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Saturday, March 14, 2009




                                                      Lorenzo went to the gym and found Sylvia hitting hard at the punchingbag. He asked her if she was doing that out of punishment. She replied it was out of anger; she’s very angry for making a fool of herself and hurting Lorenzo in the process. Lorenzo said she had no reason to feel guilty; Alex was a cynical person & had tricked her in believing he’d changed. Sylvia admitted that part of the reason she’d reconciled with him in the first place was because she’d been lonely; it was Lorenzo she really loved and she was doomed without him. Lorenzo kissed her, softly saying he never stopped loving her and was willing to repair their relationship. Moved, Silvia touched his face. 'Me too...' 
Lorenzo took her in his arms and they shared a very passionate reconciling kiss. (FINALLY!!!) Well, actually several reconciliation kisses... 

At the office, Isabella informed Horsy that she still had another plan to gain control of Paracas Textiles, Horsy pretended to listen solemnly. Lorenzo entered with some files, and hands one to Isabella, her contract with the company has been cancelled & she was fired!
Isabella is very angry but Lorenzo threatened to sue her for what she did, she could end up in jail right next to Laura for fraud & trying to break his company. Isabella said whoever told him that was a liar. Lorenzo turned to Horsy, ' Were you lying to me?'
Isabella is horrified to learn that Horsy had told him everything. ‘You dared betray me?’ she shouted.
Horsy calmly replied, ‘Sorry Isabella, but in college, I learnt you can’t mix friendship with business.’
But she got a shock when Lorenzo announced she too was fired, even after the info she’d given him, because it had'nt been out of the goodness of her heart.
Sylvia  entered when she was called  and Lorenzo, slipping his arm round her shoulders, presented her as his new business partner(taking Orlando's place), Nattie on the other hand is to be appointed the new General Manager. Isabella tauntingly said he’ll be sorry & she's be waiting for news that he'd been ruined - she and Gloria screaming at each other as they went out. Sylvia asked Lorenzo if he was sure of what he was doing, he affirmed it before kissing her again....

SOME TIME LATER…(after all is resolved)

It’s Lorenzo & Sylvia’s long awaited wedding day. Conan & Tony, both looking handsome in formal suits, escort a very fat Mimi to the venue; Lorenzo's place. Giacormo is the best man, Nattie is the maid of honour and the rest of the guests are Hercules, E.P, Jose and Lorenzo's housekeeper. 
Isabella is in her suite, weeping. She gets a surprise visitor, a sombre looking Alex. He asked after her health, remarking it looked like she’d been tortured by the wedding announcement in the papers, like him- indicating the newspaper lying on the coffee table.

She admitted it but said she did'nt need his help getting through the ordeal; she did'nt want to talk to to him or anyone else, she just wanted to be left alone. But Alex, being Alex, is persistent- he poured himself a drink to mockingly toast the happy couple. Isabella turned to him angrily & said she wanted to be left alone; he should get out of her room. But he insisted he wanted to talk.
Isabella said if he wanted to ask for money, his credit with her has been revoked. He walked up to her and placed an arm round her waist. He told her that it wasn’t money he wanted but something else. Isabella said he was sick, he’s always been sick, but said it with a sudden provocative smile. Alex replied, perhaps he was but he figured if they had to move on, why not move on together? They embrace & began to kiss. (GROSS!)
Laura is in her cell, looking pale in her prison overall- a mere shadow of the made-up, sophisticated woman she once was.
Isabella paid her a visit, asking how she was and if she’d received her little present. Laura told her to go away; she didn’t want to talk to her. Isabella said she’d come in peace; she just came to say goodbye as she was going back to Italy… and with an old friend of hers. Laura coldly asked who it was. Alex appeared by Isabella’s side & they act disgustingly lovingly in front of her. (IF ONLY LOOKS COULD KILL!)
Sylvia appeared on José’s arm, looking so lovely in a white satin & lace( and almost backless)  wedding gown, along with a pair of pearl earrings & a matching pearl necklace, her hair down her shoulders for once- she and Lorenzo(looking very handsome in his own suit) exchanged hot looks as she approached him.

In the middle of the ceremony there’s a  little commotion- Mimi isn't feeling well and she's helped inside. But then  Conan burst out to say that Mimi has gone into labour! E.P dashed away to help her daughter while the couple hurriedly recite their vows, declared husband & wife by the minister and they signed the certificate of marriage and kiss for the first time as Man and Wife at last to a round of applause from the guests. 
They all wait, Nattie soothingly calming down Giacormo &Tony who are very nervous. They then heard the cry of a baby and E.P came out to announce that Mimi had given birth to a beautiful baby girl, the news greeted with cheers of joy.
Lorenzo lovingly held his new wife in his arms, and asked if they could begin having their own children in a couple of years. With a mischievous twinkle in her eyes, Sylvia replied they wouldn’t have to wait that long, more like in 8 months. As her husband stared at her in wide eyed surprise, she told him, ‘I’m pregnant.’(most probably from make up sex)
Overjoyed, Lorenzo made the announcement to the group and there were more shrieks of joy. The newly married couple exchanged a long, sweet kiss; grinning lovingly at each other...

               THE END [fin]  


  1. this telenovela is facinating and i realy love it. i enjoyed every moment of it episodes. i think it was just fantastic and i think everyone must be awarded for this good product. thank you

  2. J'aime beaucoup Sylivia et son couple avec Lorenzo!!je vous aime bcp j'aimerai vous rencontrer un jour!!
    J'aime aussi votre serie c'est une belle histoire vraiment.

  3. if u can just email me on, how i can watch these series i can be very thankful. i only watched halfway of it and i real wanna finish all of it. please and please help me with an idea on how i can watch this. let it be online or download no worries. If i get to watch i will owe you as well.

    1. I'm really sorry but so far, there are very few clips of this telenovela left online; most of them were taken down for some reason.

  4. Oh, it's really sad that only few clips of the telenovela is online because I also would love to watch all the episodes. I have only watched half way through.
    I love Lorenzo's Wife because the setting is like none that I have ever watched.
    Thank you for this final episode narration.

    1. You're welcome, thanks for visiting my blog


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