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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I am finally going to fufil my promise to my loyal visitors- which is finish posting the episodes of La Mujer De Lorenzo. Ever since MBI spoilt my show, I've been agonising over how I'll get material but all of a sudden, I was able to, RIGHT TO THE GRAND ENDING!(it was'nt easy at all).
Sylvia is still very angry with her cousins for tricking her and Alex, so that Lorenzo could be alone with her. Conan tells her not to trust Alex but Nattie suddenly points out perhaps Alex has changed afterall; which her brother derisively laughs at, Alex could never never change and wonders when his cousin would finally open her eyes.
Laura had asked Jose to convince Isabella to come and see her and she waits... a hidden gun with her. However, Jose foolishly brings Sylvia with him, as he wants both his daughters to make peace once and for all. Laura is outraged and loudly insults him, she'd wanted him to bring Isabella, not Syliva! As for Syliva, who is of course very shocked, asked her Dad if he's already called the police but the old man protested that Laura was full of remorse for what she did,(STUPIDITY obviously runs in THIS family...) which of course Sylvia doesn't believe and cannot understand why her father is so naive. The 'repentant' Laura instead pulled the gun out and pointed at them, ordering them to leave. Outside, Jose suddenly developed a pain in his chest.Sylvia still wants to call the police but he begs her not to, but she should call Lorenzo instead. Lorenzo & E.I are in the office, discussing business when the phone rings, it's Laura. At first she doesn't speak then she hurls abuse and more threats at E.I. Lorenzo assures her they'll hire a bodyguard to protect her 24-7.
After Sylvia tells her cousins what happened, Conan calls Lorenzo and informs him- so that he and Isabella will be on their guard. Laura fled the hotel to the boutique and begged and begged Giarcomo to help her for old times' sake- she needed a place to hide until she's able to obtain a passport to leave the country. Soft hearted Giarcomo agreed to assist her.Jose's chest pain lessened and Sylvia cheered him up by announcing that she'd agreed to marry Alex, much to everyone's surprise, including Alex's. He asked when they would get married and Alex joyfully repiled, ' As soon as possible.' However, Sylvia reminded him that they had'nt yet set a definite date.Giacormo gives Laura some food and tells her Sylvia and Alex were back together but Laura is not in the least bit interested. She asked him to convince Isabella to meet her later in the boutique- she wanted to apologise so that all charges will be dropped,(apologising with a gun?) but Giarcomo flatly replied he was doing no such thing, all he was going to do was arrange for a passport for her so that she could cross the border and rebuild her life. Laura insisted but he said no again, she only wanted revenge and besides, there was no way Isabella will agree after the attempt on her life.


  1. how can i download, buy or order this series...plz help

  2. what happened to laura's kid



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