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Thursday, March 12, 2009


The police search the boutique while Laura is foolishly about making another threatening call to Isabella but surprisingly, they leave without finding her. Lorenzo confab with Isabella about the sticky situation; he asked her to call her other European friends who just might be able to help them unload the merchandise.
Hercules and José feel uncomfortable at being at the ‘rap wedding’ since there’ll be mostly young people there. Mimi suddenly has second thoughts about marrying Tony but changed her mind immediately; she still wanted to go on with it. Laura is more nervous after her narrow escape from the police. Giacormo has money ready for her to leave but she stubbornly refused to go without talking to Isabella first, much to Giacormo’s exasperation.
At Sylvia’s factory, Alex is on the phone, agreeing to meet with someone. He’s furious when Lorenzo entered, shouting that this was the last straw. Ignoring him, Lorenzo asked to speak in private with Sylvia but she stood her ground, she kept no secrets from Alex. Lorenzo quietly informed her on what happened; it would not only affect their project, he would have to declare bankruptcy and might lose his house and other assets unless Isabella’s other European friends could place orders for the merchandise that had cost him a large fortune to produce in the first place. Alex made the mistake of spitefully saying he was very glad this had happened to him. A very shocked Sylvia chastised him into silence, asking him if he actually knew the gravity of the situation. Turning to Lorenzo, consoled him in soft tones and promised to help him look for clients. Not pleased at this, Alex demanded that she sued Lorenzo for breach of contract since he’d approached her with the project in the first place and warned Lorenzo not to use his business problems to ruin their wedding plans. Sylvia however was very sharp with him- she said it wasn’t the appropriate time to talk about that and prepared to meet with the other clothing factory owners in the area in the hope they could be of help.

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