out loud as she brought her to the peak. Bo kissed her thigh, waiting for her to calm down. Then he knelt between her legs and swiftly entered her, thrusting hard into her; the missing part of his soul entwined with him again. How he’d longed for her! How he’d missed her!
Carly’s long, slender legs locked round him in a vice grip; her fingernails digging into his shoulders, raking his back as she moved against his thrashing body. Bo buried his head against her neck as they moved in sync, forcing himself to hold back as long as possible, wanting her with him when the final moment came. ‘Carly!’ he gasped, grabbing hold of her hand, their fingers entwining as they brought each other to a shattering climax. Bo held on Carly tightly who lay trembling under him. When he raised his head, Carly saw the tears falling down his cheeks and he saw hers. Tears symbolising the misery and pain they’d felt all those long months apart. They dried each other’s eyes in silence and lay spooned against each other. At long, long  last;  Bo and Carly were reunited in love.

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